When Do You Need Roofing Services?

All roofs have an expiration date. After a couple of decades, your roof would start showing signs of wear and tear, and you’d have to invest in repairs. But after a certain point, spending money on repairs can become more of a liability, and you’d be left with no option but to get it replaced. 

When Do You Need Roofing Services
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How can you know whether it’s time to call roofing contractors for a roof repair or replacement? Here are some signs that Maryland Roofers say you should look out for. You should also schedule regular maintenance with a roofing contractor to delay a replacement for as long as possible. 

1. Missing or damaged shingles

Shingles protect your roof from damaging elements, such as wind, snow, and rain. Naturally, when there are several missing, loose, or damaged shingles, those elements can become a problem. It’s important to address missing or damaged shingles as soon as you detect them. Call a roofing contractor if you notice a leaky roof. Signs of damaged shingles include the following:

  • Missing granules 
  • Growth of algae or moss
  • Discoloration or damage around the vents 
  • Visible damage around the skylights or the chimney

2. Water leaks or stains

A damaged roof could result in water leaks or stains inside your house. Houses located in storm-prone areas are at a higher risk of experiencing water damage. High wind speeds can easily uproot shingles. Not to mention the damage water can cause in the interiors of the home. If you notice collected water in your home after a heavy downpour, call professionals immediately, so they can find and fix the leak.

3. The roof sags

Your roof could sag in certain parts as it ages. That structural damage needs to be repaired before it becomes worse. In severe situations, your roofer might advise getting the roof replaced. Some of the signs of a saggy are dips in the plane of the roof or bowing in the roofline. Call professionals and have them inspect the roof at the first sign of any sagging. 

4. Moss growth

If you notice any algae, moss, or mold growth, it’s vital to call a professional immediately. Not only do they pose a risk to the integrity of the roof, but also to the health of your family members. Unchecked growth could lead to stains and leaks inside the house. It can also affect with the structure of the roof. Schedule an inspection with a roofing contractor if you see any moss or mold growth on your roof.

5. The roof is decades old

Roofs age, and at some point, it’s more cost-effective to have them replaced than repaired. Although, if you want to extend the lifespan of your roof, you need to schedule regular maintenance with experienced roofers. Usually, roofs begin to show signs of wear and tear after 20 years. 25 years is the average a roof can last. After this point, you should begin thinking about some replacement options.  Of course, the exact replacement time could vary depending on the kind of roof you have.

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