Brighten Up Your Space with These 6 Décor Tips

Nothing is more depressing than a dark room, but sadly, not every space is blessed with floor-to-ceiling windows or contemporary skylights. Fortunately, you don’t have to settle for subpar lighting conditions in your home.

bright living room

A few décor tweaks can make a massive difference in how bright your space looks, making it both more functional and more pleasant. Here are some tricks anyone can try.

Keep the Colours Light

Dark surfaces absorb light, while light-coloured surfaces reflect it. In interior décor, this means ensuring that the room is full of light elements. For the most noticeable effect, start with the largest surfaces in the room. Repaint your walls to a fresh white and add a neutral-coloured rug to the floor for an airy look. Even just swapping some of the textiles within the space can mean a lot. Choose to throw blankets and cushions in similarly light shades.

Rearrange the Furniture

Dark shadows can create a gloomy ambience even if the space receives a reasonable amount of light. Often, tall pieces of furniture standing in the light’s way are to blame. Swapping bulky furniture to pieces that are low to the ground can open up the path of light and allow it to reach all corners of the room. If swapping is not an option, simply rearranging the furniture in a way that doesn’t block the sun’s rays can also make a huge difference.

Let in Light Using Net Curtains

net curtain

The easiest way to brighten up a space is by letting natural light in. But what if opening your curtains exposes you to prying eyes? You don’t have to shut the world out and forget about the pleasant morning sun. You just need to change your window adornments to something practical, like net curtains. These light, airy fabrics allow you to maintain your privacy while filtering in just enough light. Combine net curtains with blackout curtains, and you’ll have a solution for every time of day.

Introduce Reflective Surfaces

Another way to maximize the amount of light in a space is by introducing reflective surfaces. As the light hits these items, it bounces off to provide extra illumination. Mirrors are undeniably the most efficient for this task. Ensure you hang a mirror on the wall opposite the window for the best effect. Glass and other shiny materials can contribute as well. Choose metallic décor pieces like picture frames, plant pots, and wall art. A glass coffee table that lets the light through is even better.

Be Smart With Lighting

Every room needs artificial light, but what kind of fixtures you use – and how – can make a big difference? First and foremost, remember to layer the lighting. While an overhead fixture might be enough for most living room activities, it can create harsh shadows and a dull ambience. Supplementing the space with additional lamps can create a more pleasant atmosphere and let you control the level of illumination. Simply direct your fixtures towards the wall or the ceiling to create softer, diffused light. Decorative lights, like string lights, can also brighten up dark corners while improving the overall look of the space.

Switch Your Bulbs

Have you set up your lighting fixtures but your space still looks dreary? If they’re not performing as well as they should, perhaps their light bulbs are to blame. Light bulbs that scream artificial lighting will never feel as warm and cosy as those that mimic natural light. Choose the colour and strength of the light bulbs based on the purpose of the room, and don’t just go for the default option – you’ll most certainly see the difference.

Keep It Bright

Brightening up the rooms in your home will undeniably make them more welcoming, but that’s far from all the benefits a well-lit space offer. Ample illumination is also important for creating a healthy environment where you can feel cheerful and productive.

As we’ve highlighted, brightening up space isn’t only about adding more lights. Ensuring the lighting conditions reflect the time of day is important to maintain a natural effect. The creative solutions mentioned above will help you make the most of what you already have, along with simple additions that won’t break the bank.

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