Best Neighborhoods in Maine

If you are looking to immerse yourself in idyllic coastal living, live closer to unspoiled nature and wildlife, and enrich your dinner table with fresh produce, look no further than the Pine Tree State. 

Best Neighborhoods in Maine

But regardless of how appealing moving to Maine might sound, transferring your life to another state is never easy – especially if you are not familiar with the local area! Luckily, Maine is a varied and exciting state, with plenty of relocation options for families, entrepreneurs, and retirees alike. 

Let’s look at the best neighborhoods in the state below. 


Portland is truly the heart and soul of the state of Maine! The city has been consistently ranked as one of the best places to live in the US in the past years, and it continues to pleasantly surprise its new residents with high-quality schools, endless entertainment options, premium healthcare services, high safety levels, and pristine air quality.

Nonetheless, one of the things to consider when buying a home in a growing city like Portland is how the lifestyle of residents might change from one urban area to another. That is why it is important to choose your neighborhood wisely, some of the best areas in Portland to relocate to include West End, East End, Deering Center, Valley Street, Rosemont, Oakdale, Back Cove, and West Bayside. 

Cape Elizabeth

There is no doubt that Maine is well-known worldwide for the historic lighthouses that dot the state’s rugged coastline. But perhaps the most famous of all is the one located in Cape Elizabeth. 

Ranking as one of the areas in Maine with the lowest crime rates, Cape Elizabeth is also hailed for the undisturbed coastal lifestyle it offers, fresh maritime produce such as lobsters, and its lush parks and reserves. So, if you are looking to immerse yourself in the quintessential lifestyle of Maine, relocating to Cape Elizabeth should be your first choice!


Nestled between the Atlantic coast and the rolling hills of inland Maine, Falmouth and Falmouth Foreside are some of the most coveted locations in the state. Because of the perfect location, Falmouth offers endless nature-based recreation opportunities and direct access to the amenities and comfort of the city center. 


Located at a short 15-minute drive from Portland, Yarmouth is a quaint town resting on the Southern coast of Maine. Thanks to the laid-back lifestyle it offers and the immediate access to world-class educational, business, and healthcare facilities, Yarmouth is a great option for families with young children, entrepreneurs, and retirees to relocate to. 

Bar Harbor

If you are a nature lover, Bar Harbor is truly a heavenly relocation destination for your and your family. Perched on Mount Desert Island, on the Northern rugged Atlantic coast of Maine, Bar Harbor is a maritime urban area well-known for its access to unspoiled national parks, pristine beaches, and beautiful lakes and ponds. 

While relocating here might be a dream of many, be sure that your lifestyle is compatible with life on the island!

3 Essential Tips To Make Your Move to Maine Easier

Do Your Homework

The stunning natural beauty and laid-back lifestyle of Maine make moving here much easier than transferring to another state. Nonetheless, each area and neighborhood will come with its own characteristics. 

Conducting your homework and looking for reliable resources when you plan on moving to Maine can help you avoid unpleasant surprises, choose the right area for your needs, and make your move easier. 

Keep Your Finances in Check

Maine is one of the US states with the highest cost of living. So, before moving to the Pine Tree State, make sure to put your finances in order, get your apartment deposit or down payment ready, and create a new monthly budget for your family. 

Work With Local Professionals

If you are not familiar with the different neighbors and cities in Maine, you should consider partnering with local experts. Real estate agents and brokers located in main can help you navigate today’s complex housing market and find the right accommodation solution for your needs. 


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