25+ Craziest and Cheapest Cinder Block Decorating Ideas For Your Patio

Every homeowner wants to have an exhilarating outdoor living space to enjoy. Especially when the weather is great, spending times on your patio with some family and friends is totally a fun thing to do.

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For sure, you can’t enjoy your patio without any furniture or accessories on. It’s totally a must for you as the homeowner to place some useful outdoor stuff in your outdoor space.

Some homeowners may just simply purchase the outdoor furniture, but for others creating ones sounds more fun. With cheap materials and easy steps, you can make various furniture in no time.

Yeap, cinder blocks today become one of the most favorite things for so many DIYers to create lots of surprising decoration. You will easily find hundreds of creative stuff which uses cinder blocks as their main material.

The main reason why cinder blocks become everyone’s favorite is that it’s quick and easy to cope with various DIY projects. It’s safe to say that cinder block is the super simple material that will not complicate you in representing your creativity.

Outdoor space mostly becomes the spot for the cinder blocks decor since it’s more appropriate both from the feel and look perspective. Outdoor bench, raised garden, dining table areA�some things which you can make using the cinder blocks to place on your patio.

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Luckily, there are dozens of creative homeowners who have successfullyA�created surprising decor out of cinder blocks. They are totally worth to copy to give your outdoor space a more creatively inviting nuance.

Here, we have picked some inspiring cinder blocks decorating ideas that will surprise you!

Cinder Blocks Decorating Ideas

Cinder Blocks Bench

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This creatively adorable outdoor bench is made of the cinder blocks and woods. It’s so simple to make to provide extra seating space on your patio.

Cinder Blocks Fire Pit

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There is nothing more exhilarating than having a fire pit in your outdoor space. Now, you can make one easily out of the cinder blocks.

This cinder block decorating ideas is definitely wort to try to add a more joyful atmosphere to your garden.

Cinder Blocks Flower Containers

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The beautiful cinder block decorating ideas to create a festive cheerful touch to your patio. Here, you just need to give the blocks some colorful pattern then arrange them in such formation.

Cinder Blocks Seating Set

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Adding a full seating set out of cinder block is surely a great idea to make your patio look and feel so inviting. This one has a nice combination of unfinished cinder blocks and vibrant red cushions, creating a catchy contrasting look.

Cinder Blocks Sofa Bench

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Having a sofa bench in your patio sounds so good since it can be a cozy spot to sit for some guests. You can create one easily and cheaply by using some cinder blocks and leathered cushion.

Just like this idea which so inspiring to try, it will make your patio look and feel so inviting in a beautifully creative way.

Cinder Blocks Dining Table

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A superb cinder block decorating ideas which is combined with another most-adored DIY material, the wood shipping pallet. Such combination creates an industrial-look outdoor dining table which gives another style for your outdoor living space.

Cinder Block Privacy Wall

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If a wooden fence doesn’t work well for you to provide great privacy on your patio, trying this cinder block wall is surely a nice solution. The wall looks admirable while also give proper privacy for your ultimate comfort.

Cinder Block Decorative Fence

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A smartly creative cinder block decorating ideas to add a catchy accent to your patio. The blocks are used as the fence post while the wood acts as the panel.

This one is indeed not a privacy or security fence but totally worth to decorate your patio.

Cinder Block Minimalist Bench

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An adorable bench which will make your patio look and feel way more inviting. This cinder block decorating ideas just uses some easily available materials, and of course, very simple to build.

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Cinder Block Fountain

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If you are willing enough to deal with some plumbing materials and steps, this cinder block decorating ideas is totally worth to try. A huge and catchy fountain all made of cinder blocks to make your patio become more joyful.

Cinder Block Luminaries

cinder blocks decorating ideas 11-min

This one will add a unique and mesmerizing look to your patio’s decoration. The stacked luminaries which are made of cinder blocks and tea light candle, it’s very cheap and easy to make.

It can be a nice focal point in your outdoor space, especially when you have a late-night party.

Simple Cinder Block Fire Pit

cinder blocks decorating ideas 12-min

Another inspiring fire pit made of the cinder block which is so effortless to make. You just need to stack some blocks, place some twigs inside, and fire it up!

Cinder Block Succulent Pot

cinder blocks decorating ideas 13-min

The chic cinder block decorating ideas to secure your beloved succulent beautifully. Its pattern looks smartly admirable that will give an elegant minimalist touch to your patio’s decoration.

Cinder Block Tower Planter

cinder blocks decorating ideas 14-min

A gorgeous planter in tower design which you can include to your patio improvement plan list. The planter looks simply catchy with its modern style.

Cinder Block Succulent Bench

This one is a unique bench which will match the surrounding of your outdoor living space beautifully. The materials that build up its construction just some wood planks and cinder blocks.

Then, the beautiful mini succulents are planted on the blocks, creating a very catchy touch to the bench’s overall look.

Colorful Cinder Block Patio Set

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If you want to give a more colorful touch to your patio, this cinder block decorating ideas can be a nice inspiration to try. The patio set which includes 4 seats and 1 fire pit in the cheerful finishes which is so easy to build.

Cinder Block Tower Fountain

cinder blocks decorating ideas 17-min

Another cinder block fountain which is so tempting to copy and this one is made in tower style, fits your minimalist patio very well. The fountain also has the succulent planter to make it look more attractive.

Notice those blue acrylic gravels which gorgeously enhance the overall look of this cinder block decorating ideas.

Decorative Cinder Block Planter

cinder blocks decorating ideas 18-min

The cute planters with a catchy decorative pattern to cheer up the atmosphere of your patio. You can use your own favorite colors for this creative cider block decorating ideas.

Mosaic Gems Cinder Block Planter

cinder blocks decorating ideas 19-min

The pretty cinder block planter with a festive mosaic accent made of the acrylic gems. It’s such a piece of art which is totally worth to decorate your outdoor living space.

Cinder Block U-Shaped Patio Dining Table

cinder blocks decorating ideas 20-min

Another inspiring combination of wood and cinder blocks to create an admirable dining table. This one is built in the U-shaped style which provides convenient space for your guests to enjoy a dinner time on your patio.

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Minimalist Cinder Block Garden Bed

cinder blocks decorating ideas 21-min

The simple cinder block decorating ideas that you can try easily at home. This one is a minimalist garden bed which you can build alongside your fence to make your backyard look more attractive.

Cinder Block Flower Shelf

cinder blocks decorating ideas 22-min

The catchy flower shelf with nice color combination to enhance the beauty of your patio. The shelf provides adequate space for you to put some of your beloved flowers.

Black Cinder Block Planter

cinder blocks decorating ideas 23-min

This one is a simple cinder block pattern which is finished in solid black, creating an elegant and minimalist look. The white gravels add a more catchy touch this planter.

Pyramid Cinder Block Planter

cinder blocks decorating ideas 24-min

A stunning cinder block decorating ideas for you who want to have a huge planter to decorate your patio. Its pyramid design is so simple to make yet can be a focal point in your outdoor space.

Huge Cinder Block Flower Shelf

cinder blocks decorating ideas 25-min

Another flower shelf which is made of the combination of wood plank and cinder block. This one is designed in huge size which can keep dozens of your pots beautifully.

Cinder Blocks Floral Couch

cinder blocks decorating ideas 26-min

A unique outdoor couch with the floral accent which is so inviting to enjoy. This one is actually a big planter with couch design, very inspiring to try.

Cinder Blocks Conversation Set

cinder blocks decorating ideas 27-min

The catchy cinder block bench and ottomans in mesmerizing finish combination of black and wood. For sure, it will not cost you a lot to execute this project.

Cinder Block Mini Bar

cinder blocks decorating ideas 28-min

This mini bar will give your patio a more exhilarating atmosphere beautifully. It’s very simple to build by only using cinder blocks and a wood plank.

The planters are also added to this mini bar which, of course, make it look way more adorable.

Cinder Block Brown Sofa

cinder blocks decorating ideas 29-min

The beautiful long brown sofa to provide spacious seating spot on your patio. The design is so loveable, totally worth to be the top inspiration when you’d like to place a cinder block furniture on your patio.

Cinder Block Box Table

cinder blocks decorating ideas 30-min

An effortless cinder block decorating ideas which look cutely adorable to be part of your patio furniture. This box table will be a nice pair for a cinder block seating set.

Minimalist Cinder Block Bench Set

cinder blocks decorating ideas 32-min

This one is a gorgeous dining set in bench style with the minimalist look which will be adored by all the coming guest. Its finish combination of bright white and natural wood is so admirable.

The design of the bench and table is very simple which tells how easy it is to build this one at home.

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So those are some most creative cinder blocks decorating ideas that you can try to make at home easily and cheaply. They don’t need any tricky efforts and lots of bucks to create but the result is totally surprising.

Pick the one that matches the overall look of your patio or deck to create a nice harmonious look in your outdoor space. Also, always stay safe in executing any DIY projects that you are interested in, like wearing some safety gears.

Cinder Block Decorating Ideas Tips

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Cinder blocks are simple and cheap materials which can cope with dozens of DIY projects that will surprise you. You can deal with this material and create lots of adorable things in no time.

Below, we have some easy tips for you who are willing to choose conder blocks as your main materials for outdoor furniture and accessories:

  • Use Concrete Adhesive -A�this one is a must-do step when you are about to build a cinder bloc sofa. You have to use theA�adhesive to secure the backrest part so it will not fall apart.
  • Use Attractive Finishes A�for some, the natural look of conder block is enough, it’ll create a rustic touch to the patio decor, but for you who think it’s too boring, applying some vibrant finishes is never a bad idea.
  • Apply Exterior Stain – if you prefer an earthy look, staining the blocks can be a great option to try.
  • Draw Stencil – for a more decorative and festive look, you can go with the stencil. Draw some catchy and adorable pattern that will catch everyone’s attention.
  • Wear Safety Gears – it’s so important especially when you have to deal with sharp tools and materials with the harsh chemical. Wearing latex gloves and goggles can be enough to protect yourself.

Cinder blocks are very reliable to use as the material for many outdoor furniture since it has great durability. You don’t have to worry about your cinder block outdoor furniture due to its heavy-duty characteristic.

You can make unlimited creations out of cinder blocks which are very fun to make. Also, cinder blocksA�are easy to combine with other cheap materials like wood shipping pallet for instance.

Choosing cinder blocks as the material for your outdoor space decoration is never a bad idea since it’s so convenient to use. They also can easily turn into dozens of functional stuff which makes them worth to include in your decor idea whenever you have a home improvement plan.

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