Interior Design for Small Space

Small spaces can be a nightmare to design if you don’t know where to start. It can almost feel like an impossible puzzle that you don’t know where to start- you want to add in all your loved items, but don’t want the place to feel cramped or You want to have a functional space but don’t prefer minimalism! It can often feel impossible to make a space that has your personality but isn’t cluttered. However, with the right tips and tricks, this can change! Whether it is a studio apartment you are starting with or a smaller apartment with just one bedroom- you don’t need to leave your loved possessions behind or co promise on the style! Follow our tips to make the best interior design for small spaces!  

Interior Design for Small Space

Keep the Floor Vacant 

One of the best ways to make your small space functional is by keeping your floors vacant. No matter how well put together and on point, a space will not work if the floors aren’t functional and walkable. An easy way to get over this challenge is by going for floating pieces that utilise the vertical space instead of the horizontal space. Get floating shelves and storage that can be put up on the wall, avoiding any kind of storage space that takes up floor space. This also goes for the lighting- instead of getting floor lamps, get lamps and light fixtures that don’t take up the floor space! Another way to keep room for movement is by eliminating any kind of extra storage space or furnishings. One such example is that of a TV. Instead of having a TV stand, get your TV wall-mounted, making room for walking around and utilising the vertical space. For expert advice on this, click here.  

Go for multi-purpose and foldable furniture pieces 

One of the easiest interior design methods of making space in your apartment and ensuring that you have enough room to move around while keeping the place stylish and pretty is by getting multi-purpose and foldable furniture. Think of variety but also the functionality. For example, yes, you do need a dining table or a desk to work on, but do you need it all the time? Not really- so why not fold it up when not in use? Another example would be that of a bed. Instead of getting a big bed for your small studio apartment, why not get a sofa-bed: A couch that can be transformed into a bed! This will make sure you save space in the mornings when the bed is not in use. These kinds of foldable and changeable furnishing pieces ensure that you have as much functionality available as required while having the option of choosing how to utilise the space throughout the day! 

Lighting is just as important 

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of a small space interior design. If your place lacks proper windows, and natural light is not an option, then you will have to rely on light fixtures and artificial lighting to make sure your place does not feel or seem claustrophobic. Combine multiple lighting situations, everywhere to ensure that your house is well lit. It’s also important to remember that lighting will affect the way your wall and furnishing colours look, so always choose the light before you choose the colours. You also need to decide on the kind of light you prefer- cool or warm or in between. A proper light study will be beneficial if there is a lack of sunlight. 

On the other hand, if you have access to good sunlight and natural light, you must make full use of it. Natural light opens a space and makes It seem bigger and brighter than it is. Make use of the natural light by getting linen or lighter-coloured curtains that don’t stop the light flow. You can also add mirrors to reflect the light across the rooms and make the place feel brighter! Place mirrors on the wall that’s on the exact opposite side of the windows. 

The right décor 

The right décor can make your space look stylish and beautiful, regardless of the space available. When starting to design your small space, choose the furniture before you choose the wall colour. This will ensure that you don’t have to compromise on beautiful furniture pieces because of the wall colour. Another important thing to keep in mind is that you ensure the positioning of the furnishings and the décor does not reduce the movable space in the area. One of the ways to do this is by aligning all the furnishings next to the wall so that it creates a space in the middle of the room and everything is approachable. The kind of rug that you employ in your room is also important- if it’s too big, your space will feel cluttered; if it’s too small, it will feel cheap! The perfect size rug can get all the furniture legs on it but leaves enough of the natural floor out.  

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