25+ Most Stylish Chic Living Room Decorating Ideas With Latest Look

A living room is a spot of a house where everyone gathers around to do a lot of joyful things. Obviously, as the homeowner, you have to make everyone feels good to stay around the room all the time. It’s such an obligatory job for you to make it look and feel as inviting as possible.

The decoration of your living room holds a very important role in creating a particular atmosphere that you will get. The color, furniture, decor item, and accessories should go well side by side to make a living room not only looks admirable but also feels comfortable.

You can find tons of decorating styles with their own characters when it comes to the living room decoration. The choice obviously depends on your needs taste. You definitely have to carefully choose the one which is able to enhance the beauty and comfort of your living room at the same time.

Therefore, decorating a living room is not really that easy. You may end up having a decoration which makes your living room become so uninviting if you don’t properly blend all the elements of the room.

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For that, you will need some great inspirations that you can use for the reference when you are about to decorate your very own living room. So here, we have picked tons of chic living room ideas that will style up your living room into a stylish and cozy spot for everyone.

Well, let’s just keep scrolling to check out our best picks of chic living room ideas!

Best Chic Living Room Ideas

Blushing Nuance

chic living room 1


Soft pink is one of the most popular colors nowadays which always makes a room look so stylish. Here, the color is applied in furniture and storage station which happen to be the main focal point of the room.

Wood is surely a nice pair to match with pink which create a more distinctive look. The walls and ceiling are painted in white to let the color pop-up perfectly.

Country-Style Decor

chic living room 2


The vintage rustic furniture is made as the main attraction of this chic living room which is combined with the indoor plant and festive rug. Such elements bring the country vibe in an instant attractively.

The color combination is also very beautiful with the combination of navy and beige. It looks soft and bold at the same time.

Scandinavian Vibe

chic living room 3


Bringing the Scandinavian decorating style to your living room is always a good idea to keep in mind. In this living room, a lot of catchy prints and textures give a stylish decorative touch to its overall look. Some indoor plants also complete the room which emphasizes the earthy character of Scandinavian decor.

Boldly Colorful

chic living room 4


You can always pick various colors to create a chic living room decoration but you have to properly combine them. The vibrant teal sectional is decorated with colorful throw pillows and the striking ethnic rug enhances the attractiveness of the room very well. The deep teal wall, white ceiling and glass windows keep the room feel airy to avoid the overwhelming look from those festive elements.

All-White and Brown

chic living room 5


An all-white decor has been so popular recently since it can make a living room look admirable and feel comfortable at the same time. Here, the walls and ceiling are all painted in white with white sofa and rug even makes much brighter. The rug comes with simple pattern and texture which adds a more decorative touch.

The chairs and cabinet in earthy brown finish pop the color stylishly and makes the room look more colorful.

Earthy Neutral

chic living room 5a


This living room is basically painted by white from floor to ceiling which makes it have a bright overall look. Then, a grey chic sofa, ethnic rustic rug, vintage round table, and some stylish pouf become the beautiful centerpiece of the room. The decor looks simple yet decorative enough.

Brightly Vibrant

chic living room 6


A bright blue rug and magenta throw pillows look so attractive in a living room with a neutral overall look. The gray sofa and white table make those vibrant colors look wat more mesmerizing. A huge glass window lets the outdoor light comes through the room which gives a much better comfort.

Celebrate the Ethnic Prints

chic living room 7


For you who are looking for a chic living room with a more distinctive decor, this is one of the best ideas to steal. The ethnic prints with vibrant colors take over the look which creates a unique decorative nuance.

The sectional with a rattan base, exposed wood beam, and ancient fireplace enhance the traditional vibe around. Thanks to the combination of white and gray of the walls which makes the room look attractive but still keep it soothing.

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Shabby Chic Style

chic living room 7


Are you a vintage lover? Well, the shabby chic decorating style is a good option to create your chic living room. Here, a classic sectional is made as the focal point while those additional pieces of furniture with distressed finish complement it gorgeously. The wood flooring even makes the room look way more vintage.

Freshly Color

chic living room 8


The striped colorful rug attractively makes a statement in this chic living room. A soft blue sofa matches the rug and a wood table matches the flooring which then creates a nice harmonious look.

The room is dominated by white which makes it look so bright. The huge window and indoor plant then freshen the atmosphere very well.

Mid-Century Glam

chic living room 9


The decor of this chic living room is inspired by the beauty of mid-century style. It has some gorgeous details on its walls and ceiling, the clean-lined furniture, classic rugs, and French-style windows. A huge crystal chandelier then gives a glamorous touch in a very stunning way.

Style with Orange

chic living room 10


A very chic living room with matte orange as its main color. The furniture choice is kept simple to let the orange pop-up attractively with a gray sofa and white round table as the room’s centerpiece. The decorative rug stylishly matches the overall look of the room.

Muted is a Trend

chic living room 11


Muted shades can be a good alternative when those neutral colors look too boring. Here, the room is painted with grey which flows well with the rug. Then, the dark pink sectional looks so gorgeous among the room’s neutral vibe. To add a warmer atmosphere the wood with log style design and unique chandelier complete the decor.

Striking Wall

chic living room 12


The star of this chic living room is obviously its decorative wall. It’s basically a monochrome decoration but those geometric patterns on its white wall which makes it look distinctively attractive.

The furniture choice is also very smart, a plush tufted sofa with gorgeous detail and a glossy black table with wood grain look are made as the focal point. To complete the look, glamorous gold table lamp, catchy throw pillows, and fluffy rug are chosen.

Elegantly Festive

chic living room 13


Though the decor of this living room has various textures and patterns, its neutral overall look keeps it look elegant. You can see Moroccan, chevron floral, and fury throw pillows,  striped rug, and bamboo blind make the room look so festive. But the combination of navy and white for the walls, and its beige sofa balance the nuance beautifully.

Repurposed Decor

chic living room 14


As we all know that shipping wood pallet is an easy material for lots of DIY projects. Here, the pallet is made as the background of a TV console which looks strikingly unique. It gives a nice rustic touch to the room.

White dominates this chic living room which is applied to the walls, ceiling, and main furniture. To match the pallet, vintage crystal chandelier, a Moroccan rug, wood flooring, and some stylish decor items fill the room wonderfully.

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Girly Decor

chic living room 15


A simply chic living room for you who love a more feminine decor. The room is all painted in white with a little bit of texture from its washed wood flooring. Some stylish furniture like a round marble table with gold steel legs, taupe latex chair, and vintage white sofa become the centerpiece of the room.

Colorful in Vintage

chic living room 16


This chic living room has a lot of vintage furniture and accessories in various color which blend stylishly. Two unique stools, round folding table, classic sofa with pedestal legs are placed on top of a colorful rug. The room itself looks beautiful with white walls, rustic wood flooring, and a traditional fireplace.

Festively Rustic

chic living room 17


The combination of white bare brick wall and wood flooring of this chic living room creates a rustic nuance in a more distinctive way. Some furniture and decor items with vibrant colors then pop some catchy touch which brings the style of the room to a whole new level.

Go Green

chic living room 18


For you who love the nature-inspired decoration, this idea should be added to your inspiration list right away. Green and wood dominate the decor of the room which instantly creates an earthy vibe with a very admirable look.

The combination of grey and white of the room’s overall look even makes a warmer atmosphere around. It also lets the colors pop-up vibrantly and matches the sofa very well.

Exposed the Brick

chic living room 19


One side of the walls of this chic living room is made in a bare brick look which adds a unique touch to its decor. The jute rug and wood flooring complement the brick wall beautifully. Then, the furniture as the focal point all come in a neutral color to soothe the nuance and avoid overwhelming look.

Modern Rustic

chic living room 20


With its natural wood flooring and some wood touches, this chic living room looks beautifully rustic. But the geometric rug with colorful print is placed at the center of the room which simply gives a more modern vibe. You can try this idea to make a rustic decoration look more attractive easily.

Pop the Colors

chic living room 21


This chic living room looks soothingly bright with its all-white overall look and neutral colored furniture. Some chairs, throw pillows, and decor items in a more vibrant shade then give a more colorful touch to enhance the attractiveness of the room.

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Blushing Bluish Decor

chic living room 22


The shades of blue colorize a living room gorgeously which creates an elegant decor with a more colorful nuance. Then, some pink throw pillows give a splash of bright color which even makes it look way more stylish. WHite chairs and drapes help a lot to balance and soothe the atmosphere inside the room.

Brown and Neutral

chic living room 23


Brown is always a perfect color to give a warm nuance to a room decoration. Here, the flooring and some furniture in earthy wood finish take over the room which creates an admirable look and comfortable vibe. As a focal point, a modern deep grey sectional is chosen with some catchy yellow throw pillows that pop the color attractively.

Decoratively Neutral

chic living room 24


Beige is surely a gorgeous neutral shade which can be a good alternative when grey or white seem too boring. In this idea, a beige sofa and drape add a very chic touch which complements those grey chairs and rugs. One side of the wall is decorated with catchy wallpaper which harmonizes the overall look of the room.

Woody Decor

chic living room 25


Obviously, those room dividers made of wood boards with natural finish draw your attention at first sight here. They give a rustic touch in a very distinctive way.

At the center of the room, a round rug with log print even enhances the rusticness of the room. The neutral color of the furniture, walls, and flooring let those wooden elements look striking.

Shades of Grey

chic living room 26


A beautiful living room with shades of grey main color for you who love to enjoy the soothing atmosphere. The walls are finished in soft grey and the deep grey sectional works as the focal point of the room. To add some textures, the wool grey and fury rug complete the room gorgeously.

Orangish Decor

chic living room 27


An orange sofa looks stylishly vibrant in this chic living room with white and earthy element domination. The sofa perfectly adds a new style and color which enhance the attractiveness of the room very well. This idea is one of the good references for you who want to combine modern and traditional style in one living room decoration.

Chic Living Room-min

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So those are some best chic living room ideas which will surely inspire you to update the decor of your own living room to look more attractive. They are so worth to add to your inspiration list when you are about to decorate or redecorate your living room.

Pick the best idea which really suits your needs, taste and the existing layout of your living room. You can go with Scandinavian, country, eclectic or any decorating styles as you wish. The key is, always blend all the elements of the room properly so you will have a decor which doesn’t only look stunning but also feel inviting at the same time.

Well, happy updating the decor of your living room into a way more stylish one!

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