Purple Living Room Rugs | Handtufted Purple Shag Rug Review

Mostly, making the living room more colorful would change the atmosphere inside. Giving the living room some more colorful accessories is one the best idea you can do easily.

You can add any colorful furniture or accessories, and one of the best accessories to make the colorful living room is the rugs. The rugs are an important complement inside the living room. It can make the floor warmer if you often do the activity on the floor.

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The beautiful appearance of the rug increases the living room’s beauty and importantly the color will make the living room more colorful. The rug is a must have accessories, it can protect your floor from the damages too. You must need it inside the living room.

Now you may want to buy a rug for your living room, so here, we will explain you some details of the recommended rug product. If you are the purple color lover you will definitely love this rug.

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The product is Handtufted Purple Shag Rug. It is a beautiful rug to warm your floor and make your living room more colorful. Here is it the review of Handtufted Purple Shag Rug for you!

Handtufted Purple Shag Rug Review

Handtufted Purple Shag Rug 3
  • 9.5K

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The Handtufted Purple Shag Rug comes in the simple design with some attractive circle accent. It is really beautiful for the living room beside of warming the floor up. The rug will make your living room more having a luxurious atmosphere with its purple color.

As the name implies, the rug features the hand tufted weave  If you love purple room decor you should not miss this Handtufted Purple Shag Rug away.


The material of this rug is polyester and synthetic. Polyester is springy and it able to resists biological damages. The construction is quite well and very easy to wash. It is the one which gives the soft touch on the rug surface.


The combination of polyester and synthetic is really great. For the rug, it can last long in the living room as long as the treatment is frequent and in the right method. This product won’t disappoint you at the durability point.

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It is easy to maintain this kind of rug. To remove the dry soil from entry mats, use the vacuum regularly to eliminate surface litter. Strike the brush to remove embedded soil frequently.

For a thorough cleaning, you can wash the entry mats with a brush along with detergent and rinse thoroughly. It is easy to care by the way.


You can make the Handtufted Purple Shag Rug yours fully by spending about $173.99. It is quite pricey, but surely the rug won’t disappoint you about the color, quality, and the beautiful pattern. It was a nice product to have for the living room completion.


Dimension5′ W x 7′ L
Country of OriginChina

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The pricey price tag is not a problem at all if you make the quality as your first factor in determining a product. Si, go with this purple rug if you are looking for a reliable and adorable rug for living room.

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