How to Interior Design On a Budget

Let’s face it: we’re all on a budget! The skill of balancing a desire for style with the realities of finances is a way of life for everyone from the renter in the middle of an apartment remodel to the new homeowner adapting to the responsibilities of paying a mortgage. How can you achieve your desired appearance without breaking the bank? Fortunately, we live in an era where blogs, television shows, journals, books, and other media have educated the general people on the fundamentals of interior design. The design aficionado will find a wealth of DIY projects, cheap shopping advice, and product information. 

How to Interior Design On a Budget

But with so many tips, it can be difficult to understand where to start! Worry not, we have come up with the perfect tips for you! 

Know where to look for good bargains 

Knowing how to bargain shop is our first design advice. Learn about the stores that consistently offer long-lasting, well-designed items at a reasonable price. Your go-to store may not be everyone’s first choice, but what counts is that you know what works for your budget and taste. IKEA is a perennial favourite. Another way you can find really good items for cheap is by using the Facebook marketplace or going to flea markets. Buying second hand or thrifting your furniture and décor will reduce your carbon footprint and will also help you be more sustainable in making interior design choices. You may also find some of the best vintage/unique pieces when out thrifting! However, if that doesn’t suit you, then CB2 is another brand and store dedicated to inexpensive modern design. The firm is constantly updating its inventory to provide diversity (as well as great sales).

Adopt a do-it-yourself mindset 

This design concept is one of the most well-known and widely used money-saving strategies today. With DIY, you can take anything and convert it into a beautiful masterpiece. DIY allows you to save money on expensive items by making them yourself! A fan favourite is making light fixtures out of inexpensive materials to give an expensive and chic vibe. DIY can be used in every aspect of interior design. However, it does require a lot of effort and time. We suggest that you buy some décor and DIY some of it to create a balance of time, effort and budget.  

Be Creative 

Practical challenges are frequently solved via creativity. When it comes to home décor, it helps you to see things differently. If you allow your imagination to go wild, you’ll discover that you don’t have to limit yourself to using a product for its intended purpose. Here are a few ideas to go outside the box when it comes to house decor:  Are you looking for a new brass towel bar but can’t seem to locate one? A drawer pull is considerably simpler to come by and will suffice. Do you need new flower vases? Mason jars can come in handy. Do you require additional storage yet your bathroom is too small? Why not just lean a ladder against a wall? Using your imagination to look at items might also help you save money. You might be able to repurpose something at home for a new use. You can also decide to buy a less costly item and use it unusually when shopping. You can also get your TV wall mounted to save some space and give your home a more polished and open look. Wall-mounted TVs not only save the cost for the TV unit but also help in reducing clutter. And our favourite part- No more wires! For more advice, click here.  

Understand when little is more. 

When we move to a new area or take on the design of a new room in the house, our initial tendency is to cram everything into every available square inch. From a decorative and financial standpoint, this puts a lot of strain on us. It’s fine to take your time when decorating a space and to go for a more basic style. After all, a few high-quality objects may have a greater impression than a cluttered area. If you want to go for a more maximalist look, we suggest that you start slow- start by highlighting your passions, whether it’s art or books or records. Then slowly build up to the maximalist look by introducing pieces that mean a lot to you or you find inspiring. A thrift store is a perfect place to find beautiful décor finds for cheap! 

While a uniform, minimalist style is appealing, a diverse look in your home may be equally appealing. After all, rather than a single matchy-matchy aesthetic, individuals are generally drawn to a variety of styles. When a variety of materials are combined, the outcome is an intriguing representation of who we are. 

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