25+ Most Admirable DIY Christmas Patio Decoration Ideas To Copy

When Christmas is coming, one of the must-do things is obviously decorating your beloved house the Christmas theme. It will surely make your house look way more attractive and feel more joyful during the Christmas days.

As part of your house, the outdoor living space like the patio is also the spot which should be decorated with catchy Christmas decor and ornaments. In fact, the exterior of your house gives the first impression of how its interior looks like. So, you can’t leave your outdoor space when you decorate your home this Christmas.

It’s quite easy to decorate a patio with Christmas theme since it usually has narrow size. Therefore, you can style it up with the ornaments and decor items without any helps from a pro. Moreover, you can also make some stuff all by yourself by using cheap and easily available materials.

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For your inspirations, here we have picked dozens of inspiring DIY Christmas patio decoration ideas which look so adorable. they are so tempting to copy to make your patio look sparkling and cheerful in Christmas theme.

Well, let’s just keep scrolling to check out our best picks of DIY Christmas patio decoration ideas!

Best DIY Christmas Patio Decoration Ideas

Pine Leaf Decoration

diy christmas patio decoration 1

Pine leaf dominates the decoration of this rustic patio beautifully. The pine leaf garland are placed on the window, pine leaf wreath is hung on the door, small pine trees on a vintage pot on the entrance and Christmas tree go side by side, creating a catchy overall look. Some Christmas ornaments in red also complete the decor which makes it look way more attractive.

Farmhouse Style Decoration

diy christmas patio decoration 2

For you who love Farmhouse decorating style, this inspiration can be a good reference to copy. The rustic furniture is made as the focal point which instantly brings the farmhouse vibe around. An old vintage door with the pine leaf garland then gives a Christmas style to decor alongside those red tartan throw pillows.

Red and Green Decoration

diy christmas patio decoration 3

A colorful DIY Christmas patio decoration which is tempting to copy. Some decor items made of pine leaf give a nice green color while some red ornaments make the decor look more vibrantly beautiful. The colors pop up perfectly since the patio has neutral muted overall look.

Decorative Fireplace

diy christmas patio decoration 4

If you have a fireplace on your patio, you can decorate it with some ornaments just like this DIY Christmas patio decoration shows. Some Christmas toys are placed on the floating wood shelf, silvery baubles garland spark out the decor, and greeneries with red ribbon make the decor look more colorful in a very beautiful way.

Rustic Decoration

diy christmas patio decoration 5

Unique wall art made of wood sticks, painting, and stringlight surely makes the decor of this patio look mesmerizing. It complements the rustic furniture gorgeously. A small Christmas tree then enhance the Christmas vibe around.

Simple Christmas Decoration

diy christmas patio decoration 6

Two pine leaf wreath with red ribbon decorates the window of this patio which simply creates a Christmas nuance. Some plaid patterns from the decor items and accessories then makes the decor look more decorative

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Festively Colorful Patio

diy christmas patio decoration 7

This patio looks so awesome with its festive Christmas decoration which is so inspiring to try. The wreath, garland, and decor items are mostly made of pine leaf with the Christmas ornaments. The overall nuance of the patio in muted colors makes the decor look strikingly beautiful.

Gorgeous in Red

diy christmas patio decoration 8

A bold red bench is the focal point of the patio which already creates a very catchy overall look. Then, A huge garland and wreath made of pine cone and greeneries enhance the beauty of the decor. To complete the decor, a strikingly decorative planter with pine leaf and bauble is placed next to the bench.

Huge Christmas Wreath


A huge wreath made of pine leaf and red baubles takes over the decoration of this small patio. Two rocking chairs in vintage design goes gorgeously with the bare brick wall, creating a warm rustic nuance.

White Christmas Decoration

diy christmas patio decoration 9

If those colorful DIY Christmas patio decorations don’t suit your taste, this one can be one of the best ideas for you. The patio has a white overall look due to the color of its wall and flooring. Then, a dry Christmas tree, some small snowy small Christmas trees, and pine leaf wreath with Christmas toy decorate it while still keep its bright look gorgeously.

Sparkling Farmhouse Decor

diy christmas patio decoration 10

Here, the red vintage dining chairs complement the rustic vintage dining table. As the centerpiece of the table, some small pines are placed on the vintage steel planter. All of those elements give a chic farmhouse touch to the patio decor. To make it even more attractive, the string light is installed on the ceiling.

Bright and Warm Decoration

diy christmas patio decoration 11

A beautiful rustic patio with a huge rocky fireplace looks so amazing with its sparkling Christmas decoration. The decor even focuses on the fireplace area where the string light, red socks, wreath, gift boxes, and Christmas tree are placed.

Rustic Vintage Decoration

diy christmas patio decoration 12

A patio with an exposed brick wall is decorated with some Christmas garland beautifully. A huge star the decorates the wall which gives a more distinctive nuance.

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Simply Chic Christmas Decoration

diy christmas patio decoration 13

This DIY Christmas patio decoration uses some repurposed stuff which makes it so easy and cheap to make. An old window panel is painted with Christmas-inspired chic picture. The furniture, throw pillows, accessories and decor items all blend harmoniously which gives a very inviting look.

Decorative Christmas Decoration

diy christmas patio decoration 14

Lots of wall arts, decor items, and accessories in this patio surely creates a very decorative look with a very joyful atmosphere. The all-white basic color of the patio perfectly lets all the decor elements look outstanding. It’s definitely a nice inspiration for you who have a spacious outdoor living space.

Christmas Patio Swing

diy christmas patio decoration 15

Do you have a plan to add a new piece of furniture to your patio this Christmas? Well, this Christmas patio swing is so worth to consider. The pine leaf garland decorates the rope of the swing which simply gives a Christmas touch. Then, a rustic buckes with green and red plant completes the decor of the patio beautifully.

Minimalist Christmas Decoration

diy christmas patio decoration 16

For you who love simplicity, this DIY Christmas patio decoration is a good reference to copy. A medium Christmas tree with a log base is placed in the corner of the patio and some garlands decorate the wall. The 3-piece conversation set with Christmas theme decor items is enough to be the chilling area here.

Vintage Christmas Decoration

diy christmas patio decoration 17

A 3-piece conversation set with the Adirondack chairs is made as the focal point of this patio which gives a nice vintage vibe. A unique wall art which is made of bamboo and pine leaf garland, small Christmas trees, and plaid linens then decorate the patio with a more Christmas nuance.

Sparkling White Christmas

diy christmas patio decoration 18

A small patio with wood plank in white which covers its walls and flooring. The furniture itself is made of shipping pallet which is finished white to create a harmonious look. Then, the string light and candle create a gorgeous sparkling nuance which feels so exhilarating.

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Warmly Vintage

diy christmas patio decoration 19

The vintage furniture and decor items in this DIY Christmas patio decoration creates a very beautiful overall look which is so inspiring to copy. A lot of small pine trees and sparkling ornament give a warm Christmas vibe with a very inviting atmosphere.

Simple Cozy Decoration

diy christmas patio decoration 20

A sofa, armchair, and accent table provide a cozy sitting area in a very simple way. A long string light is installed which gives a very gorgeous light. Moreover, tons of candles also complete the decor which even makes it look even brighter.

Warm Spacious Patio

diy christmas patio decoration 21

This one is a spacious patio complete with a sofa, bench, table, and two chairs which feel so cozy to enjoy. Lanterns and candles dominate its decoration which sparks out a warm light beautifully. Pine leaf garland decorates its big mirror which surely catches everyone’s attention.

Striking Christmas Tree

diy christmas patio decoration 22

A huge Christmas tree with lots of unique ornaments become the focal point in this DIY Christmas patio decoration. It has a rattan base which matches gorgeously with the rattan sofa and jute rug. Then, the decor item on the table even gives a nice Christmas touch.

Huge Pine Leaf Chandelier

diy christmas patio decoration 23

This is an amazing patio with a beautiful outdoor dining area. A huge chandelier which is made of pine leaf, string light, and Christmas ornaments totally bring the look of the decor to a whole new world. The chandelier looks like a hanging Christmas tree which you can try to make at home.

DIY Christmas Patio Decoration-min

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So those are some inspiring DIY Christmas patio decoration which we have picked just for you. The way those ideas create a beautiful decoration by using some easily available materials make them so tempting to copy.

Making your own Christmas decoration for your patio is absolutely a good ideaa to do. You can have a mesmerizing decoration which really suits your needs and taste. Moreover, you can also save a lot of budget since the materials that you need to prepare are not pricey at all.

Just pick the best DIY Christmas patio decoration that you really love and bring the look to your very own outdoor living space. Keep in mind to blend the decor items and ornaments with the existing decoration of your patio. It’s so important to think about, so you won’t end up having a patio decoration which look and feel uninviting.

Furthermore, always wear some basic safety gears like eye goggles and hand gloves when you execute your DIY Christmas patio decoration project. It may involve sharp tools and object which may harm you.

A patio is one of the spots in your house that you can’t leave behind to decorate when Christmas is coming. You have to make it look as attractive and feel as inviting as possible!

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