DIY Closet Cleaning Guide To Try Now

When you start to wish that you have more storage space, it’s the time to clean up everything. This is the sign where you need to keep or toss this and that, then make plans for future arrangements.

Below, we share a simple DIY closet cleaning guide that you can follow easily.

DIY Closet Cleaning Guide

DIY Closet Cleaning Guide
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Remove everything

Of course, you have to remove everything from your closet. Check the condition of each item which relates to the fit, wearability, and style. If you find some stained, ripped, or discolored items, consider tossing them. Adding some labels to your pieces of clothing can also help you to better organize everything.

Make a plan

Give or sell

Once you have taken everything out of your closet, it’s time to arrange some plans. You can consider giving the items which no longer fit or suit your style anymore to the local charity. Another alternative is that you can also sell them to consignments.

Seasonal arrangement

Most of the time, you got your winter clothes between your summer clothes and vice versa. It’s definitely something that you need to change since you are wasting space inside your closet.

That being said, the seasonal arrangement is always one of the best ways that you can consider. Swap the clothes that you wear each season when the time to wear them comes.

Add customized storage solutions

One way to keep your closet clean and organized is to find some customized storage solutions which suit your specific needs very well. Consider whether you need more coat storage or shoe storage. Invest in the specific type of organizers that you really need when you are cleaning your closet.

A custom closet is also highly recommended by the experts since it works really great to maximize your space. This type of closet provides good convenience to reposition or switch up zone whenever you need to do so. However, you might need an extra budget to purchase one.

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When do you need to clean your closet?

Cleaning your closet annually is a wise idea. You can include it in your spring or birthday cleaning. A one-year rule is enough to keep everything nice and clean. The main goal of the annual cleaning closet is to avoid the accumulation of clothes, accessories, and shoes.

However, you can’t really stick to the annual rule. You can always get the job done weekly, monthly, or biannually if you find your closet looks so messed up.

How to keep your closet clean?

Once you have finished cleaning your closet, the next thing to keep in mind is to keep it clean in a long run. Always store your daily items within the easiest reach and seasonal or occasional items in the back. This way will prevent you from digging through the closet.

Also, consider getting rid of an old item every time you purchase a new one.

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