Do Daybeds Have a Place in 2022?

A day bed can be a great addition to a room. Day beds are versatile additions to rooms that have many uses. Sitting partly between sofas and sofa beds, they could be just the piece of furniture that you need. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons you might opt for a daybed.

Do Daybeds Have a Place in 2022?

Good for Multi-Use Rooms

Many of us have rooms that carry several functions. Though you might have a room that has been designated as your office, allowing you to work from home, it might also be the spare room in your home. Therefore, when you have visitors, the best place to put them up will always be your office.

However, if this is your plan, you need to make sure that there is a comfortable place for them to sleep. It might not be practical nor might you have the space for a full double bed. Likewise, a sofa might not be the best to sleep on if you have a lot of guests. A daybed is a practical midpoint between the two that does not take up as much room as a traditional sofa bed – though some do come with an extra mattress tucked away that adds extra space to sleep on.

Great for Guests

Day beds are also the perfect addition to somewhere like a child’s room. You can have the daybed set up as a sofa most of the time, but if they have a friend to stay, their guest will have a real bed to sleep in rather than some sort of camp bed.

You might even be able to find a sofa bed that matches the rest of the furniture in your child’s bedroom. Though buying a full bedroom set can be expensive, looking at some of the options available at discount furniture outlets and other similar sources can help you find some high-quality but affordable pieces.

Many Different Styles

There are many different styles to choose from when looking at day beds, and this means that you could easily find something that ties into your wider interior decorating style. With only one side open with a daybed, it can very easily be made up to resemble a sofa if necessary.


The most classic options have a wrought-iron effect and they make for a beautiful addition to a room. However, you can also find plenty of other styles too, from other metal-framed daybeds to ones made of wood and more. If you are thinking about a daybed, there will definitely be one to suit you.

Do daybeds have a place in 2022? Absolutely! These are truly versatile pieces of furniture that offer something special to many rooms. If you aren’t sure if a sofa bed is right for you but want the comfort of a sofa and bed both, the day bed might be the perfect middle ground. Have a look at some of the options out there and see if there is a daybed to suit you on the market.

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