Purple Living Room Rugs | Circinus Machine Woven Purple Rug Review

The living room is a spot where we almost do some activities inside every day. It should be a comfortable place for us to stay. In the living room, sometimes we do activities on the floor, so we should make the floor warmer.

To warm the floor all we need is the rug, then if the floor is warmer we can do any activity in comfort.

Circinus Machine Woven Purple Rug
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The rug is one of important addition in the living room that beside its decorative purpose, it can protect your floor from damage too. The rug also can make the living room more beautiful and colorful.

To choose the best one you should pair it with your living room color first. You need to make the harmonic combination inside the living room.

If you are a purple color lover, we will recommend you a product. It is a purple rug for the living room which is Circinus Machine Woven Purple Rug. The product provides the warming spot on the floor and the beautiful looks. This rug will feel special for the purple lover, it will gain the luxurious touch to your living room more.

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If you get more interested in the product, here are some details of the product for you. Let’s check it out!

Circinus Machine Woven Purple Rug Review

Circinus Machine Woven Purple Rug
  • 9.9K

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This Circinus Machine Woven Purple Rug is definitely a wonderful rug with the Brooklyn style. It has the adorable pattern which more like the silhouette on the surface. This kind of rug is suitable for the modern style living room.

The deep shining purple that it features will make the living room has more luxurious touch. It will warmer the floor while you have the activities on it.


The Circinus Machine Woven Purple Rug is constructed of 50% polypropylene and 50% chenille. Such combination creates a soft and comfortable surface, and the synthetic alternative may provide a distinctive level of comfort. It is softer than many of the natural fiber carpets.

Yet, the rug is very thin which decreases its comfort and quality.


Polypropylene is appreciated in the rug industry for its wool-like appearance. Not only soft, but its durability is also not disappointing. This rug surely comes with a great durability. Don’t worry because the polypropylene is strong and rigid enough.

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To take care of the rug you can do such easy maintain method, you can use the vacuum to absorb the dust out of your rug. This prevents the dirt from strengthening up and leaving the traces. You also can spray the stain shield to protect the rug from any stain.


The price for this worth to buy rug is $29.99. Such an affordable price for the beautiful purple living room rug, isn’t it? Besides that, you can warm up the living room and increase the luxurious looks inside.


Dimension60″ W x 96″ L x 0.25″ H
Weight14 lbs.
MaterialSynthetic Polypropylene
StyleModern and Contemporary

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The Adorable distinctive design of the rug is definitely irresistible that makes it become one of the recommended purple rug to buy. Its price tag is also very affordable that will not cost you a lot. Regarding the construction, you actually get what you pay for.

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