Bathroom Sink with Legs | Console Basin Sink with Legs Review

Upgrading your bathroom with adding some decorative and modern features is always a great idea. Bathroom always needs something precious to support the homeowners in doing some daily activities. Of course, to make the look of bathroom more interesting, you have to set the useful stuff and accessory inside.

One of the most important features that you should have in the bathroom is a sink. As you know, the existence of sink as the bathroom feature has dozens of functions. Besides, the adorable designs of the sinks which are offered by manufacturers always enable you to decorate your bathroom with their existence.

console basin sink with legs
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Bith for the modern or traditional bathroom, you will always find the models which suit your needs easily. The bathroom sink with legs becomes one of the most favorite product that most homeowners look for.

The sink surely won’t waste your bathroom space because its size is commonly small and tiny. Then, you will save your money too by purchasing such vanity model, because the price is relatively affordable.

Then, the Console Basin Sink with Legs by RAK Ceramics is one of the products that surely worth to buy. Here, we have a brief review of the sink for your reference.

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Console Basin Sink with Legs Review

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Coming with adorable vintage legs, this bathroom sink with legs is surely a go for you who love something traditional to decorate your bathroom. Its ceramic material delivers a shining clean white finish that gives a smooth appearance to its surface.

The sink dimensions are 33.46″ W x 34.25″ H with 22.63″, it’s such an ergonomic measure that provides convenience for your daily use. The rectangular shape of the sink looks quite unique to create a refreshing atmosphere to your bathroom.


Fabricated with the high-quality ceramic material, the construction of this Console Basin Sink with Legs by RAK Ceramics is not disappointing at all. It feels and looks so sturdy, telling us that the product is made of high-quality material.

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Installing the sink with legs in your bathroom is exactly not a hard job for you. Its non-slippery surface and tiny size allow you to assemble the sink easily. Make sure to clean up the wall and floor to drive the dust and dirt away.

Indeed, you can install this sink easily by drilling the wall to make 2 holes to apply the faucet. Additionally, you have to make a hole under the sink to install the plumbing.


Constructed of high-quality ceramic, the sink also provides much longer life than other materials. The sink totally withstands to chip and crack, it is such a piece of mind bathroom feature which will not bother you by that tricky maintenance.


On eBay, this Console Basin Sink with Legs by RAK Ceramic is offered at $417.00. Of course, that is such an affordable price to get this kind of serviceable bathroom stuff.

This is one of the reasons why many people prefer choosing the sink with the ceramic material. Besides the price is reasonable, the durability also considers.

Ultimately, the Console Basin Sink with Legs By RAK Ceramic is an excellent choice for you who are looking for the small size sink for your classic bathroom. Therefore, the sink becomes one of the most popular sinks under $500 that many people choose.

Certainly, choosing the stuff to place in the bathroom must answer your needs for its function, design even the durability. As you’ve know above, the durability of the sink is also no doubt anymore. So, it is your turn to consider in buying this sink after finding out the review for the design, construction, installation, maintenance, and price.

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