How to Get the Best Storage with Fitted Wardrobes

Providing enough storage is very important to make your things stay organized and neat. There are numerous options that you can choose from and one of them is wardrobes. The wardrobe itself, in general, has two types that you’re familiar with. The first type is fitted wardrobes, which means it’s permanent and customized to fit the available space.

The second type is free-standing wardrobes that many of us still use since it’s easy and simple to get, you choose, pay, and take them home. In this article, we’ll be pointing out how and why fitted wardrobes are the best options when you’re planning to remodel or renovate your bedroom.

How to Get the Best Storage with Fitted Wardrobes

Choosing fitted wardrobes will give you some benefits that will not lose to the standard free-standing type. Those benefits are:

Increasing Home Value

Who would think that fitted wardrobes are a good investment that can increase the value of the house? Yes, we know that fitted wardrobes are quite cost-consuming since they’re customized items. However, it’s great if you decide to sell your house because many house hunters will look for the one with enough storage.

Since fitted wardrobes are a built-in design, it makes the room looks wider and larger instead of a free-standing one that will make any room look full.

Maximizing Every Space

This one is the biggest benefit that fitted wardrobes can give you. Again, since they are made perfectly based on the available space, you will not leave any awkward spot unattended.

This wardrobe type allows you to explore your wild idea to optimize every inch of your bedroom. The process may be complicated at first but it will be worth the expense and time that you have invested.

Personal Configuration

Another best part of fitted wardrobes is that you’re the designer that decides everything from the design, colors, materials, overall look, and other details. For example, you can decide how many drawers, dividers, boxes, and hanger space.

To break down further, if you love collecting bags or shoes, you can choose how many squares. For hanger space, you can choose the height based on the outfits (dresses and coats).

As for materials, colors, and overall finish, you can customize by using the one that fits your budget and the furnishing of the bedroom so it creates a seamless and flawless finish. You can get the best materials with good quality and durability since you choose them yourself.

Easy Cleaning Process

Unlike the free-standing wardrobes that are surrounded by walls and unused spaces that accumulate dirt and dust, fitted ones are different. Since fitted wardrobes remove empty spots, they leave open spaces that are easy to reach and clean.

Up-to-date Designs

Just like the fashion industry, interior designs also move fast with a lot of attractive styles. If you’re still using a free-standing wardrobe, you will have to completely discard and purchase a new one to fit the latest concept. Meanwhile, the fitted one is easy to customize and configure according to your liking and also the latest trend. That’s why we say that it’s a great investment feature you need to consider.

Those are some benefits of fitted wardrobes that you can add to your home improvement list.

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