8 Outdoor Deck Features that Homeowners Crave

Homeowners often dream of having the perfect outdoor deck space to enjoy, especially as the summer season begins. Finding ways to make your deck more relaxing, eye-catching, and functionally useful can all help you perfect your dream deck, and can even add home equity value to your home as well. If you’re looking for fun, worthwhile deck projects and features to invest in for 2022, here are eight outdoor deck features that many homeowners have been craving: 

1. Centralized Fire Pit

Nothing is as cozy, calming, and perfect for cool summer nights in the same way that a fire pit is. If you want the center of your deck to feel tailor-fit for hosting, a centralized fire pit is a way to go. Not only will it provide a maximum level of relaxation, but the way it will provide striking natural light for your deck is life-changing. If you want to make your deck look hyper-unique and avoid buggy grass every time you want to enjoy a fire, this is your dream deck feature. If you’re looking for the perfect summer night, begin searching for deck builders in Greenville, SC, to help you achieve your dream. 

2. Outdoor Deck Kitchens

Especially if you love hosting cookouts, BBQs, and other fun events, adding an outdoor deck kitchen to your setup will prove incredibly advantageous. Not only can you avoid the frustration of constantly going in and out of your backdoor, but you can cook out in the beautiful summer weather, and can mingle with your guests instead of being kept locked up in your home’s kitchen (which diminishes the enjoyment of having guests over in the first place). 

3. Shade Structures 

Adding structures that add a sense of flair and style to your deck can make your project feel incredibly unique. Additionally, you can mix style and substance by making these add-on structures designed to provide extra shade. When you’re enjoying your deck during the middle of a sweltering summer day, the extra shade will give you the perfect spot to escape the sun, read a book, or take a rejuvenating mid-day nap. 

4. Wide “Seating” Steps 

Have you noticed that some decks now have steps that are so huge that you wonder what the designer was thinking? As it turns out, these massive steps are designed to combine functional seating space with a large, striking step design. The mixture of unique design, extra seating space and buzz-worthy look built into the wide “seating” step add-on feature is quickly rising in popularity amongst trend-conscious homeowners

5. Curved Railing 

Many traditional decks have squared edges and railing. If your home looks odd with this design, or if you want something a bit more unique, however, going for a curved deck and railing setup is the way to go. There’s an extra level of the class built into this striking, almost-retro deck style, and it will quickly impress all of your guests this summer. If you’re known for throwing parties with socialites or other fancy folks, investing in a deck with a curved shape and railing is highly recommended. 

6. Contrasting Colors 

Even if your deck is different in many different ways, if it’s a single color, its visual potential is not being fully reached. Contrasting colors between different parts of the deck, especially between different levels if you have a multi-leveled deck, is a fun, quirky way to differentiate your deck from the crowd. If you’re adding additional structures to your deck, this project can have even more potential packed into it. 

7. Built-in Benches 

If you want to avoid the frustration of having to constantly pack out benches and additional seating every time you host, building in benches and other seating situations into your deck’s design can help to maximize the easy-going nature of your next summer season. Mix this idea with the built-in “bench” steps, and you’ll have a natural, gorgeously-designed deck that will never lack seating for your many guests. 

8. Drainage Features

If you live in an area where rain is hyper-frequent, have a pool attached to your deck, or are simply concerned about water built-up damaging your deck, this is the add-on project that you need to invest in. Installing draining features, and functions onto your deck that will keep it dry, and in great condition is fairly simple and often affordable. The extra peace of mind you’ll gain will ensure you enjoy your deck to the fullest in 2022. 

Unlock Your Deck’s Full Potential 

Your deck’s full potential is ready to be unlocked, and these eight projects provide you with excellent ways to achieve your summertime deck goals. Each of these fun-filled projects has its advantages and will help you make your deck feel unique and buzz-worthy. If you want your neighbors and guests to see you as a tastemaker in 2022, you’ll find these eight projects incredibly attractive. 

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