Custom-Made Fireplace Screens and Doors: Using Them To Personalize Your Fireplace

Custom-Made Fireplace

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The room’s focal point is the fireplace. Custom-designed fireplace screens and doors give your fireplace a new degree of flair that you and your family will appreciate for years.

A wood-burning fireplace, in particular, lends itself to the addition of fireplace doors and screens. Indeed, if more customers invested in high-quality fireplace doors and screens, the manufacturer may be compelled to undergo significant surgery and rebuild the entire fireplace! But, you can install custom fireplace screens and doors if you want to keep your wood-burning fireplace.

While most people will stick to the tried and true, there are literally hundreds of variations available, including custom fireplace screens and doors that can integrate a design motif. Here are some recommendations for adorning your fireplace with fireplace doors and screens if you need some help getting started.

Which of the Fireplace Doors and Screens is Right for You?

A fireplace door is held in place by a frame that is linked to the aperture of the fireplace. The doors open and close, but they are difficult to remove. In the winter, if your fireplace lets in a lot of chilly air, fireplace doors may assist keep more of that cold air out of your room. Fireplace doors may be more secure than a screen if you have little children. Fireplace doors will seem neater than a screen that sits on the floor below if your fireplace opening is raised off the ground. SAFETY NOTE: Unless you’ve invested in Pyro-glass, which can endure the heat of the fire without shattering, glass doors should not be kept closed when the fire is burning.

A mesh or perforated metal fireplace screen lays on the floor and is supported by legs. There are also glass fireplace screens available for a more modern look. For access to the fire, the fireplace screens must be moved. Children may also adjust fireplace screens, potentially posing a fire threat. There are no separators down the middle because they are built of a single piece of metal or glass, unlike most fireplace doors. This gives you the option of creating a more personalized design or scene on the fireplace screen. A fireplace screen is also easier to reuse because it overlaps the opening rather than fitting completely within it.

How do you pick a design for your fireplace doors and screens?

There are various options to consider when it comes to fireplace doors. One of the first decisions to make is whether to go with cabinet or bifold doors. Bifold doors will fold back on themselves, reducing the distance between the front of the fireplace and the entrance. Cabinet doors will be larger and may protrude from the sides of the fireplace opening if there are pillars or other extensions. Clear, bronze or gray tints are available for the glass on the fireplace doors. If you want to have a fire going with the doors closed, you can use Pyro glass, which can endure extreme heat. Metal may be used as a support or ornamental element around and over the glass. Reduce the amount of metal between the doors for a clearer view of the fire.

There are fewer alternatives for fireplace screens than there are for fireplace doors, but there are still options. Do you prefer a perforated metal screen or a mesh screen? Perforated metal is less prone to damage and offers higher stability for heavy use. Traditional feet that reach up the edges of the screen are available, as well as flat feet that lie beneath the frame. Do you want the grips to be on the top or sides of the frame? For a sleek contemporary aesthetic, you might pick a glass screen over metal. A three-sided fireplace screen with two side panels hinged to a center part is also an option. There are also fireplace screens with built-in doors that provide access to the fire without having to move the screen. How much overlap do you want around the aperture of the fireplace? Fireplace screens can be built to any size, allowing for as much or as little overlap as desired.

How can you personalize fireplace doors and screens?

Let’s see how many ways there are! Custom fireplace screens and doors, as previously stated, are created in order to fit any aperture, including arches and strange shapes. You can choose from a variety of finishes for both fireplace doors and fireplace screens. Standard and premium finishes are available, with multiple finishes available for the exterior frame, doors, hinges, and handles. There are a variety of handles to choose from, and they can be used on any of the fireplace doors. The glass on fireplace doors can be colored, and the glass on fireplace screens can have a design. We can even take a client’s drawing and have Stoll turn it into an outline for a fireplace door or screen. Fireplace doors and fireplace screens can have larger or narrower frames. Instead of sitting on feet on the hearth, fireplace screens can be constructed to adhere to the front of the firebox with magnets.

There are hundreds of methods to personalize fireplace doors and screens to fit any fireplace and give it a makeover without having to replace it.

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