Bedroom Must-Haves to Upgrade Your Room for Comfort, Savings & Aesthetics

When designing a home, you focus on your living room, the kitchen, the patio but often neglect the space that needs your extra attention as you spend most of your time there – your bedroom. But, it’s never too late to go for an upgrade and get products that maximize your comfort and add a modern touch to your bedroom.

Wouldn’t it be convenient to have your blinds automatically opened at sunrise? Or how about a smart home hub that also doubles as a digital photo frame? Not to mention the night lights that come with speakers to play soothing music while you try to get a restful sleep.

From smart air conditioning controllers to air purifying plants, we have compiled 6 bedroom must-haves for a vibrant, more comfortable room.

1.     Smart AC Controller/ Smart Thermostat

Whether you are building an energy-efficient home or looking to upgrade your existing house, a smart device connected to your air conditioner is a bedroom must-have.

You can opt for a smart thermostat for central air conditioning or a smart AC controller that works with a mini-split, window, and portable air conditioner.

These smart devices go beyond temperature and humidity regulation.

Running late to work and forgot to turn the AC off? No issue. Your HVAC system will automatically turn off through location-based controls via the geofencing mode. In addition to temperature settings, you can also control humidity, fan speed, and different modes using your smartphone from anywhere in the world. Moreover, smart thermostats or smart AC controllers can learn your preferred settings and send you reports about energy usage. These features help you conserve energy as your AC is not blasting on the highest setting all day.

Furthermore, these devices allow you to set intelligent triggers for temperature or humidity. If your room temperature or humidity goes above or falls below a pre-set value, this mode changes the AC settings accordingly. Comfort and energy savings all the way!

2.     Air Purifying Plants

Choosing air purifying plants can help you detoxify the air in your bedroom. To give your room a breath of fresh air, these are the top three air purifying plants:

  • English Ivy

This trailing plant not only makes a good hanging plant but is also quite effective at removing airborne molds. Give it a humid environment with plenty of light so it can flourish.

  • Spider Plant

One of the most common houseplants, it is known for its ability to absorb carbon monoxide, an odorless, poisonous gas. It is easy to maintain and requires a bright light with moderate amounts of water.

  • Snake Plant

It is NASA’s recommended plant for removing benzene, formaldehyde, xylene, and toluene. Give this natural air purifier a good amount of sunlight, so it continues to do its work efficiently. You can put it near your bed as it releases oxygen at night.

Besides air cleaning properties, the houseplants also add a pop of color and look aesthetically pleasing on your bedside table, a bookshelf, or hanging by the window.

3.     Color Changing Night Light

Night lights might be the last thing on your mind to add to your shopping cart. However, if you ever collided with a piece of furniture while trying to grab a glass of water in the middle of the night, you would know the importance of night lights.

A simple bulb can serve as a night light, but it does not have to be boring. In addition to providing soft brightness at night, a perfect night light can even create a relaxing bedroom environment. Color-changing night lights, for instance, can be set to different colors according to your preference. They come with light-sensing technology that turns on at dusk and turns off at dawn. This feature is not only convenient but also helps you in saving energy. Some LED night lights even have the option of a built-in speaker and a galaxy aurora projector. You can connect the speaker with your phone and play soothing music to help you sleep faster. What else do you need in a night light?

4.     Smart Home Hub

Controlling a device with your smartphone is a breeze, but having different apps for different smart devices can be overwhelming. This is where the smart home hub comes in. It allows you to control all your devices via one platform. It comes with a voice assistant such as Alexa or Google Assistant and is not just limited to app integration. With a smart home hub, you can set routines, daily schedules, reminders, and even make calls. You can listen to your morning news while having breakfast in the morning or create shopping lists, all from one device.

Google Home, and Amazon Echo, Samsung SmartThings are some examples of a smart home hub. Some models come with a display that allows you to turn the home screen into a digital frame. You can put it on your bedside table for displaying photos in your bedroom.

5.     White Noise Machine

Struggling to get restful sleep? Reading, journaling, mediation don’t seem to help? Try a white noise machine!

White noise machines help in blocking out any unwanted surroundings and can stimulate peaceful sleep. A wide variety of white noise machines are available in the market with different sounds, from a whirring fan to a humming air conditioner. They can also include natural sounds such as the sound of heavy rainfall and ocean waves.

Advanced white noise machines have color spectrum noise and morning alarm that mimics the natural light. You can also set sleep routines that include proper bedtime meditation, light adjustments, relaxing music, and even bedtime stories.

6.     Smart Blinds


If you are someone who likes to open the blinds to let a bit of sunshine in during the morning but forget to close them in the summer afternoons, then smart blinds are for you.

Smart blinds, as the name indicates, are window coverings that can be controlled via a smartphone. They can also connect with Alexa and Google Assistant, giving you the option of voice control. You can set the timings when you want them to be opened and closed and viola, that’s it! They also have sunrise/sunset automation. Smart Blinds come in various designs and can be battery-operated, hardwired, or solar-powered. If you opt for a solar one, you get a separate charging panel. Some types of smart blinds have thermal insulation built-in that helps with energy conservation. Moreover, smart blinds have light filtering options such as; clear view, diffused, privacy glow, and total black. How amazing is that!

So, what are you waiting for? Try these fun bedroom must-haves to add value to the aesthetics, all the while increasing the comfort of your room.

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