20 Budget-Friendly DIY Patio Shade Ideas With Complete Tutorial

Giving a shade to your patio is always a great idea to make it more enjoyable to use. In fact, you can’t say that you have an ideal patio without any shades installed.

Yeap, a shade provides lots of benefits for us as the homeownerA�to enjoy your patio. It refills the sun which comes through to the patio, so you won’t have to feel the excessive heat from the bright daylight.

Moreover, it also protects the outdoor furniture from the sun exposureA�which can damage the finish or the material itself. A shade will surely make your dining set looks well overtimes.

Therefore, installing a shade is totally one of the essentially considerable options when you are about to do some improvement for your patio. It’s such a great investment of the budget that you have prepared to remodel your outdoor living space.

Some homeowners may choose kind of sophisticated shades like pergolaA�which is widely sold in form of kits or made-by-order from the contractors. Of course, it can be pricey, especially if you want to have the high-grade ones.

But, you don’t always need to go purchasing a shade for your patio because there are some creative homeowners who have successfully made a patio shade by themselves. They use some easily available materials at very affordable prices to make the shade for their patio.

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Here, we have picked some inspiring DIY patio shade ideas which are so tempting to copy.You won’t need to spend lots of bucks to have your patio shaded beautifully.

Well, let’s just keep scrolling to check them out!

Budget-Friendly DIY Patio Shade Ideas

IKEA Curtain Shade

diy patio shade 1-min

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The convenient DIY patio shade made of a cheap IKE curtain which will surely give a great comfort to enjoy the space. Since it’s a retractable patio shade, you can always adjust the portion of sunlight that you want to enjoy.

You can easily make it in no time without any tricky things to do. The materials are easily available and so affordable to buy. (Check out the complete tutorial here)

Mosquito Netting Side Shade

diy patio shade 2-min

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The design of this DIY patio shade is simply admirable which is so inspiring to try with about $200 cost in the making. You will need to prepare some cheap materials like mosquito netting and bamboo poles to create the shade in no time.

The light string is also installed on top of the frame to make it enjoyable at night. It can be a nice idea to try when you want to hold an intimate outdoor dinner with your family.A�(Check out the complete tutorial here)

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Cozy Awning

diy patio shade 3-min

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For you who have a medium-sized patio, this idea can be one of the best options to try and you will need about $200 budget for this project. It’s a DIY patio shade which is perfect to complete a patio which is built with a gap from the house since it’s installed in a free-standing way.

The materials of this project are quite cheap and can be easily found in hardware stores. Unfortunately, the tutorial is presented in Dutch, so you may need a help to translate it.A�(Check out the complete tutorial here)


diy patio shade 4-min

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This one doesn’t only shade your patio exhilaratingly, but also makes it look ay more jaw-dropping. The shade uses two sail fabrics with some steel posts to give you a maximum comfort.

The cost that you will need to spend to build this DIY patio shade is around $2,000. It may be quite pricey but you can save a lot than using a contractor’s service.A�(Check out the complete tutorial here)

Earthy Shade

diy patio shade 5-min

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The cozy DIY patio shade which looks naturally beautiful with its material use. It’s designed in a very traditional way which flows very well with the surrounding around the garden.A�(Check out the complete tutorial here)

Colorful Pergola

diy patio shade 6-min

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The pergola is long known as one of the most popular choices to shade a patio. Here, such construction is completed with the fabric to give a more comforting shade to the patio,

It’s a project which involves lots of materials and elbow grease to make. Therefore, it’s more suitable for you who are willing to do more complicated steps to build a DIY patio shade.A�(Check out the complete tutorial here)

Free Standing All-Side Shade

diy patio shade 7-min

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The easy DIY patio shade which is totally worth to try! It’s a free-standing shade which bocks the sunlight from three main sides to give you the cozy time to enjoy your patio.

The main materials are just some lumbers and outdoor fabric which is obviously very cheap to buy. Moreover, you can also make it portable for a more practical use.A�(Check out the complete tutorial here)

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Simple Patio Shade

diy patio shade 8-min

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Yeap, this is a simple DY patio shade which uses curtain and wood frame as its main materials. The shade is enough to cool off the atmosphere around the patio when you enjoy it during the summer days.

The cost to build the shade is only around $100 which is so cheap but the result is so pleasing. You can also play with the decoration to enhance its beauty.A�(Check out the complete tutorial here)

Old Sail Shade

diy patio shade 9-min

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The easy and simple project to repurpose an old unused old sail and turn it into a comforting shade for your patio. There is no need to install any posts here since you can just hang it onto the window cranks or trees.

The shade is totally easy to make without any needs of a particular skill. You also don’t have to prepare other materials except for the sial ropes, and some securing stuff.A�(Check out the complete tutorial here)

Fully-shaded Pergola

diy patio shade 10-min

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Another DIY patio shade with the pergola construction which is totally worth to include on your inspiration list. This one has a complete shade which covers its top and sides to maximally filter the sunlight from every direction.

Moreover, the shade on the side of the pergola is also rollable, so you can use it as you need. Obviously, the project mostly uses wood as its main materials with the outdoor fabric as the shade.A�(Check out the complete tutorial here)

Bohemian Style Shade

diy patio shade 11-min

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The distinctively gorgeous DIY patio shade which is perfect toA�become an addition to your swinging bed. It’s made of curtain panel, woven basket and other cheap materials that you can easily buy.

The design of the shade will give a chic bohemian touch to your patio decor. It does not only enhance the comfort of the space, but also it beauty at the same time.A�(Check out the complete tutorial here)

Canvas Panel Shade

diy patio shade 12-min

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For you who are looking for a unique DIY patio shade, you better include this one on your list. The shade is made of some canvas panels which can be adjusted to suit your needs.

It’s quite easy to make wich involves few materials with affordable price. You can also match it with your contemporary-styled patio to make it look way more attractive.A�(Check out the complete tutorial here)

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Small Shade

diy patio shade 13-min

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This DIY patio shade works well for you who have a small patio with a 3-piece bistro set. The shade is simply made of an outdoor fabric and 4 bamboo posts which can get it done quickly.

The posts are planted inside the planter to make it safely secured. Then, it also can be moved easily as you wish just by moving the planters.A�(Check out the complete tutorial here)

Lighten Shaded Pergola

diy patio shade 14-min

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Making you pergola look as attractive as possible is always a great idea to make your patio feels more inviting. Here, a black pergola is completed with canvas drop cloth which doesn’t only give more shade but also style it up gorgeously.

In addition, the string bulb is installed to lighten up the space during the night. It’s such a great reference to improve the existing pergola in your backyard easily.A�(Check out the complete tutorial here)

Traditional Style Patio Shade

diy patio shade 15-min

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Having a nice simple picnic every single day during this summer obviously sounds so fun, and this DIY patio shade is a must-have additional that you can make easily at home. You just need to prepare some wood poles and a canvas drop cloth to make one.

The design itself is so traditional that will make your outdoor living space look and feel o inviting. It’s enough to shade a medium-sized dining set comfortably.A�(Check out the complete tutorial here)

Simple Free-standing Canopy

diy patio shade 16-min

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Another inspiring DIY patio shade for your small patio in a very simple design to copy. The main materials for this project are outdoor fabric, wood poles, and panters which are easily available and affordable to buy.

You can see the milk jug containers are used as the base to secure the pole which creates such a catchy vintage look. The shade will add another style to your patio attractively.A�(Check out the complete tutorial here)

Pergola White Curtain

diy patio shade 17-min

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This idea shows how to make your pergola become more comfortable to enjoy by just installing some white curtains. It can cover the area where the sun exposure feels a little bit too much when you sit around during the summer breeze.

As the bonus, the white curtain also makes the pergola look way more stylish. It styles up the overall look of the outdoor living space gorgeously.A�(Check out the complete tutorial (Check out the complete tutorial here)

DIY Portable Awning

diy patio shade 20-min

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The simple and portable awning to shade your narrow patio with 3-piece outdoor furniture set.A� It provides enough shade for not more than 3 people under it while also easy to move everywhere.

The main materials that you’ll need to prepare are rebar posts, PVC pipes, curtains, and some planters. It’s definitely a simple DIY patio shade that you can try to make easily.A�(Check out the complete tutorial here)

DIY Pergola with Lattice Roof

diy patio shade 19-min

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This one is a good inspiration to make a pergola which gives a better shade for you. The wooden panel with lattice pattern is added to the top of the pergola which works well as the shading roof.

Then, some curtains are also installed to make the patio way more comfortable to enjoy. The size of the pergola is enough to protect a large dining set perfectly.A�(Check out the complete tutorial here)

Stacked Sun Sails

diy patio shade 18-min

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An easy way to make the sun sails give a better shade for you is by installing them in an overlapping way. Here, the brown shades are stacked to filter the amount of sunlight over a small patio with 5-piece of bistro set.A�(Check out the complete tutorial here)

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DIY Patio Shade-min

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So those are some incredible DIY patio shade ideas that you can try to make by yourself at home. You can include them on your inspiration list when you are about to remodel your very own patio.

Pick the one which suits the existing layout, overall design, and size of your patio so you can have a proper shade to enjoy. Moreover, consider using the durable and reliable materials that you will use for the shade since it has to deal with the direct outdoor environment.

Surely, installing a shade for your patio is one thing that you can’t miss to make it look and feel way more inviting. It’s such a must-have addition to having a super fun patio to enjoy regardless of the weather condition outside.

Keep in mind to wear some basic safety gears like hand gloves and eye goggles when you execute the project. It’s very important to wear those stuff since it may involve some sharp tools.

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