Burgundy Curtains For Living Room | Embroidered Curtain Panel Review

The living room is one of the cozy places for having a rest anytime we want. Most of the homeowners even like to sleep in the living room in the night. In this case, your living room should not have seen from the outside, or it should be blocked. The curtains may be the solution of this kind of problem.

To block the people outside of seeing us in the day and night, using the curtain is very effective. It also can make the living room more decorative, it has the beautiful color to make the room more colorful.

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Adding the curtain will never be useless., it will very helpful for us. The curtain also can reduce the noise outside so we will not be disturbed while having a rest at night. It makes us safe to sleep in the living room at night.

If now you intend to add the curtain to your living room, we will offer you one recommended product. It is a burgundy curtain for the living room darkening and out light blocking. The product is Mills Jardin Embroidered Curtain Panel by Maytex.

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Here we will describe some of the product details for your reference. Here is it the review of Embroidered Curtain Panel for you!

Embroidered Curtain Panel Review

Embroidered Curtain Panel
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The design of the Embroidered Curtain Panel by Maytex is quite nice with its leaves accent on the surface. The curtain will be suitable both for the modern or classic living room.

The look is very rich and expensive. It will make the living room look more colorful than ever, what a beautiful burgundy curtain for the living room.


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The main material of this product is 100% polyester. It has the soft and rich surface which tells us its good quality. The polyester is fashionable and modern for the curtain nowadays. It is a trendy material which has the quality and serves better as a curtain.

One thing to consider, the curtain doesn’t block 99% of the light properly, you still can see the light that comes through the curtain.


You don’t have to worry if you intend to install this Embroidered Curtain Panel to your living room because it is a machine washable curtain. You can wash it easily without wasting the energy by manual wash. It is a surely an easy-to-maintain product.

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No wonder polyester is a durable material. It can last long especially for the curtain which will make the living room beautiful for a long time. Don’t worry about the product durability, it will never regret you to have this curtain inside the living room as the beautiful aspect which will last longer.


The price of this Embroidered Curtain Panel is in a range of $15.66. It is a quite affordable price for the greatly designed curtain with durable material. You will have no regret of spending the money for this highly recommended product!


Style Modern
Color Burgundy
Material Polyester
Dimmension 54″ W x 63″ L
Care Instruction Machine washable

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Buy this product if you want to decorate your living room with an elegant decorative burgundy curtain. But for the blackout function, it seems like that you can’t really rely on it.

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