Best Places to Live in Italy If You are a Foreigner

Are you considering relocating somewhere else? Is Italy among your options? In this case, if you are unsure of where precisely, you will surely find some help here in terms of coming up with ideas and starting your research. There are many factors to take into account while choosing the ideal location since there are major variances in lifestyle and environment in it, even though you may enjoy any area of the Italian peninsula. In terms of culture, languages, customs, gastronomy, and habits, you may detect differences even in nearby cities. If you’re looking for Italian villas for sale, read this article in order to discover which are the most common and chosen Italian cities among expats.

Best Places to Live in Italy If You are a Foreigner


We can’t help but include and begin with Rome in our list of the greatest cities in Italy for foreigners to move to. This city is rich in both art and culture thanks to its many galleries and monuments. Additionally, its historical sites are well-known around the world and never cease to astound. The capital has been referred to as the “Eternal City” for centuries. It has its own flare, tourists and even locals are amazed by its beauty. Although it is busy, filled with people, the atmosphere is lively and entertaining all year long. The cuisine is definitely a factor to be taken into consideration. There are many alternatives for all preferences and budgets, and many dishes to taste and enjoy.


Florence, which is situated in the heart of the breathtaking Tuscan countryside, is similar to a huge outdoor museum. You can find a unique feature in every street, and each lane has a fascinating history. There is evidence of the city’s more than 2000-year history at every turn. The city, which has gained international renown because of its artwork and architecture, has attracted a sizable foreign population. Like in every other Italian city, Florence has delicious food. Tuscan cuisine has a lot of meat, including the delectable Bistecca alla Fiorentina.


Naples is a bustling, historically rich city with winding, narrow passageways traversed with laundry, motorbikes zooming past, and intriguing antique structures. Although it is undoubtedly hot outside, it is time to unwind on a terrace with a glass of wine as the sun goes down and the temperature drops. Historic locations like the well-known Pompeii or the breathtaking and enchanting Amalfi Coast are close by. Here you can mix culture, art, and delectable cuisine in only one location.


Milan is a dynamic city full of style and hip activities. It has all the advantages and drawbacks that come with being a biz location. It is disorderly and busy, much like virtually every other big European metropolis. For city inhabitants, it offers a terrific way of life. There are several exhibits, cultural activities of any kind, and leisure alternatives available all year round. The restaurants and cafés provide delicacies from all corners of the world for foodies. We are discussing a city that is both a significant financial and technological hub and has a strong cultural history.

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