20 Crazy DIY Room Decorating Ideas on a Very Low Budget

Decorating your home with lots of your favorite stuff is always a fun thing to do. You can enhance the attractiveness of the room that will make you feel more exhilarating to stay around and obviously impress all the coming guests.

Some may choose to purchase some decors to decorate their room, which, of course, can cost you a lot. But today, you can find hundreds of inspiring DIY room decorating ideas that you can try by yourself.

Everything about DIY is meant to save lots of your money because surprisingly, you can create lots of attractive things by only using some scratches that you may not expect before. The scratches that are scattered around you can actually be repurposed to be some super adorable decors to enhance the look of your property.

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Here, we have some tempting DIY room decorating ideas that you will definitely love! Just keep scrolling to check them out!

DIY Room Decorating Ideas

Figurines Hanging Lamp

This adorable hanging light is made of some paperboard and construction paper that are cut to shape your favorite figurines. The light itself is illuminated by the battery operated string light that is attached to the back of the paperboard.

You can create many figures as you like to decorate and illuminate your bedroom by this creativeA�DIY room decorating ideas!

Flower Fall

If you love something floral to decorate your classic bedroom, this DIY room decorating ideas is surely a go.

Made of a teacup with its saucer, wire, and some faux flowers, you can get this gorgeous decore done in no time.

City View Table Lamp

An elegant and unique table lamp that will surely enhance the gorgeousness of your bedroom decor.

It’s surprisingly easy to make, you just need to draw some dots on the printed city view picture and the table lamp is all set.

Lighted Cloud

This one will be a nice decor to put on your bedroom’s dresser. A cloudy lamp that looks so irresistible to lighten up your night.


You’ll need to prepare some cotton or polyester fiberfill from a pillow, a large plastic bottle, and blue string light.

Decorative Giraffe Dolls

Love to have some giraffe things in your bedroom? Then this easy DIY room decoration ideas is a must-try for you.

Go grab some used decorative fabrics from your old clothes, draw your own giraffe figures and sew it! It will also be a nice complement to your boho decor!

Colorful Geometric Table Lamp

The beautiful table lamp in a classic colorfulA�design that will add another touch of style to your bedroom.

Things that you’ll need to prepare for this project are a side lamp, some transparent colorful papers, and small black tape.

Blocks Side Lamp

A unique side lamp made of the square colorful foam blocks and LED light.

You can get this attractive lamp in just 5 minutes by only stacking and sticking the blocks by the glue gun.

Makeup Station

Can you guess what this makeup station is made of?

Well, you will just need some used toothpaste package, pink craft paint, and sequins!

Blush On Rose

This one will be a unique thing to place on your dresser. It’s not a usual rose, but it’s actually the one that is covered by the blush on.

By having this rose, you can easily put your blush on conveniently. It will also remind you of the iconic Beauty and the Beast rose, right?

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Jewellery Hanger

Made of a thick wood board that is covered with the waterproof decorative paper, this will one of the alternative to save some space in your bedroom for providing the storage to store your accessories.

Those cute animals even make the look of this storage look more attractive.

Sticky Note Station


Have a used frame? Go grab some foams to make it a sticky note station and spray paint, then it will become a unique decor for your bedroom.

Table Photo Frame

The piece-of-cake DIY room decorating ideas made of some ice cream sticks that are cut and stuck together to hold a photograph. A really nice bedroom decor to try!

Figurines Wall Clock

If you think a casual round wall clock looks too boring, then you can try this super cute figurines wall clock. Take out its machine then attach it to the canvas panel.

Re-install the hour, minute, and second hand then place your favorite figurines onto the canvas. There you have your own eye catchy figurines wall clock!

Furry Table Lamp

The mesmerizing look of this table lamp would be a nice compliment to your bedroom decor. It’s made of the faux fur that covers the shade of the lamp that is stuck by the spray adhesive.

Cloudy Light Ball

Another unique light to illuminate your bedroom which is made of the polyester fiberfill that you can get from a used pillow.

Stick the fiberfill on the round paper lantern and attach a string light into the lantern.

Paperboard Frame

This one may be quite familiar and still works well to enhance the beauty of your living room wall decor. You will need a square paperboard, then cut into some smaller squares to create the frame.

You can use various paperboards as you like to make some different looks of the frame.

Chenille Pillow

The beautiful pillow which is covered by the brushed chenille yarn that will enhance the coziness of your bedroom decor. First, you’ll need to make a chenille bow then brush it by using the pet brush then stick them to a shet of square fabric by using the fabric glue.

Sew another sheet of the fabric, and stuff it with the polyester fiberfill, then there you have your own lovely pillow! You can make any patterns that you love in any of your favorite colors!

Handy Phone Holder

This unique phone holder is made of the cement, so you will need some safety gear here.

The cement is molded inside a latex glove, let it set, the cut the glove. Make sure to bend the glove so it can hold your phone. This handy phone holder would be a nice compliment to your DIY Halloween decor too!

Figurine Lanterns

These lanterns will be the cute glowing friends to accompany your night. It is made of some colorful flannel and a battery-operated tap light.

It is so easy to make and will be the beautiful decoration in your bedroom night and day!


Those are some inspiring DIY room decorating ideas that you have to try! Find one that you want to make and get ready to have a creative bedroom of yours!

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