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You can’t say that you have a cozy outdoor living space without any seating space around. You can’t really enjoy the space if you don’t provide the stations for you and other family members to sit comfortably.

Besides the chairs, you can also consider a bench to complete the decor of your exterior area. One single bench is usually enough to serve everyone since they are made to provide more than one seater on one design.

how to choose garden bench

Just like choosing other pieces of furniture, you might want to consider some points before purchasing a garden bench. Checking some points that you can refer to is an important step so you can get a garden bench which looks adorable and feel comfortable at the same time. Things like materials, designs, and maintenance will determine the quality of the bench that you will get.

In this article, we have compiled some points that will guide you to buy the right garden bench that suits you best. Just keep scrolling to find our complete guide on How to Choose Garden Bench for your ultimate reference.

How to Choose Garden Bench

how to choose garden bench

Choose the material

There are some common materials that are used to build a garden bench. They are mostly designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions, but each one of them still has plus and minus points.

Here’s what you can consider:

Plastic – This is a synthetic material that has been known for its durability. It won’t warp or rot even when it’s exposed to difficult weather conditions. You can also find the ones with more affordable price tags. However, you might want to choose other types of materials if you’d like to choose a garden bench with a more natural look.

Metal – Looking for a garden bench with an ornamental design? The ones which are made of metal are great options. The main downside of this type of bench is the comfort that you will get. You need to carefully choose metal garden benches careful since some of them come with better quality than others.

Softwood – This material is known as a more affordable option of wood which is considered less durable. You need regularly maintain softwood garden benches by repainting, revarnishing, and putting them inside in the winter.

Hardwood – If you look for a durable garden bench that is made of natural material with great durability, hardwood should be on your top list. Hardwood is denser compared to softwood which makes it sturdier. You don’t need to maintain hardwood as much as softwood, but you still need to keep the bench inside when the weather condition is too harsh.

Measure the size

Of course, the main point that you need to refer to determine the size of the bench which is right for you is to see the size of your garden. A small bench may not really fit everyone but the big one may overwhelm the space available.

You might be tempted to buy a garden bench which fits everyone but that’s a mistake. Keep in mind that you might need to spend more if you’d like to purchase a bigger bench.

In general, the measurement of the garden bench is presented in the number of the seater like a two-seater or three-seater bench. The two-seater is a good choice for you who have a medium-sized bench since it commonly can fit two adults and a little one in between.

Pick the style

There is a standardized style of the garden bench that you may find which is the one that comes with a flat seating platform, two armrests, and a straight back. This type of garden bench is mostly beautified by various finishes and ornaments.

For you who are looking for a more distinctive garden bench, these options are worth considering:

Banana bench – As the name suggests, this type of garden bench is designed in a curvy shape which makes it look less formal. A banana garden bench that is made of teak hardwood is the most popular option.

Distinctive bench – Garden benches with formal style may bore the decor of your garden then you can find the one with a more distinctive back. You can find the bench which comes with a high and shaped back which can make your garden look more attractive and provide more comfort.

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Learn the maintenance

Wood remains the most popular option when it comes to the material that builds a garden bench despite the tricky maintenance steps that you should do. If you choose to do so, consider hardwood as your option since it comes with much better quality. Hardwood garden benches can longer -even decades – without much tricky maintenance like repainting and revarnish.

Softwood requires regular maintenance to keep it look admirable and feel comfortable at the same time. You need to clean, sand, repaint, and revarnish regularly to expect it to provide its maximum performance. This can be an issue if you’re not willing enough to bother yourself with those steps or spend a lot to hire pros. That’s why investing in a hardwood garden bench is always a good idea, it may sound pricey at first but you won’t see any pricey bills in a long run.

To protect hardwood benches when the freezing season comes, you can simply cover them with a weatherproof cover if it’s not possible to bring it inside.

Check your budget

Out of all those points above, the main consideration that you have to think about is your very own budget. Material, design, and size are the main points that determine the price of a garden bench.

If you’d like to buy a garden bench which is made of high-quality material, designed in complicated style, and come in big size, you might need to prepare an extra budget.

Determine how much you are willing to spend to purchase a garden bench, and narrow down the options by ranging your most suitable prices.

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