25+ Distinctively Beautiful Living Room Color Combination Ideas

As the best spot where everyone gathers around to do lots of joyful things, living room should have a very comforting atmosphere. It surely relates to the decor of the room, in which you have to blend all the elements as beautiful as possible.

Color is one of the elements which hold a very important role in influencing the overall look of your living room. A particular color will give a certain character and nuance to your living room which kinda makes it hard to choose the best one which suits your needs and taste.

It’s okay to combine more than one colors if you want to make the decor of your living room look more attractive. However, it can be quite tricky to mix two colors or more because you may end up having an unattractive decor.

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To help you out, here we have picked tons of inspiring living room colour combination that will totally mesmerize you. They can be the ultimate references when you one to colorize your living room with miore than one shades.

So, let’s just keep scrolling to check out our best picks of living room color combination ideas!

Best Living Room Color Combination Ideas

Deep Magenta and Matte Grey

living room color combination 1

The beautiful living roo, color combination which looks elegantly femini with its deep magenta and grey. Each color ic combined in balance portion which doesn’t make it look too intimadating.

The white ceiling then neutralizes the hues which also brighten up the room. All the furniture and accessories also come in matchig color which gives a nicely harmonious nuance.

Shades of Grey and Turquoise

living room color combination 2

In this idea, the combination of light and deep grey creates a soothing neutral nuance which looks so elegant. Then, furniture, accessories, and decor items in soft turquoise give a more colorful touch but still keeps the room’s calming characteristic.

A lot of various kinds of lighting are installed to ensure that the room looks and feels inviting all the time. The use of neutral color domination can be quite gloomy sometimes, so lighting is a very important element to avoid such circumstance.

Earthy Color Combination

living room color combination 3

Yellow, green, and wood finish are the main colors of this chic living room which creates a beautifully earthy combination. The room looks brigh and colorful with such color choices.

Moreover, the atmosphere that the room has feels so refreshing. A huge glass window then lets the outdoor light to come in which even brighten and freshen the room.

Orange and Navy

living room color combination 4

A uniqu living room with navy wall and orange ceiling which looks boldly colorful. The accent of the walls give the decorative touch to the decor of the room.

Though the furniture, accessories, and decor items come in various color, they still create a harmonious nuance. They are also designed in various styles which makes the decor look more eclectic.

Maroon and Wood

living room color combination 5

The maroon wall is combined with the wood flooring in this living room beautifully. Maroon gives the striking look which makes the decor look bold while the light wood finish of the flooring brighten it up in a more distinctive way.

The sofa, table, and ottoman as the focal point of the room match gorgeously with the flooirng. Then, those throw pillows with earthy print give a decorative touch which fiths the theme of the decor.

Pink and Purple


Soft pink colorizes the ceiling and purple takes over the walls of this living room. Those colors make the room look uniquely feminine with a very inviting vibe.

A navy sofa gives a bolder touch and the mirrored table makes the decor look more distinctive. Some indoor plants then complete the decor which creates a much fresher atmosphere.

Soft Pink and Light Blue


A very sweet living room which combines soft pink and light blue. It’s one of a unique color combination which fits for you who love a girly decoration.

The graphic style of the wall even makes this living room look more distinctntive. Furthermore, its wood flooring in deep finish adds a warmer vibe to its decor.

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Brown and Violet


An elegant living room color combination which uses brown as its main color and purple as its accent color. The decor looks bold and pretty at the same time which is so worth to add to your inspiration list.

The combination fits well for you who want to have a living room which looks masculine and feminine at once. It also has lots of sophisticated furniture, accessories, and decor item which makes it look so glamorous.

Magenta and Black


The combination of magenta and black makes this living room look so mesmerizing. One side of the wall is decorated with a huge floral painting which brings the style of the room to a whole new level.

The classy butten tuftes sofe with suede fabric in magenta becomes an outstanding focal pint which glamorizes the room’s decor. Then, the wood flooring gives the rustic touch which looks harmoniously gorgeous.

Sage Green, Purple, and Pink


Sage green is used as the main color of this living room color combination with the purple sofa and pink cupboard gives other color touches in a unique way. Those colors look striking due to the muted nuance of sage green. The eclectic theme of the room is created from the various furniture, accessories, and decor items.

Festively Freshsouth


Vibrant green colorizes the wall and sage green handles the ceiling which create a nice greenish overall look. Though the room is quite narrow, the decorative area rug gives a catchy festive look uniquely.

Some indoor plants then give a fresher atmosphere and even makes the room look greener. A huge window then makes the room loo brighter and wider.

Bright Blue and White


A vibrantly attractive living room color combination with bright blue color and white area rug. The black geometric rug, floral sofa, and polkadot ottoman then give a more decorative touch which makes the room look more stylish.

Pretty and Bold


Here, white dominates the overall look of the room while pink and navy gives a more colorful touch. The navy sectional is made as the bold focal point and pink window line creates a more girly vibe.

A suitcase as the centerpiece of the decor adds the vintage touch to the room. Then, its geometric area rug complements the table gorgeously.

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Soft Pink and Brown


A chic living room color combination with the soft pink walls and brown ceiling which looks gorgeously unique. The accent of the wall gives a vintage nuance to the overall look of the room.

The color of the furnitur matches stylishly with the color combination of the room. Furthermore, its earthy wood flooring adds another style which also creates a warmer nuance.

Softly Colored Decor


This stylish living room is colorized by various soft colors which include white, gry, pink, and blue. All the colors complement each other beautifully which also gives a soothing atmosphere around.

Notice its chevrom wood flooring which gives a decoratively rustic touch. The contemporary style of the furniture even makes the decor look so unique.

Blue and Red



The combinaation of lime green walls and grey furniture in this living room looks so fabulous. It creates a bright and soothing decoration with a warmly fresh atmosphere.

Pewter Blue and Yellow


The huge bookcases and window frame in pewter blue are made as the focal point of this living room. Two cacthy yellow chairs give a high-contrast touch to the muted overall look of the room. Then, the brown table and sofa blance the nuance beautifully.

Festively Pretty


Again, the built-in bookcases in attractive finish is used to influence the decor of a living room here. Their glossy purple finish is combined with the colorful drapes and floral rugs. The furniture come in white which neutralize the nuance of this living room color combination so it doesn’t look too overwhelming.

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Yellow and Grey


A beautifully attractive yellow drapes give a very bright overall look to the room which is dominated by white and grey. The drape simply give a significant touch to its neutral nuance.

Then, a navy sofa gives a bold color to make the decor look more elegant. The flooring is made of laminate wood which adds a warmer hue and atmosphere.

White and Purple


The purple ceiling and furniture in this living room looks so outsanding. Its white main color lets the purple pops up attravtively for sure. The room is surrounded by window glass which makes the room look brighter and feel wider.

Blue and Violet


A unique living room color combination with blue ceiling and violet walls. The decor looks so mesmerizing with the elegent look that everyone will be amazed about. The wood flooring woth light brown finsih then brighten up the overall look of the room.

Grey and Emerald Green


Two plush emerald green sofas become the centerpiece of a living room with the grey walls and rug. It makes a neutral decor looks more colorful in a very elegant way. Some golden touch from chandelier and shelf even glamorize its decor.

Maroon and Orange


Maroon walls with trim and modern orange sofa and ottoman give a warm color combination to this living room which surely looks admirable. Wood flooring and jute rug then soothes the nuance and adds more texture.

Brown and Navy


This living room color combination looks so awesome with its high brown walls and navy sofa s its main focal point. The black wood flooring and red rug complements the color stylishly.

Pink and Grey


The pink wall is decorated with the grey accebt which creates a very chic combination that you can try easily. A sectional and rug in other shades of grey complement the overall look of the decor perfectly.

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So those are some awesome living room color combination ideas that we have prepared just for you. They are definitely inspiring to copy when you are about to update the decor of your vey own living room.

The way those ideas cleverly combine the color, furniture, accessories, and decor items is so temoting to style. You just need to pick the best one and bring the style to your beloved living room.

Choosing more than one color to colorize a living room is surely a much better idea then using only one shade. It makes the room look more attractive and feel more exhilarating.

However, you have to properly mix and match the color since it can be quite risky to choose more than one colors. For sure, those ideas will help you a lot to combine the colors for your living room decor.

Well, happy colorizing your own living room with the catchy lovely colors!

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