6 Ideas On How to Decorate Room Walls Beautifully

Decorating a house, whether it’s new or remodeling, will always be an exciting activity for all homeowners. Although it’s tiring, it’s just fun to express our personal preference for something. For some people, they express it through furniture or decor items, and for others, they show it through color. Of course, when it comes to decorating, there is no such thing as wrong and right as long as you feel satisfied with it.

How to Decorate Room Walls

However, in some decorating processes, the wall is left untouched when it can become more stunning. We understand if you want to have a minimalist concept but it doesn’t mean that you can’t decorate your wall. One of the ways to decorate a wall for a minimalist house is with abstract painting with the same color scheme of the furniture and stuff.

How to Decorate Room Walls

Personalized Gallery Wall

A gallery wall is probably the decorating style that everyone is familiar with. Instead of using abstract or random pictures, you can use your own collection right from your phone or computer. Whether it’s your own selfies, family members, pets, flowers, or any personally-taken photos.

All you need to make sure is to print and frame them in various sizes to create a beautiful composition on the wall. If you have a small space with small walls, you may want to use a single large photo to make the surrounding feels wider.

Oversized Painting

As mentioned above, you can also choose an oversized photo instead of various pictures to avoid an overwhelming feeling, especially if you have a small room with limited walls. If you have a white wall, you can use a black and white painting or even a colorful one to make it stand out.


Another functional decoration item that you can consider is a mirror. Just like the painting, you can either use a single oversized mirror or various sizes. Using mirrors as decoration can also work to reflect lights so it helps the room looks brighter and wider.

Accent Walls

Accents walls are another way to decorate a wall with various options such as wall panels, wallpaper, crate, wainscotting, and others that focus on one side of the wall. There are tons of ideas for each kind that you can do either by yourself or with the help of professionals.

Wall Hangings

If something permanent like wallpaper or direct painting on the wall is not your cup of tea, you can use something more flexible like a tapestry or macrame. These items are perfect to give different textures, colors, accents, and patterns. Of course, they are available in numerous sizes, styles, fabrics, and colors.

Other Functional Items

If you’re the type of person who forgets things easily or you have children and want to facilitate them with something useful and fun, you can choose a map, whiteboard, or chalkboard.

You can use this item in a playroom, working space, or even a kitchen to jot down your to-do list neatly. Again, there are many ways to make it looks decorative and complement the overall look of the room.

Filling in your wall is one of the ways to make your room looks more stunning and eye-catching. Don’t leave your wall empty and start decorating it now!

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