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Wall art is the icing on the cake that turns your home into a stylish space with a very admirable look and comfortable vibe. The room will be quite boring without any wall art hung around.

How to Choose the Right Wall Art 1

As one of the elements that draw the eyes, you should choose the one which is perfectly right for your home. For sure, it can be a challenging task to do with tons of work that you can find in the market. You have to make sure that the pieces indeed beautify each room instead of ruining it.

Some important points like size, color, and style are worth considering before you purchase some pieces. In this article. we have compiled some steps that you can keep in mind in our guide on How to Choose the Right Wall Art.

How to Choose the Right Wall Art

How to Choose the Right Wall Art

Your taste is important

Before we go further, the very first thing that you need to refer to in choosing the right wall art is your taste. You must choose the one that you genuinely love. The artworks that you hang on your walls should create happiness, joy, and excitement. They mean nothing if they don’t attract you at all.

Keep in mind that wall arts are as powerful as those pieces of furniture in transforming each room of your house.

Choose the size

The initial practical consideration in choosing the right wall art is to choose them by size. Check out the empty space available on your walls where you’d like to hang the artwork.

The main rule is that the size of the room should balance the nuance and doesn’t overwhelm the atmosphere around. That being said, it’s important for you to determine the placement of the wall art before purchasing one. Envision what they would look like in particular rooms.

If you are planning to decorate the rooms with multiple pieces of art, you can start with measuring the largest one that you’d like to place and continue to the smaller pieces. For instance, hang a big piece above a sofa that will catch the most attention then fill the gaps with smaller pieces that mainly work to support it.

Below are the common sizes of wall arts that can help you to better understand the scale:

  • Oversized piece – As the name suggests, a wall art this size is the main focal point of the room which is generally 1 m or longer in length. Oversized wall art is great to decorate an empty space above a large piece of furniture.
  • Large piece – Another type of wall art that will have a huge role in creating the nuance of the room. Large wall art can measure between 80 cm up to 1 m which can be a gorgeous centerpiece of your beloved living room, dining room, and bedroom.
  • Medium piece – With wall art this size, you can either place two pieces on one side of the room or let a single piece be the focal point. They are designed in 60 to 80 cm in length.
  • Small piece – Planning on placing a group of wall art in one room? Small pieces of the wall art are definitely a good option. Small wall arts are commonly 40 to 60 cm in length, so you can combine up to two six pieces in a medium-sized room at once.
  • Mini piece – The smallest size option of wall art that you can find. The frames can come in 25 up to 45 cm in length. They look better in a group setting, of course.

Now you have enough knowledge about the common sizes of wall arts, the next step is to find out how to properly decorate your home with some gorgeous pieces:

  • Proportion – The length of the frame shouldn’t be two-thirds longer than the pieces of furniture to create proper proportion.
  • Height – Hang the wall art at least 15 cm above the furniture. Also, refer to the height of your ceiling to keep things in proportion.
  • Teammates – Choosing the pieces of wall art in similar color schemes is a safe idea for you who prefer to have a group setting in your room. You can find a set of wall arts that bundles some pieces created by one artist. If you are in doubt, choose a set that only contains three pieces.

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Select the color

There are two options in selecting the right color of the wall arts for your home, which are:

Go safe

If you are a type of homeowner who prefers to play safe, choose pieces that come with the colors that match the other decor items of the room. This method lets the wall artwork as the accent hues of the decor. You will have a cohesive overall look by choosing wall arts that harmonize the color palette of your home.

Go bold

Want to challenge yourself? Choose wall art that looks way more striking than the other decor items. However, you still have to take a look around instead of just hanging a piece of art with a totally different tone. You can combine all the colors of the decor and translate them into one bold tone.

Pick a style

Wall art is a part of your home decor which makes it should flow beautifully with the overlook inside. The piece should be able to create a harmonious nuance that follows the decorating style of the room.

It’s always the safest idea to incorporate the wall art with the existing decorating style of the house. For instance, wall art with nautical print will work well to complement a house with beach-themed decoration.

Besides the printing, you may also want to consider the design of the frame. For instance, a clean-lined frame with neutral color matches stylishly with a minimalist decorating style while the one which comes with ornaments is good to beautify a more classic nuance.

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