8 Trendy Home Design Trends that are Sweeping Texas

When you want your home to stand out, design choices become your most useful tool. If you want trendy design choices that will make your home stand out amongst your neighbors’ homes, you need to educate yourself on new design ideas that are taking the nation by storm.

8 Trendy Home Design Trends that are Sweeping Texas

For homeowners in Texas, the unique environment presents some cool, unique, and affordable design choices that will make your home extra-hip. Eight trendy home design trends are particularly popular in Texas in 2022: 

1. Open Floor Plans 

If you’re tired of feeling cramped and want to make your home incredibly guest-friendly, adopting a quality open floor plan is highly recommended. You’ll have more space to decorate, to create cozy interiors, and you’ll have a much easier time enjoying the full space of your home without constantly needing to move between rooms. In open floor plan-centric designs, many rooms may even become combined (particularly the kitchen and living room), so you can get extra creative with your potential choices. 

2. Two-Tone Color Combinations 

If you want a room to have a simple, yet gorgeous look, and want to pull this look off without breaking the bank, implementing a two-tone color combination design aesthetic is a great way to achieve your dreams. Finding two colors that are complementary, yet different enough to help define the separate spaces in a room, becomes key to using this aesthetic choice successfully. With the right home designer, however, you’ll have a breeze finding the right colors to make a room’s two-tone color combination pop. 

3. Sustainable Design Choices 

While not a specific type of aesthetic choice, homeowners (and home designers) have begun placing a ton of emphasis on making their design choices sustainable. If you care about the environment and want to ensure that the look and function of your home’s design are climate-friendly, you need to make sure your designer has the same ethos as you. Additionally, many sustainable home design choices will end up saving your money on maintenance and energy costs in the long run. With the right home designer from your builder at your side, you’ll get the best design choices while simultaneously doing your part to save the earth. 

4. Rounded Edges 

When we think of a room, we often consider a rectangular shape with sharp, defined edges. To switch up the aesthetic of your home, however, you can use rounded edges on your walls, or other interior features, to stand out. You can decorate around these rounded edges in unique, memorable ways as well. It will give rooms a comfy, classy, and almost museum-like feel that you’ll be sure to love. 

5. Home Libraries 

Reading has become cool again, and its increased popularity has massively affected home design projects. If you want to show off your books in style, and without taking up space that you would normally use for something else, crafting a home library in your house is an excellent idea. By building shelf space into your walls, and finding a beautiful color to paint them, you can achieve something truly magical with your home library project. 

6. Biophilic Design Principles 

A desire for more natural light, and indoor spaces that incorporate your home’s exterior and interior into a single design choice, are often referred to as biophilic in modern home design. If you want an emphasis to be placed on calming environments, increased natural lighting and ventilation, and an Earthy feel to your interiors, asking your home designer about crafting a biophilic design for your home is highly recommended. 

7. Mindful Spaces

As we’ve moved out of the pandemic, the focus on mindful living and learning has become immense (especially in the state of Texas). Spaces that are designed to support our well-being, our hobbies, and more within our homes have become the result of this extra-mindful way of living. Depending on your personal health needs, the focus on what makes a space mindful may differ wildly, but a solid home designer can help you unlock your dream mindful space. 

8. Butterfly-Style Roofs

Butterfly-style roofs take the traditional upside-down v-shape of traditional homes and turn them on their head (literally). The design choice is not available for every home style, but when it works, it will be as striking a project as you could ever hope for. You can add solar panels and other “green” elements to the top of this innovative house design choice to add more bang for your buck. 

Perfect Your Home’s Design Now

Your home’s design is key to its personality, and how comfortable you feel within it. When doing renovations or other home design projects, knowing your personality and aesthetic preferences is critical. With the right help, guidance, and design-savvy, however, you’ll soon unlock your dream vision for your home’s design.

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