Stylish and Affordable Queen Bedroom Set Under $1,000 on Amazon

Everyone needs a good sleep to replenish their energy after doing the activity all day long. A comfortable and cozy bedroom is a must in order to obtain a deep sleep. Besides, you need a stylish and trendy bedroom set to make an eye-catching focal point to your bedroom.

On the other hand, sometimes most of us only have a limited budget for the bedroom. Here we give you some recommendation and review about affordable queen bedroom set that is not only stylish but also quite friendly for your pocket.

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With our recommendation, at least you can have a queen bed set and some bedroom furniture with less than $1,000. Sounds like the best buy isn’t it?

Enough for the intro, here we go! Enjoy!

Our Affordable Queen Bedroom Set Choices

If you feel confused to find a proper and affordable queen bedroom set, here we give you some hints and recommendation. Here are some of the best, in a pocket-friendly price bedroom sets that are not only stylish but also trendy to be added to your bedroom.

In this case, we give a limitation that the price of our recommended bedroom furniture set is not exceeding $1,000. With that amount of money, we manage that you got at least a 2 piece bedroom consists of a bed set and a nightstand in solid wood materials.

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Some recommended products may exceed those criteria, that makes it a better choice for your consideration.

Thus, here we go!

Home StylesNaples Queen Bed, White Finish

Affordable Queen Bedroom Set
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The Naples collection is an affordable queen bedroom set that we recommend most. Why? Because it has a solid wood construction in poplar hardwood and engineered wood that offers a long durability. Also, you can have almost all of your bedroom furniture needs with less than $1000.

This collection includes a queen bed, nightstand, and chest that will fulfill your bedding needs in matching tone. With the multi-step white finish on high-quality hardwood and minimalist style, you can afford an amazing queen bedroom set.

In addition, it will fit in any bedroom decor with its neutral color. Thus, the Naples Bedroom Collection is a great value bedroom you can afford from now on!

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The Naples Queen Bed set has a unique and minimalist design that is great for any bedroom decorations you might apply. Raised faceted panel design on the headboard and the foot board exudes minimalist and contemporary style you might love.

Despite it doesn’t have an upholstered headboard or anything else, but it is more than enough to bring an eye-catching focal point, especially with that range of price.

Affordable Queen Bedroom Set
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The Nightstand itself has a unique design with an open shelf below the drawer. You can use it to temporarily store your novel, books, glasses, and many other without having to bother of any lid.

Affordable Queen Bedroom Set
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Meanwhile, the chest has 6 drawers that can be flexible storage options for your bedding needs. It includes 3 mini drawers in the top and 3 faceted drawers beneath the top drawers. You can use the top drawers to put small accessories while in the medium drawers you can put your bedding needs in a larger size.

Construction and Durability

With the poplar hardwood and engineered wood materials, the Naples bedroom collection is quite durable for your bedroom. Poplar wood typically has a medium texture with a straight, uniform grain. With that textures, poplar wood is moderately durable and very durable with a proper processing.

Besides, it has the low light natural luster that makes the white finish on the wood construction become a matte that makes it a low profile furniture. Thus, it makes a quite elegant for a bedroom furniture in affordable price.


  • Naples Collection includes a queen bed, a chest and a nightstand.
  • Poplar hardwood and engineered wood material
  • Rich multi-step white finish
  • Raised panels on the headboard and footboard
  • Minimalist and contemporary style
  • Bed measures 65″W x 67.5″D x 52″ H; night stand measures 18″W x 16″ D x 24″H; Chest measures 36″W x 16.5″D x 36″H.


The price of $589.04 is very cheap for a 3pc queen bedroom collection that is quite complete to fulfill your bedding needs. Its quite moderate hardwood material and rich white finishing makes this bedroom collection becomes a great affordable queen bedroom set.

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Poundex Louis Phillipe Queen Bedroom Set, Cherry

Affordable Queen Bedroom Set
image source

The Louis Phillipe Cherry Wood Bedroom set is the great option for those who want a worth it bedroom collection for their bucks. This one is perfect for an upgrade of their kid’s bed from bunk to a full bedroom set, and also great for the adult bedroom set to exude an opulent impression with its sleigh headboard and rich Cherry wood.

The Louise Phillipe is one of the most recommended affordable queen bedroom set you have to choose. It features smooth surfaces, detailed lines drape, and curved panels. In addition, the drawers in storage case featured in matching curved line and silver hardware, exudes an opulent impression in classical style.

Thus, the Louise Phillipe is the worth-to-buy affordable queen bedroom set that will fulfill your needs of elegance and opulence.



For an affordable queen bedroom set, this bedroom collection has an opulent and elegant design that will make you fall in love. Rich cherry finish on cherry hardwood creates a shiny and smooth surface that exudes the classical luxury impression.

Adopting French style in a sleigh design headboard, the Louise Phillipe will bring a romantic and elegant impression to your bedroom in an instant.

The metal drawer pulls in classical curved shaped gives an elegant touch to the overall look of the furniture. Meanwhile, the mirror with rounded cornered rectangular shape becomes a stylish addition to the dresser.

With such design, this bedroom collection can be your choice in order create an elegant bedroom impression in an affordable price.

Construction and Durability

Made of Cherry wood, this bedroom furniture will be very durable because of its material. The Cherry wood has a straight grain with a fine and even texture in moderate natural luster. That kind of wood is renowned for its durability and resistance to decay.

With the proper processing, it will create a plush furniture surface that is very elegant. In addition, the cherry wood usually develops a rich reddish-brown patina as it ages. That means your cherry wood furniture will be darkened as it ages because of its natural characteristic.

In this case, the Louise Phillipe bedroom collection is a durable and affordable queen bedroom set that you have to put to your shopping list.


  • Cherry wood in French style bedroom set
  • Queen size sleigh bed
  • The bedroom set includes 4 pieces: 1 queen bed, 1 dresser, 1 mirror, and 1 nightstand
  • Smooth surfaces finish with detailed line drapes
  • You can buy the chest separately


The price of $621.25 is a very affordable price available for you who want a high-quality bedroom furniture that is durable and stylish. With less than $1,000, you can have a queen bed set, a nightstand, a dresser, and a mirror, all with high-quality materials. Sounds like the best deal you get today, isn’t it?

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4pc Queen Size Bedroom Set with Wood Grain, Black Finish

Affordable Queen Bedroom Set
image source

This affordable queen bedroom set is a must for you who want an elegant black finished furniture to your bedroom. With the timeless design and unique wood grain texture, it creates a universal bedroom collection that will fit in any bedroom style.

The bedroom set includes 1 queen bed set, 1 nightstand, 1 mirror, and 1 dresser that is quite enough to cover your bedding needs and storage. Thus, this bedroom collection might be one option you can’t resist if you want a timeless design furniture with the unique texture.



Adopting simple and minimalist style, this bedroom has the lovely texture of Okumo veneers in its front that become a unique focal point to your bedroom.

The headboard has a checkered texture with combination of Okumo veneers and Asian hardwood texture. Although it has black finish, the texture still noticeable and become a light accent that is minimalist and elegant.

The nightstand has two storage drawers while the dresser has six drawers. It is quite enough to store any of your bedding needs. The drawers have English dovetail lock system with silver toned drawer handles that offers durability and elegance.

With all that features, this bedroom collection is great in design and will make you really get sleep in style.

Construction and Durability

This bedroom collection is made of Asian Hardwood solids and Okumo Veneers. Asian Hardwood, mostly known as rubber wood, is a byproduct of rubber plantations from older trees that is no longer producing latex. It is not quite durable as it just reaches a 960 points in Janka hardness scale.

Meanwhile, the Okumo veneers has straight to wavy with a slightly interlocked grain. It has a medium texture with good natural luster. In addition it has high silica content that creates a unique texture for veneers.

If we rate its durability from its solids, honestly this bedroom collection is not a quite durable furniture. Meanwhile, if you rate it from its veneers, it is quite complicated. Sometimes veneers has a double function that is not only become an ornamented texture to the furniture, but also a protector from its susceptible solids.

In this case, the Okumo veneers may be that kind of veneers. So, this bedroom collection is slightly quite durable with some proper maintenance.


  • Minimalist and timeless design
  • Includes queen bed set, dresser, nightstand, and mirror
  • Asian hardwood solids and Okoume veneers
  • English dovetail and silver toned drawer handles
  • Chest is sold separately


The price of $787.82 is quite affordable if you mind about this product completeness. But, if you remind about its material that is “only” from cheap and susceptible Asian Hardwood solids, maybe it is not quite desirable.

On the other hand, you can reckon on its minimalist timeless design with its unique Okumo textures to keep it on your shopping list. The choice is yours.

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Home Styles The Aspen Collection Queen Bed and Night Stand

Affordable Queen Bedroom Set
image source

The Aspen Collection Queen Bed and Night Stand is a perfect balance of warmth and style for an affordable queen bedroom set you might choose. With its mahogany solids, cherry and black engineered wood veneers it exudes a rustic impression in Americana styles. The bed set has bold recessed picture frame molding details in rich carved detailed post, creates an authentic rustic warmth.

The nights stand has an opened shelf compartment and one drawer with side mounted easy-to-glide suspension. In addition, the antique brass hardware on the drawer front become a classical and elegant touch to this bedroom collection.



Adopting rustic style, the Aspen bedroom Collection will creates a warmth impression once this affordable queen bedroom set take place. The unique combination of reddish brown cherry veneers and black engineered wood veneers becomes an eye catching feature in this bedroom collection.

In addition, the eccentric and distinguished Americana style become a great addition and focal point for your bedroom.

The nightstand has an open storage that is not only great, but also practical to store any little stuff you like without bothered with lids. It sizes, although quite small but very sturdy and quite enough to keep any of your needs stay in reach. Its easy-glide suspension surely makes you store and draw with an ease.

Indeed, the Aspen Bedroom collection is one bedroom you might not resist if you want a high-quality material furniture in a warm rustic design.

 Construction and Durability

The mahogany hardwood as the solids of this furniture is an excellent and durable wood. It has a decent rot resistance, making it become one of the most durable woods list. It has straight grain and reddish brown timber.

Just like cherry wood, it will darken over time creating a unique texture and color in furniture. Its texture is medium and uniform and has a moderate natural luster. If it’s polished well, it will create a unique reddish shine.

Meanwhile, cherry wood as veneers has a quite same characteristic of the mahogany. It has a straight grain with a fine and even texture in moderate natural luster. Cherry is renowned for its durability and resistance to decay.

Thus, it makes this furniture become very durable and have a great texture that can enrich your bedroom overall look.


  • Headboard and Footboard is adopting distinguished Americana style
  • rich carved detailed posts with bold recessed picture frame moldings
  • Antiqued brass hardware for the drawer pull
  • Side mounted easy-glide suspension in one storage drawer make it an easier usage
  • One large open storage area under the drawer


The price $608.65 is the best price you might get for this adorable and high-quality bedroom furniture set. Its material, mahogany and cherry, is very durable. It creates a warmth impression in rustic style that you can depend on.

Unfortunately, you only get 2 pieces of furniture, but if you remind about its durability and high-quality material, it is not a problem at all. With rest of $301.65 of $1000 budget, you can buy another furniture.

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So those are our recommended affordable queen bedroom set choices that can become one of your references for your research. You can always choose one of them that really meets your requirements.

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Then here, we share you some advice that is quite useful about how you can arrange your budget and how to choose a bedroom set. In this case, you’ll be informed about how you can sleep in style and comforts at an affordable price.

Affordable Queen Bedroom Set Tips

There are many bedroom furniture sets in the market in any range of price and any style. Starting from the very cheap bed set in generic MDF board material till exotic bedroom set with high-quality material and sumptuous price. In this case, you have to be careful and smart to choose what is the best bedroom set for you and your pocket can afford.

On the other hand, the bed set also has any range of measurement to suit your different needs. Meanwhile, a queen bedroom set is the best bed size to suit the needs of an adult couple or single in a medium and smaller bedroom.

Furthermore, if you want to choose an affordable queen bedroom set that is stylish, trendy and will long last, you can use some of these tips below:

#1 Don’t be a specific brand minded

Sure, a Michael Amini’s Cortina Panel Queen Bedroom set is undoubtedly stunning with its beautiful carving and high-quality material. But, it is very expensive and not quite affordable enough if you have a very limited budget.

But, there are some bed sets with the far less price which still can bring a slightly quite same stunning impression to your bedroom. However don’t be a brand minded specific.

As stated before, there are many products with the slightly same style in less price you can choose in the market. In this case, all you have to do is opening your mind and start to search carefully for an affordable queen bedroom set that matches to your taste.

In order to do that, the first thing you have to do is searching for a particular type of bed set. You can set the search accordingly with your desired style, materials, types, etc. There are many choices you can get from that search. If you had found some that fit your criteria, then you can compare according to your taste, budget, and after sales service.

#2 A matching bedroom set is nice, but mix-and-match one is better

A matching bedroom furniture is great because it gives an impression of unity in every aspect of your bedroom element. But, buying a set of bedroom furniture sometimes can be quite pricey.

To outsmart it, you can do a mix and match trick for your bedroom. To do so, you have to be more creative to mix different bedroom furniture, so your bedroom stays in its whole desired impression.

You can buy a 4 piece bedroom set that consists of a matching bed set, dresser, nightstand, and mirror. But, if you find that additional chest will cost too much, you can buy another cheaper chest. In this case, your different chest will be a unique color or a statement piece that enrich your bedroom look.

Finally, if you have some old inherited furniture, you upgrade it by retouching and refurnishing it with new finishing or changing its drawer pulls and knobs. It will be a more eclectic approach in a very cheaper way than you have to buy another new furniture. But, remember to match it with your desired style to fit in your bedroom overall look.

#3 Don’t forget to measure

Maybe you love one of those huge canopy beds or a huge king size bed set that is quite wide for your bedroom. But, you have to remind again about the size of your bedroom. Large and too many pieces of furniture in a bedroom will make it felt very cramped and small eventually if you have small space.

For a couple, a queen size bedroom set is a perfect size if you have a medium bedroom. Indeed, an affordable queen bedroom set is the best choice for a couple bedroom because it complies with 2 adult needs, but it fits with smaller bedroom wide.

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For another furniture, you have to make sure and arrange cleverly to make your bedroom feel spacious and not cramped. In this case, a smaller furniture might become a clever option to do that.

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