Best Mattress 2018: The Coziest Products That For Your Joyful Sleep

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As a human being, sleep is surely one of the essential things in our lives. It’s such the main factor that determines how our well-being will be.

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Yeap, a good sleep holds a very important role to make our life as healthy as possible. Those great diet and lifestyle are not complete enough if you miss the good sleep every single night.

In fact, a person should normally spendA�one-third of his life in bed to have a perfectly healthy life. When you are not able to reach a good sleep, it can lead to a sleep deprivationA�which can cause lots of troubles in your body.

Depression is the major problem that you will instantly get when you are in sleep deprivation. Then, other diseases like high blood pressure and heart disease may also occur overtimes.

The bad news is, 1 in 3 Americans are suffering from poor quality sleep, and you can be one of them. Considering the dangers of sleep deprivation, this is definitely a serious problem that should be fixed immediately.

A mattress is one of the important things that will give you a healthy proper sleep. Indeed, the right mattress contributes a lot to the quality of your sleep that you can get.

The good mattress should provide great comfort so you can have a cozy sleep to rest your body. Therefore, choosing the proper mattress product is a must to help you in achieving the best healthy life.

Materials, dimensions, innovative technology are some basic factors to determine whether a mattress is worth to buy or not. You can consider those criteria when you are about to purchase a new mattress for your beloved bedroom.

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To ease you in choosing the great products to buy, here we have picked some best mattress 2018 just for you. We have chosen them based on their quality so you won’t be disappointing by their reliability.

Well, let’s just keep scrolling to check them out!

Best Mattress 2018 Buyer’s Guide

We divided the products basedA�on 5 kinds of the mattress which are memory foam mattress, innerspring mattress, natural latex mattress, air mattress, and gel-based mattress. You can choose the one which suits your needs and budget of the products that we have selected.

Best Memory Foam Mattress of 2018

Memory foam still holds its throne as the most popular material when we are talking about the best mattress 2018. The reason is memory foam can give such a great comfort for us to have a good sleep.

Below are some best memory foam mattresses of 2018, ranked from the most expensive to theA�cheap one.

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Amerisleep AS3 ($1,199) -A�By purchasing this product, you will get a sophisticated mattress with advanced features inside and out. Celliant cover, breathable cooling layer, and super soft layer make it so worth to call best mattress 2018.

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The Bear Mattress ($740) -A�This mattress is built with the perfect balance of firmness and softness which makes it so cozy to sleep on. It’s wrapped with the Celliant cover outside, and inside you can find the graphite-gel memory foam and the dual responsive transition layer.

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Tuft & Needle ($575) – It’s an Amazon’s choice for Purple Mattress Queen with thousands of positive reviews to ensure its quality. The T&N Adaptive foam constructs its mattress which will make your sleep feel as great as possible.

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Perfect Cloud Memory Foam Mattress ($450) – The Amazon’s best selling exclusive mattress with the affordable price tag which is so recommended to buy. The main feature that it offers is the 3-inch Gel-Plus memory foam with double air flow for your maximum comfort.A�

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Best Price Grand Memory Foam Mattress ($289, on sale) – A budget-friendly best mattress 2018 with the fairly great quality to buy. It has layers of thick foam which not only comfortable to use but also durable to last.

Best Innerspring Mattress of 2018

Innerspring is the oldest material to make a mattress which was quite popular. It’s still considerable to buy tough since there are some manufacturers who have made some kind of innovation for innerspring mattresses.

Below are some best innerspring mattresses of 2018, ranked from the most expensive to theA�cheap one.

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The DreamCLoud Mattress ($1,199) -A�As the name suggests, sleeping on this best mattress 2018 feels like dreaming on the soft cloud. Yeap, besides its soft cover and fluffy foam, the mattress also has excellent body contouring and cooling feature.

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Nest Bedding Alexandre Signature Hybrid ($1,049) – It’s one of the exclusive best mattress 2018 for the innerspring lover. Inside, you will find the gel-infused foam, TitanChil endurance foam, copper infused Energex foam, Smartflow foam to relax your body well.

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The Saatva Mattress ($999) This one is a high-quality best mattress 2018 with its ‘coil on coil’ signature construction to give you the great reliability and durability. You will be so pleased with the quality of this product.

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Tomorrow Sleep ($865) -A�The mattress that will pamper your body when you enjoy your good sleep every night. It has the Nasa-invented temperature adjustment with the hypoallergenic and toxin-free features.

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Sleep Master Euro Box Top Classic ($275) – The best mattress 2018 on a budget for the innerspring category with some reliable features. You will have such an enjoyable sleep with its foam to foam construction.

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Best Natural Latex Mattress of 2018

You are right if you think that the natural latex is such a rarely heard material of the mattress. However, it still gets the high range and you can get the benefit of natural latex mattress just like those from the synthetic one.

Below are some best natural latex mattresses of 2018, ranked from the most expensive to theA�cheap one.

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Plushbeds Botanical Bliss ($1,999) –A�The best mattress 2018 which is covered by organic cotton to give you a cozy plush feeling when you sleep on. Inside, the natural Talalay Latex layer and premium organic latex support the comfort that you’ll get.

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Zenhaven Luxury Plush ($899) – This one is offered much cheaper than our first pick, but you can compare their quality fairly. It feels so luxurious to enjoy with its reliable natural materials which build up its construction inside and outside.

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Spindle Natural Latex Mattress ($1,349) –A�What’s good about this brand, is that they control everything from the source of the material until the mattress is ready to sell. The comfort of its natural latex is supported by its durable wood foundation perfectly.

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Ultimate Dreams Eurotop ($899) – If you are looking for the mid-range best mattress of 2018 made of natural latex, this product is the great option to buy. The bed feels so comforting and the construction is fairly sturdy.

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Lucid 10-inch Latex Foam Mattress ($369) – The Amazon’s Choice of Latex Mattress which is also the most affordable one for the best mattress of 2018 in natural latex category. With its cheap price tag, you still will get the great comfort from its natural latex layer and high-density foam.

Best Air Mattress of 2018

If you are looking for a more practical mattress, the air mattress can be your top option since it can be adjusted as you wish. Today, some manufacturers have added some innovative features to the air mattress which makes it so considerable to purchase.

Below are some best air mattresses of 2018, ranked from the most expensive to theA�cheap one.

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Personal Comfort A8 ($3, 589) – Yeap, the price is surely jaw-dropping, but you will be so pleased with its superb quality. The materials that build up this premium best mattress 2018 are undoubtedlyA�the high-grade ones.

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Personal Comfort A5 ($2,189) – The lower class of A8 which can be a more affordable option for a premium air mattress. It may less sophisticated, but still reliable to use for years.

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Innomax Medallion Adjustable Sleep Air Bed Mattress ($1,899) – You can conveniently adjust the comfort of this mattress by using dual digital LED remotes with 50-number controls. The mattress itself is covered by the cozy Petme Mink cover.

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Personal Comfort A4 10-Inch ($1,224) – This one is an entry-level version among the A-series from Personal Comfort. It offers you the great comfort just like the premium-class mattress bed.

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Sleep Number C2 Bed ($899) – The budget choice of best air mattress 2018 for air bed category which is so worth to buy. With lots of various adjustment options, you can always use the bed as you need.

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Best Gel-Based & Water-Based Mattress of 2018

The gel-based mattress (or water-based one) often refers to the healthier solution among other categories. It suits well for you who are looking for a hypoallergenic mattress to buy.

Below are some best gel-based mattresses of 2018, ranked from the most expensive to theA�cheap one.

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Strobel Organic Complete Softside Watered Futura-3 ($3,467) – The premium best mattress 2018 for water-based bed for your superb healthy comfort. It’s covered with luxurious cotton with the feathertop surface which is exhilarating to enjoy.

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Strobel Complete Softside Waterbed Spectacular Bid ($1,109) – Among few manufacturers which produce water-based bed, Strobel becomes one which has earned many positive reviews. This one is an affordable product option from the brand which you can consider to buy.

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American National Essence Water Mattress Set ($1,623) – If you wonder what is the most popular manufacturer of the air mattress, Ameican National is surely the answer. This mattress is built with innovative technology to ensure its quality.

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Comfort Craft Perfections Softside WaterBed ($798) – The affordable waterbed with deep fill 750 system which makes it so comforting. The durability of this product is also not disappointing at all.

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Innomax 600 Waveless Waterbed Mattress ($332) – The cheap waterbed for you who are looking an easy healthy mattress. It comes with comfortable 7 layers with 22 mil vinyl aquamarine support for your joyful sleep.

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To conclude, memory foam mattress is still the top choice when you are wondering what is the best mattress 2018 that you have to buy. It’s still the most favorite kind of mattress that will give you a great comfort and durability at a more affordable price.

The other options like natural latex and the water-based mattress are like the type of mattress for those with particular needs. But if comfort is your main consideration, the memory foam matress is never a bad choice to go.

Though we have listed the mattresses based on the price range, it doesn’t mean that you will get the poor quality from the lower-priced ones. However, some sophisticated features may be reduced if you prefer to purchase the budget option of the price range.

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Choose one!

So those are some products which can be categorized as the best mattress 2018. The list can be an ultimate reference when you are going to buy a new mattress to enhance the comfort of your bedroom.

By hundreds of mattress products which are available in the market, it can be confusing to pick the right product. This guide will be so helpful in finding the best product to bring home.

Choose the one which suits your needs and budget, keep in mind to take comfort as the main consideration to buy a mattress. It’s so important since it will determine how well the sleep quality that you can get every single night.

You can examine the pros and cons of each mattress materialA�when you are on a hunt. Knowing those things can lead you to the best decision of the right mattress for your nice sleep.

Reading the verified customer reviews will also give us such a trusted knowledge about the quality of the mattress that you’d like to buy. The positive ones can be the ultimate reference to conclude whether the product is reliable or not.

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