Can You Use Polyester Fabrics in Your Hotel?

Since 1941, polyester has been a sought-after fabric across various industries. In 2021, the world witnessed a whopping 60.53 million metric tons of polyester fiber production. This statistic proves that polyester has desirable qualities that attract people.

Can You Use Polyester Fabrics in Your Hotel

While it’s widely used in clothing, the hospitality industry has also been using polyester for a long time. Many hotel rooms may carry polyester curtains, bathrobes, etc.

Even then, the sustainability of this textile has always been questionable. This fabric indeed creates a negative environmental impact during disposal and production methods. However, its longevity, heat resistance, and low washing requirements make it somewhat sustainable in terms of usability.

Many suggest that polyester should be a good choice if you’re looking for cheap yet luxurious-looking fabrics for your hotel. In this blog, we will discuss the advantages, usages, and more for you to decide whether or not to use polyester fabrics.

The Perfect Types of Polyester Products for Your Hotel

Polyester textiles are durable and quick-drying, making them the perfect choice for hoteliers. Usually, you should use polyester fabrics for bathrobes, slippers, tablecloths, and curtains in your hotel.

A polyester bathrobe will be smooth, dry quickly, and easy to clean. After wearing the bathrobe, your guests will find it comfortable to lounge and chill in. As for slippers, they will feel plush, cozy, and comfortable while wearing them.

On the other hand, premium polyester table linens can accentuate the room and your hotel’s aesthetics. These table linens come in various vibrant colors, making them easy for you to choose from. They have excellent color retention, are heavy-weight, and have stain-resistant features, making them the perfect choice.

According to Premier Table Linens, hoteliers love such table linens because of their easy care and wrinkle-resistance properties. You can also save a lot of money by choosing polyester tablecloths instead of cotton ones.

Similarly, polyester curtains have anti-bacterial and mold-resistant features, making them a good choice. They are durable, inexpensive, and great insulators.

These show that polyester can be a good choice for your hotel if you choose the right products. For instance, polyester bathrobes, curtains, slippers, and table linens would be an aesthetic and pocket-friendly choice.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Polyester

Every hotelier should know the advantages and disadvantages of using polyester. Doing so will help you make an informed decision and choose fabrics that work well with your hotel’s image and vibe.

While polyester has some unique benefits, it also comes with many disadvantages. First, let’s check out the benefits of using polyester textiles:

  • It’s a strong fabric that lasts longer, reducing the need for replacement over time
  • With every wash, the polyester fabric becomes softer and more comfortable to use
  • It’s resistant to stretching, abrasion, wrinkles, and shrinking. Hence, it holds its shape
  • Polyester is durable, lightweight, and stain-resistant

Now, let’s list the disadvantages of using polyester:

  • It can melt if subjected to fire because it’s synthetic
  • Not a breathable fabric because of low air circulation
  • It attracts dirt and dust as the fibers generate static electricity

Can You Use Polyester Fabric for Hotel Bedding?

Polyester is one of the cheapest fibers in the world. Hence, it seems like a cost-effective and attractive choice for all hotel linen options. But you cannot use polyester fabrics everywhere in your hotel, especially as bedsheets.

That’s because the fabric isn’t cooling or breathable. Sleeping on such sheets will only make your guests feel uncomfortable and irritated. These sheets also absorb body oils and grease, making them hard to clean. As a result, they might develop foul-smelling odors over time.

However, you can use polyester-made pillows since they’re machine-washable, soft, and versatile.

4 Tips for Choosing the Right Fabric for Your Hotel (If You Don’t Want Polyester)

Details are crucial in the hotel business. The fabrics you use will have a decorative value. But they also affect the warmth and comfortability your hotel provides.

Your customers expect comfort while experiencing a luxurious essence. That’s why you must be picky when choosing the ‘right’ fabric for the hotels:

  • Check the thread count of the fabrics you choose. Technically, a 400-thread product will have enough breathability, softness, durability, and cooling effects.
  • Consider the textile’s quality over its price. You don’t want to seem like a ‘cheap’ hotel trying to cut costs by keeping low-quality materials.
  • Choose custom-made hotel linens to ensure proper sizing and branding. Doing so will make your hotel’s unique brand image shine through.
  • Consider features like fire and stain resistance. You should choose a fabric that’s easy to maintain and waterproof.

You can use polyester-blend textiles for their durability and resistance to shrinkage. Hoteliers prefer using something that contains 50% cotton and 50% polyester. Technically, these will have all the benefits of polyester and none of its disadvantages.

The Bottom Line

Most hotels choose to use polyester based on their brand image. For instance, your hotel cannot claim to be eco-friendly and have polyester tablecloths or curtains.

Remember, polyester would be a good choice for curtains, pillows, etc. However, you should choose cotton or polyester-blend products for the bedsheets, comforters, towels, etc. Choose wisely because your guests will judge the hospitality based on the quality of the linen used.

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