How to Store Shallots in Long Time Easily | DIY Kitchen Guide

Shallots are one of the must-have supplies that every kitchen should have. They are good to give aroma and taste to tons of cuisines that you can cook all by yourself.

How to Store Shallots

Storing your shallots properly can prolong their quality for a long time. You will have them fresh and crisp all the time. Luckily, you can use some easily-available storage options to keep your shallots properly.

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Check out our quick guide on How to Store Shallots for your reference below.

How to Store Shallots

Use hanging basket

Hanging basket is one of the most convenient storage stations to store shallots. The one which is made of ropes or a thick impermeable fabric is a good option. The point is, that the hanging basket is best used to store a bulk of shallots and the basket should be able to handle the job.

Further, the basket should also have small holes so the smaller shallots won’t get in the way and fall down. Hang the basket high enough and around the area where the animals are difficult to reach.

Using a mesh bag

Mesh bag is commonly used as the packaging of the shallots. You can use the mesh bag to store the shallots for a long time. You can just simply hang the mesh bag with the shallots directly from the market in a safe place like behind your kitchen door.

However, keep in mind that the mesh bag is sturdy enough to keep a bunch of shallots together. Mesh bag commonly comes with small holes so you don’t have to worry about small shallots falling around.

Using plastic container

Of course, a plastic container is a multi-purpose storage station that you can use to keep almost everything, including shallots. Storing shallots in an air-tight plastic container is a good way to ensure your shallots stay crisp and fresh for a long time.

You can either cut up the shallots or not when you choose a plastic container as the storage option to keep the shallots. Put the container in the freezer and you can use the shallots for more than a month.

Use Ziploc bag

For you who already have your freezer full of foods, you can use Ziploc bags to keep your shallots without needing a lot of space. The best way to store shallots in a Ziploc bag is to cut them up so you can easily store and use them anytime.

Use a bamboo steamer

Got some bamboo steamers that you rarely use? Use them as the storage stations for your fresh shallots. Simply store a bunch of shallots inside a bamboo steamer and place it on your kitchen countertop. It’s a good option for you who prefer to store the shallots at room temperature.

Also, make sure to place the bamboo steamer in the area where your pets won’t climb around like behind bigger appliances or on the sills.

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