A Complete Artificial Grass Maintenance Guide That You Should Know

Artificial grass is a great alternative for you who want to have a beautiful natural look in your outdoor living space. It’s very suitable for you who are not willing enough to bother yourself maintaining the real grass which can be quite tricky.

Artificial Grass Maintenance Guide

The cost of maintaining artificial grass is fairly cheaper since you don’t have to use any fertilizer and pesticides. There’s no need to use such chemicals which can be quite dangerous to the environment around you.

Installing artificial grass is also quite easy and you can even get the job done all by yourself without hiring any pro. There’s no need to use sophisticated tools to have artificial grass laid on your outdoor living space.

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Of course, by time, your artificial grass can get dirty as time goes by especially if you don’t regularly maintain it. In this article, we share with you a complete Artificial Grass Maintenance Guide that you can follow easily.

Artificial Grass Maintenance Guide

Artificial Grass Maintenance Guide

Regular cleaning

What it means by regular cleaning is that you should simply remove the debris. If possible, you can use a petrol leaf blower which will surely give the best result. No worries, a stiff brush or plastic rake can also do the job pretty well. It’s also important for you to regularly trim the overhanging trees around the area to minimize the leaves to fall onto the grass.

Use weed killer

The airborne seeds can n get into your artificial grass which leads to the weed problem. To handle the issue before it happens, simply apply a weed killer at least twice a year around the area. Even if you find some weeds growing around, you can easily remove them.

Wash it up

If you happen to have a busy backyard, the possibility for the dirt and spill to litter the grass is huge. Though artificial grass can clean itself, you might need to wash it when it really looks like a mess. Hose the area with a light detergent cleaning solution and a stiff brush.

Avoid placing heat sources

The objects that can generate heat like your barbeques shouldn’t directly contact the surface of your artificial grass. They might burn the surface as intense heat keeps getting into the lawn. Always place the barbeques on a more sturdy surface like your brick patio.

This kind of damage is commonly not covered by the manufacturer, so you need to be really careful.

Avoid placing reflective objects

Some artificial grass products are the enemies of reflective objects like mirrors, mirrored windows, and other shiny objects. They can damage the surface of the grass so it’s always a wise idea to avoid placing some around the area where you lay the grass.

Just like damages caused by heat surfaces, damages caused by reflective objects are also out of the manufacturer’s warranty.

Cleaning Different Things on Artificial Grass

You can do the steps above to general cleaning your artificial grass. For further reference, we share with you several methods that you can apply to clean different things so you can keep your artificial lawn looking admirable and feeling comfortable properly.

Cleaning snow from artificial grass

Actually, artificial grass is designed to withstand all weather conditions even during winter. However, you might need to clean the snow and ice on its surface before using it. You don’t want to step on your artificial lawn when it feels slippery, it’s uncomfortable and dangerous, of course.

To handle the issue, you need to do the steps carefully or you may damage the grass. Here’s what you can do:

  • Cleaning ice – Do not clean the ice on your artificial grass with any tool since it can really damage the surface. The only thing that you can do is to let it melt completely and the excess water drains by itself.
  • Cleaning snow – First thing first, this step is only applicable if you find large amounts of snow on your artificial grass. This step needs to get done carefully. You can use a shovel to clean large amounts of snow in a very gentle and careful way. Do not scoop the snow all at once since you may cut the grass, Work by removing the topper part of the snow and leaving a thin layer then finish all of the remaining with a brush and broom.

Cleaning pet mess from artificial grass

You can find some great products which are specifically manufactured to handle this issue. They don’t only work to clean the mess but also remove the odor that the mess leaves. The ingredients that are used to make this type of cleaner are safe for your artificial grass, so you don’t have to worry about damaging the surface.

Cleaning drink spills from artificial grass

The first reaction when someone spills their drinks onto your artificial grass is rubbing it when it’s totally wrong. The harsh pressure may damage the surface. Dab the spills immediately until completely dry so they won’t get absorbed into the grass too deep. If the drinks may get sticky or stain badly, you may need to wipe the remaining by using a damped soft microfiber cloth gently.

Cleaning stubborn stains from artificial grass

Stubborn stains are sometimes inevitable when you have a busy outdoor living space, and you need to do an extra job to handle the problem when it comes to artificial grass.

Follow the steps below to clean stubborn stains from artificial grass:

  • Mix detergent and water as the cleaning solution.
  • Apply the cleaning solution to the affected area and rub it gently with a soft microfiber cloth or sponge.
  • Once the stains are completely removed, leave the cleaning solution for around two minutes.
  • Clean the remaining solution with a damp microfiber cloth.
  • If the cloth or sponge couldn’t do the job, you can use a hard bristled brush or toothbrush to clean up the stains in a very gentle way.

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