How to Install High Bay LED Lights?


To light up high ceilings, usually more than 20ft high from the floor and 40ft around, High Bay LED lights are used. These lights feature the latest technology and have special reflectors that are engineered to operate effectively from the height. Such lights are perfect for multiple applications at home as well as in commercial areas such as workshops, factories, and so on. These are also excellent for recreational areas such as snooker clubs, gyms, sports complexes, etc.

You can find the best high bay LED lights on the market to light up your high roof rooms or other workplaces effectively. Such lights are perfect for places where a clear and bright exposure is needed.

After you have purchased these LED lights, the next step is to fix them properly. New users don’t know how to install or even where to fix them in such a way that they light up the room properly. To make the fixation of high bay LED lights easy and effective, a step-by-step procedure and guide are given in the later section. So, let’s move down to reveal the installation process of these LED lights.

Fixation of High Bay LED Lights

Proper Fixation Points

The professionals and sellers recommend the following two means for the proper and effective fixation of high bay LED lights:

  • Ceiling Mounting
  • Wall Mounting

1 – Ceiling Mounting

First of all, let’s have a look at an easy procedure for the ceiling mounting of the high bay LED lights.

Cut Off the Power Supply

The very first step while fixing the LED light is to disconnect the power supply. It is necessary for a safe installation of the lights.

Make Holes in The Ceiling

Moving on, mark the measured spots with chalk or any other marker where LED light fits well. Using an electric drill, make holes in the marked places.

Fix the Hooks or Screws

You may fix or hang the high bay LED light with the ceiling. If you want to fix it, install the expansion screws in the holes with the help of a hammer. On the other hand, if you want to hang the lights, put the hooks in the holes in such a way that they fit properly.

Attach the Light

Now, it’s time to fix or hang the light. In case of fixing, align the holes on the bracket of light with the screws and push it to fix well. On the contrary, if you want to hang the light, take out the chain from the accessories and attach the chain with the hooks on one side and to the light from the other side. You can adjust the light height in case of hanging.

Note: This procedure is for a light with a U-shaped bracket. You may also use light with just a single hook for hanging.


The step is the wiring of the light. A junction box is there on the back of the light with all-electric circuits. Open that box and connect the wires according to the local connection standard. Mostly, you have to connect white wire to the neutral wire, black wire to the live wire, and green wire to the ground wire. Also, there would be two dimming wires and if you want this feature, connect them with the dimmer ( purple wire – dimming up, gray wire – dimming down ). After the wiring, take out the wires from the given holes and close the box.

Note: Use a good joint protector to avoid any damage.

Resume the Power Supply

After the wiring, your high bay LED light is ready for proper functioning. Reconnect the power supply and turn them on.

2 – Wall Mounting

There is another way to mount the high bay LED lights that’s wall mounting. Use a high bay LED light with a hook for such an installation. Its procedure is not so difficult and here is a simple guide for it.

Disconnect the Power Supply

Any electrical process needs disconnection of the power supply for a secure procedure. The same is in the case of the wall mounting of the high bay LED light.

Make Holes in The Walls

Make holes in the wall by proceeding in the same way as discussed above.

Fix the Screws

Put the expansion screws in the holes and with the help of a hammer.

Install the Light

After the fixture of screws, install the LED light properly on them. Make sure that the light has been fixed well.


You may connect the wires of LED light with supply wires before or after fixing it. So, connects its wires with the power wires and dimmer by proceeding in an above-mentioned way. Insulate the connections well.

Reconnect the Power Supply

After the wiring is done, resume the power supply and check your newly installed lights.

Be Careful

  • Avoid using an electric generator to test the newly installed LED lights.
  • Must turn off the power supply before installation, repairing, or fixtures.
  • Earth grounding is compulsory for proper security.
  • Use protective gloves while installing the lights.
  • Read the descriptions given on the LED box carefully before starting the procedure.
  • If any smoke or spark is noticed during the testing, instantly turn off the power supply.

All In All

The use of high bay LED electric lights at the workplace, industrial zone, recreational areas, or at any other place where the ceiling is high, is a mind-blowing idea. Such lights effectively brighten the high roof zones. Their installation or fixation is not a too difficult task to perform. You can install them on your own by taking ideas from the DIVESANDDOLLAR.COM.

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