27+ Smartest DIY Patio Lighting Ideas To Lighten Up Your Summer Night

Summer is around, and it’s the perfect time to do lots of improvement around your outdoor living space. Your backyard should look as perfect as possible to have a maximum summer air enjoyment.

It doesn’t always mean that you have to spend a huge budget to create the most beautiful backyard in your neighborhood. There are lots of DIY projects that will enhance the beauty and function of your outdoor space into a whole new level.

Another fun thing to do during the summer is that we can enjoy some fun night times in our backyard with our family or friends. Therefore, you need something to lighten up your outdoor living space.

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Here, we have collected some amazing DIY patio lighting ideas that surely worth to try to make your summer night much brighter than ever! So, let’s keep scrolling then!

DIY Patio Lighting Ideas

Walkway Illumination Lights

By using waterproof rope light you can make this adorable landscape light idea. It will surely brighten up the walkway that leads to your patio and surely enhances its overall look in the night.

Other things that you will need to create this simple backyard light are U stakes to keep the rope light in place, power cords and end caps.

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Hula Hoop Chandelier

The super adorable creative DIY patio lighting ideas for you who have a covered patio. The hula hoop chandelier which – as you must have noticed – made of a hula hoop and some icicle light.

To make the chandelier looks more beautiful, you will need some lace rolls to cover the hula hoop. It is such a nice outdoor lighting design to bring up such a Boho look to your patio.

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Bench Illumination Light

If you have a patio or deck with built-in bench, don’t miss to attached some rope lights underneath. It surely brings your patio into a whole new style.

This kind of hidden light will gorgeously lighten your outdoor space which also warms up the atmosphere around your backyard.

Hanging Bottle Torch

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Give your backyard stunning touch of glassware decoration with this clever DIY patio lighting ideas. This hanging bottle torch will add such a unique touch to your outdoor space and also give a traditional sense to the surrounding.

What you will need to create this bottle torch is the empty glass bottle, teflon tape, copper coupling, copper cap, and wick. You should also make the hanger that made of the copper plate.

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Plastic Woven Basket Lighting

The mesmerizing outdoor lighting that uses the cute woven basket as its shade. The lighting looks plush yet costs you a very small amount of money.

You’ll need the plastic woven basket, small used chains, and LED light. WIth some sewing jobs, you can easily make this beautiful DIY patio lighting ideas.

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Tin Can Outdoor Lantern

This is a fun DIY patio lighting ideas in which you can draw your personal pattern for your own lantern. Placing these lanterns around your backyard will definitely create a creative atmosphere around in no time.

The materials that you will need are some used cans, mini LED or tealight candle, spray paint, bailing wire with the hammer, nail, and plier as the tools. By filling the cans with the water, then freeze them, you can start to draw your own pattern!

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Tabletop Fire Bowl

Call this DIY lighting patio ideas as the effortless one, you’ll just need to put the stuff easily and have your fire bowl ready. Go grab some deep blue fire glass, flower bowl, and burning gel, they all cost for only about $50!

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Flameless Fire Pit

When the casual fire pit doesn’t work for you due to its some tricky efforts or safety issue, then go with this fabulous DIY patio lighting ideas. This is an artificial fire pit made of the copper wire lights, wooden logs, and cast iron bowl.

You will still get the wonderful light of the fire pit without feeling worried of the burning stuff around.

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Hanging Mason Jar Lighting

The lovely hanging mason jar lightings that will make your outdoor living space into a fairy’s base camp. You can use some used jam jars to create this lighting.

Further, other materials that you will need include wire and small candle with wire cutter, plier, long handled lighter, and tape measure.

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Wire Basket Fire Bowl

Another creative idea of creating a DIY cheap fire bowl and this one uses a wire basket as its basin. The look of this fire bowl is more industrial and natural to decorate your outdoor space.

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Water Can Lighting

A very unique and creative DIY patio lighting ideas in which you will basically need a used watering can and the battery-operated string light. The design surely flows well with the backyard surrounding and look really beautiful to decorate your outdoor living space.

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Hula Hoop Lantern

Again, the hula hoop is used to create an awesome patio lighting. Here, the wire light is placed on the side of the hula hoop to create a huge circular light.

You can use different sizes of the hula hoop to create a more attractive look to your outdoor living space decoration.

Wired Christmas Light

Copy this idea by using some wire to create a Christmas tree figure and the string light. This unique lighting can be used as a beautiful outdoor lighting and DIY Christmas decoration too.

Grater Patio Light

Do you want a superb creative industrial-style outdoor lighting? Use the recycled graters to shade the small light and hang them on your patio.

You can give a more interesting finish to the grater to make it look way more attractive.

Cupcake Lights

If you want to have some cute decoration for your outdoor living space, you can try this effortless adorable DIY patio lighting ideas. Shade the string bulb by the cupcake paper liner, you can choose certain patterns that you love to decorate the light.

Just cut the bottom of the liner, and you have your lovely cute shade ready!

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Muslin Jar Lantern

This is such a creative way to make a DIY jar lantern look more beautiful. By using some muslin, the lantern becomes so beautiful and gives a lovely boho touch to the decor.

All you’ll need is some mason jars, string, battery-operated tea light, and of course, the muslins to create this fireflies light.

Spice Jar Patio Lights

The eye-catchy patio string light made of the glass spice jar in different colors. It truly gives a sense of creativity to your patio decor.

Things that you will need to create this colorful light is transparent glass jars, transparent glass paints, solar lights, and rope.

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Tea Pot Outdoor Lighting

Another idea that adopts the ‘pouring light’ design but here, the tea pot is used as its main element. You can see the traditional style pot is hung by the lovely brush nickel hanger, then the small lights dazzlingly burst out of the pot.

This lighting design looks more magical and of course, uniquely decorative.

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Candle Light Glass Jar

Beautiful and dazzling, this effortless DIY patio lighting ideas is totally worth to try. You will only need some cute transparent jars and solar powered candle light to make this twinkling hanging garden light.

If you want to use the real candle, you can use wax float candle and puts it on the clear water.

Crystal Water Drop Light

Made of the automatic watering bulb, this fascinating DIY patio lighting will give a superb glamorous touch to your outdoor living space. It looks distinctive, creative, and definitely stunning.

To build this idea in your home, you’ll need to purchase automatic watering bulb by Gardening Solutions, the tall candle holder, and 1\2″ hose bib, 1\2″ black pipe nipple, solar-powered string lights and moldable glue.

PVC Pipe Patio Lights

This is definitely a surprising idea of using the PVC pipes for the outdoor living space lighting accent. The result is absolutely beautiful, the light creates a gorgeous illumination that enhances the overall look of your patio.

Things you need to buy include some PVC pipes in various sizes, rotary tool kit, LED candle light, and sander.

Shuttlecock String Lights

Shading the string light is always a fun and easiest thing to create an adorable and unique DIY patio light ideas. Here, the shuttlecock is used to cover the string light which is cutely adorable.

You will only need some colorful shuttlecocks, string light, and sharp tools to make this one with very easy steps to do. So instead of buying the ready-to-use one, why not creating your own shuttlecock light with your own style!

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Colorful Glowing Jar

Again, the jar is like one of the most favorite stuff to make a beautiful DIY patio light ideas. You can see these glowing glass jars look very irresistible that you can’t resist having in your own outdoor space.

Prepare some glass jars, glowing sticks, and tulle for the materials, so there is no any need of using light. The illumination is created by the glow stick’s chemical and the tulle makes the light looks so attractive. You have to use the rubber gloves to avoid direct contact with the chemical.

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Pallet Box Lights

Shipping wood pallet is the popular recycled stuff to create the outdoor space decor, and here the pallet is used to make a box with the light inside. Then, the box can be used as the lovely coffee table to match with other wood pallet patio furniture.

Go grab some used pallet in smaller sizes and string light with the hammer as the tool. It is quite easy to make yet you still need some hands to disassemble the pallet first.

Wire Basket Hanging Light

Another DIY patio lighting ideas with the industrial style to decorate your outdoor living space. The look is inspired by the similar lighting design which costs much higher than creating one on your own.

By spending for about $30 for purchasing the black wire basket, Edison bulb, and light cord kit, you can have this lighting idea on your own patio.

Yarn Wrapped Jar Lantern

This is a clever way to make the jar lantern look way more stylish and artful than ever. By using yarn and white spray paint, you can create this piece-of-art DIY patio lighting ideas easily in your home.

Mason Jar Outdoor Chandelier

What more you can do with the mason jar to make the amazing creative DIY patio lighting ideas? A chandelier is totally another way that you can try!

Here, some cute mason jars are hung by the chains and held by the steel round wire board. The gravels for the candle bed makes the chandelier looks totally stunning.

Hemp Ball Lights

The fabulous ball lights made of the hemp to give another style to your patio. The hemp is hardened by the mixture of glue, cornstarch, and water.

Then, the balloon is used to shape the hemp, so you can make the light in certain sizes based on your preference. It is another great DIY lighting patio ideas to make an adorable boho touch to your outdoor space’s decor.

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Gift Bag Outdoor Light

The last creative DIY patio lighting ideas is made of a gift backs which looks so beautiful. With the pattern around the bag, the light design becomes more attractive.

You’ll then need to put the LED tea light into the bag and have your patio light ready.

Those are some beautiful and creative DIY patio lighting ideas that you can try to decorate your own outdoor living space. You will not have to spend lots of money to lighten up your patio and entertain all the guest that comes to your house to enjoy some outdoor summer night times!

Don’t forget to be careful in using the electrical cord in your DIY patio lighting project!

Have fun then!

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