25+ Most Creative DIY Headboard Ideas On A Budget That Will Stun You

A headboard is surely a must-have addition to a bed since it has lots of benefits that you can earn. Considering to install one in your own existing bed is never a bad idea.

diy headboard ideas

Mainly, a headboard will enhance the overall look of a bedroom decor. Since it’s designed in a quite huge size, the headboard can be a focal point inside your private room which will catch everyone’s attention.

For sure, once you have a headboard installed, it will bring your bedroom decor into a whole new style. A headboard adds another touch that will make tour bedroom look and feel more inviting.

Furthermore, a headboard also provides additional storage that you can use at your convenience. Some headboards which are designed in particular construction is also beneficial for you to store some decor items or bedroom stuff.

In short, a headboard can give lots of benefits which will satisfy you. Therefore, it’s time to add one in your beloved private room without any hesitates.

However, a headboard can be so expensive to purchase, especially if you are willing to have the one with a dramatic design. Building one sounds good since you can use much cheaper materials with simple steps to execute.

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Luckily, there are dozens of A DIY headboard ideas which will inspire you to have one. They are created by some creative homeownersA by just using simple materials and easy steps.

Here, we have picked some most creative DIY headboard ideas which are so tempting to try. They are totally worth to include in your DIY project plan to remodel your beloved bedroom.

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DIY Headboard Ideas

Vintage Shutter Doors Headboard

diy headboard ideas 1-min

When you think that your shutter doors have been too old to be an entrance to your house, it’s time to modify them to be a unique headboard. This DIY headboard ideas is surely inspiring to bring a gorgeous vintage touch to your bedroom decor.

Combine it with the decorative striped pillows will create a catchy overall look that everyone will love.

Framed Wooden Headboard

diy headboard ideas 2-min

The rustic DIY headboard ideas which is made of the used shipping pallet that you can make easily at home. It will add another style to your bedroom decor and warm up the atmosphere around beautifully.

Choosing the all-white bedroom furniture and accessories is a nice idea to create a bright clean look.

Wood Pallet Headboards

diy headboard ideas 3-min

This one will add a creatively beautiful touch to your bedroom decor that will catch everyone’s attention. A wood pallet headboard which is so effortless and cost-less to make in no time.

You can just simply re-stain two medium pallets and just place them on one side of your bed. The color choice of other bedroom accessories is the key to create an inviting look in this DIY headboard ideas.

Driftwood Wall Headboards

diy headboard ideas 4-min

The stunning headboard which is made out of driftwood to add a superb focal point to your bedroom decor. It’s designed in a chequered pattern which decorates the huge space of the bedroom wall.

Other earthy-colored bedroom accessories and furniture match this DIY headboard ideas very well, creating a cozy harmonious look to enjoy.

Barn Window Headboard

diy headboard ideas 5-min

An old barn window can surprisingly become a catchy headboard which gives a vintage and farmhouse touch to the decor. Here, the window is finished in black and white to make it look sleeker and cleaner.

The tartan bed cover flows perfectly with the headboard, enhance the room’s beauty smartly.

Fireplace Mantel Headboard

diy headboard ideas 6-min

The uniquely amazing headboard which uses fireplace mantel, creating a warm gorgeous touch to the room’s decoration. Not only enjoyable to look, this headboard also provides storage to put other decor items.

Gold Headboard

diy headboard ideas 7-min

This one is a superbly glamorous DIY headboard ideas which you can make easily and cheaply at home. You just need to prepare a metallic vinyl which is stuck onto the whiteboard, and it’s just ready to go.

The design is so gorgeous in minimalist style with clean lines look which will bring the beauty of your bedroom to a whole new level.

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White-washed Wooden Headboard

diy headboard ideas 31-min

For you who want a more distinctive wooden headboard, this DIY headboard ideas can be your top choice. The wood is finished in the white-washed shade and placed horizontally.

It creates a mesmerizing vintage look which matches very well with the neutral-colored bedroom decor.

Garden Fence Headboard

diy headboard ideas 8-min

The unique DIY headboard ideas which is a made out of a garden fence to bring a distinctive look to your bedroom. Here, the white vinyl fence in gothic style is chosen which makes the bed become more dramatic.

The pillow sheet and bed cover in this decor match well with the fence headboard, creating a gypsy nuance which is totally worth to try.

Windmill Headboard

diy headboard ideas 9-min

This one is a great choice for you who are looking for a distinctively classic headboard. It’s inspired by the design of a windmill with the dark-stained woods an steel wire as the materials.

The headboards create a vintage and playful touch to the bedroom. You can also consider this DIY headboard ideas to create a farmhouse bedroom decor.

Jute Headboard

diy headboard ideas 10-min

Another unique headboard which is so easy and cheap to make in no time and the result is surprisingly beautiful. The materials that you need to prepare this clever headboard are jute placemats and rugs.

The design of the headboard will give a chic boho style to your bedroom decor beautifully.

Faux Tile Headboard

diy headboard ideas 11-min

An elegant headboard made of faux tiles to give a minimalist yet decorative touch to your bed. Instead of using the real tile which may be tricky to deal with, the tiles which are made of styrofoam are used here.

This DIY headboard ideas will not cost you a lot and very simple to make by yourself.

Huge Wooden Headboard with Pots

diy headboard ideas 12-min

Maybe, a plain wooden headboard looks too boring for you, then this idea can be your top consideration to choose. A huge wooden headboard in natural finish is decorated with colorful pots, creating a catchy and unique look at the same time.

You can also use the pot to put other decor items which makes this DIY headboard ides just so fun to try.

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Hanging Blanket Headboard

diy headboard ideas 13-min

This one is a smart DIY headboard ideas which uses a bar to hang big blanket as its design. It’s a nice choice to display your beloved quilt beautifully in your bedroom decor.

The design creates a warm gorgeous atmosphere which makes your bedroom look and feel way more inviting.

Wood Log Headboard

diy headboard ideas 14-min

A very attractive DIY headboard ideas with a nature-inspired design. You’ll need to cut some wood lugs in various sizes and attach them to a single wood board.

This one will fit for you who want to have a distinctive bedroom decor in earthy style.

Old Door Headboard

diy headboard ideas 15-min

Another inspiring DIY headboard ideas to create a rustic touch in your bedroom decor, and here, the old door is used. You can just simply use the door and finish it with the catchy color as you wish.

Macrame Headboards

diy headboard ideas 16-min

The stylish headboard to give a beautiful bohemian touch to your bedroom. It’s a macrame piece with the natural twig which looks classically unique to beautify the bedroom wall.

Plywood Headboard with Storage

diy headboard ideas 17-min

The easy and simple DIY headboard ideas which is made out of plywood. It looks brightly catchy to add another style to your bedroom decor.

Notice that floating shelf on the headboard which provides the convenient storage to store your bedroom stuff.

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Folding Closet Door Headboard

diy headboard ideas 18-min

If you have an unused folding closet door, you can repurpose it to become a unique headboard. Just give it catchy finish to make it look more attractive.

The design looks modernly gorgeous to decorate your bedroom decoration.

Mirror Headboard

diy headboard ideas 19-min

Placing an oversized mirror on top of your bed is such an easy idea to create an attractive headboard. Here, a huge frame with the classic frame is used as a headboard to decorate your bedroom.

Marble Headboard

diy headboard ideas 20-min

The striking DIY headboard ideas which are made of marbelized paper which will give a catchy festive look to your bedroom. The neutral-colored bed cover and sheet are chosen to let the headboard become a focal point around the room.

Woven Headboard

diy headboard ideas 21-min

This DIY headboard ideas use the easily available materials which are cloth and wood. The design is so beautiful to make your bedroom decor look way more attractive.

The combination of white and light wood finish of this headboard creates a refreshing atmosphere which is so exhilarating.

Oar Headboard

diy headboard ideas 22-min

If you love boating, this DIY headboard ideas will perfectly represent your hobby in your bedroom decor. The oars are placed on top of the bed with the wooden base, creating a distinctive touch that everyone will be amazed.

Book Headboard

diy headboard ideas 23-min

The superbly clever DIY headboard ideas which will create a stunning creative look in your bedroom perfectly. The surprise is, you can create easily by using the used stuff which is easily available.

Yup, this headboard is made of some used books which are arranged in certain position. It looks distinctively to become a focal point of your bedroom.

Chalkboard Headboard

diy headboard ideas 24-min

This idea will suit well for your kid’s bedroom to create a playful spot to represent their artful skills. A chalkboard is used to become a creative headboard which is so inspiring to try.

Twigs Headboard

diy headboard ideas 25-min

An inspiring DIY headboard ideas for you who want to have a uniquely natural decoration for your bedroom. It’s made of some twigs and small trunks with theA�silvery finish.

Also, it will give such a country atmosphere in your bedroom decor gorgeously.

Wallpaper Headboard

diy headboard ideas 26-min

This beautifully stunning DIY headboard ideas is made of wallpaper which is framed by wood. You can easily make it by using affordable materials and very simple steps.

Ladder Headboard

diy headboard ideas 27-min

A piece-of-cake DIY headboard ideas in which you just need a ladder to make one. Here, a ladder os decorated with some decor items which makes it look more admirable.

It’s another headboard for you who love something creatively rustic to decorate your bedroom.

Starry Headboard

A wonderful DIY headboard ideas to lighten up your bedroom uniquely. The design is so simple yet will stun everyone when you turn on the light,

The materials that you will need to prepare to build this headboard are wood frame, crossbeams, and string light.

Rustic White Pallet Headboard

diy headboard ideas 29-min

Yeap, you can always make various headboard designs out of wood shipping pallet as you wish. Here, the pallet is finished in rustic white with the saying that looks so catchy.

Then, some accent is also added to give a more decorative touch. Such a simple yet creative DIY headboard ideas that you can try.

Hanging Flowers Headboard

diy headboard ideas 30-min

The creatively beautiful DIY headboard ideas which with twigs, craft papers, and fish lines as the materials. It is a very nice choice for you who want a calming yet festive touch for your bedroom.

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DIY Headboard Ideas pinterest

Finally, those are some inspiring DIY headboard ideas that you can try to make one at home. They are so easy to make without any needs of lots of spending.

Adding a headboard to your bedding is always a great idea since it can give you so many benefits. They’re great for the decoration and functional purposes.

You just have to choose that suits your taste and match well the overall decoration of your bedroom decor. Don’t forget to put the accessories that can flow side by side with the headboard that you are about to install, especially for the bedding set.

Furthermore, keep in mind to always use some standard safety gears when you execute the project. Wearing gloves and goggles can be a good thing to do.

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