Purple Living Room Rugs | Alexis Light Violet Rug Review

Having the colorful living room is a very great idea. It will make you feel more cheerful when you are having the activity inside. As you must have known, the color gives the therapy to your psychology unconsciously. That’s why you have to add something which can make your living room more colorful and joyful.

One of the accessories which can make the living room more colorful is the rug, and the one in purple looks really tempting. The rug has so many functions in the living room beside of its colorful form, it can be the warming spot for you to sit on the floor.

Alexis Light Violet Rug
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The rugs also protect the floors and enhancing the decors inside. Purple giving the living room the atmosphere of the stability of blue and the energy of the red. Having the purple rug in the living room would be great for you.

If you need a purple rug for your living room, here we have a recommended product review. The name of the product is Alexis Light Violet Rug by Zipcode Design.

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The rug will make your living room looks more luxurious than usual. So here is the review of Alexis Light Violet Rug for you!

Alexis Light Violet Rug Review

Alexis Light Violet Rug
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This Alexis Light Violet Rug has a very nice look. As another rug, it has no special shape, but it has more than other rugs. This product is designed as the comfortable one which has the smooth surface and warming the floor. It would help you to do the activities on the floor when the temperature is low.

The rug will make the living room more look luxurious, as the furniture’s complement. It is a beautiful rug which will beautify the living room more and more.


The product is constructed of the polypropylene which is a thermoplastic polymer frequently used in a wide variety of forms. The construction of the rug is quite reliable that will not make you disappointed.


The polypropylene as the construction is durable enough for this kind of rug. As long as you treat the rug well you will have this rug very useful for a long time. The character of the polypropylene is strong and rigid. You don’t have to worry about the product durability.

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To maintain the rug you can do such easy ways. Use the vacuum to absorb the dust on your area rug regularly. This prevents the dirt from strengthening up, then spray the stain shield to protect the rug from the stubborn stain. It is very easy, right?


You can bring this rug home with just $54.99. It is a little bit pricey since you can find lots of products with more decorative style in this price range. But if you consider the material first, having this rug will not regret you.


Dimension 0.5” H x 38” W x 60” L
Weight 14 pounds
Material Polypropylene
Color Purple / Violet
Style Modern

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So, this rug is without a doubt comes in a very great construction which perhaps influences its price tag. Include this product to your top consideration if you are looking for a high-quality purple rug for living room.

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