Houseplant Guide | How to Choose the Right Plant Stand For You

There’s no doubt that houseplant is the trendiest option of decor item today. You will find tons of houses with beautifully natural decorating styles. They can give a gorgeous earthy tone to the overall look of your house.

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Not only that, but houseplants can also work to clean up the air around which makes the nuance inside feel way more comfortable. The freshness that they create is irresistible.

To complete the look of your indoor plants, you can get some plant stands once they are properly potted. Plant stands can secure your potted plants and give more beauty to your home decor.

Though plant stands are not really that fancy, you still need to consider some points so you can get the best one. We’re talking about the right size, material, designs, and other important considerations.

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Below, we share with you a complete guide on How to Choose the Right Plant Stand that you can use as your personal reference.

How to Choose the Right Plant Stand

How to Choose the Right Plant Stand

Choose your size

Let’s choose the perfect plant stand size first since you can’t really use the stands if they don’t fit at all. There are two main things to consider here which are the size of the pots and the space where you’d like to put the stands.

Keep in mind that the structure of the plant stand should properly accommodate the pot size. If you can’t find the one which fits perfectly, choosing a plant stand that is a bit bigger than the pot is always a wise idea.

Also, check the space available where you’d like to put the plant stand. For instance, you may need a small plant stand if you are planning to decorate your desk plant.

Today, you can even find some plant stands that can expand and contract which makes it easier to adjust any pot size. It also can fit more than one pot so you can add some when you add another houseplant to the family.

Choose the sturdiness

Your plant stands need to be stable since they mainly work to secure your planters which can be quite heavy. That’s why you need to choose the ones which have great stability to handle the weight of the pot and plant at the same time.

Of course, as the time flies, your houseplants will grow bigger and you may notice that the stands start to wobble. That’s the time when you need to replace it with the new one.

Some houseplant lovers suggest bamboo wood and metal as stable materials when it comes to plant stands.

Choose proper height

Just like choosing the size, height is also an important point to consider so you get the plant stand that is right for you. Some houseplant experts say that the rule of thumb is that you can choose a higher plant for short plants and vice versa. However, since each plant grows differently, this one is not really applicable for plants that grow tall.

For houseplants that require pruning, it might be easier for you to adjust the height of the plants with the thought of the plant stands.

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Choose proper drainage

Drainage is definitely an essential thing for plants. You need to have good drainage both for the pot and plant stand. The drainage of the planters will be useless if the drainage doesn’t come with a similar feature.

When you water your houseplants, make sure that you don’t overwater them and create swampy puddles under the pot. You may need to change the plant stands if you find this issue.

Choose the right style

As part of your house decor, you need to choose a plant stand that also works to enhance the beauty of the room. The easiest way is to always choose plant stands that flow beautifully with the overall look of the decor. For instance, you can choose a plant stand with a natural wood look to complement an earthy decorating style and the ornamental one for vintage nuance.

Further, the plant stands should also complement the look of the plants. If you have a houseplant with colorful flowers, you can choose a plant stand in a similar shade as the color of the flowers.

Choose great durability

The materials that build the plant stands need to be durable, especially in handling heavy moisture. As you water the plants, it’s so prone for the stands to experience issues caused by excessive moisture so they have to withstand this circumstance.

Another factor that may damage a plant stand is sunlight. You should regularly place your plants in areas that are exposed to sunlight. If the planter is not really durable, it may fade the finish and even damage the structure.

Choose sustainable product

You might not really think that choosing a sustainable plant stand is an important consideration when actually it is. It’s actually a bit unfair when you love plants as part of mother nature in the name of getting clean air when you don’t nurture the earth itself.

You can easily find some indoor plant stands with sustainable features. They are made of eco-friendly materials, so you won’t have to worry about hurting mother nature. Some manufacturers even offer to plant more trees as you buy more of their products.

Choose the right price

The last point to consider is your own budget. Plant stands are not really expensive in general, but you may need to see how much you are willing to spend if you are planning to buy a lot of them.

Don’t sacrifice the quality over the price. The plant stands which are not durable will not last for a long time and you don’t want to waste your money. The materials and designs are mainly two main factors that influence the price of a plant stand.

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