20+ Shabby Chic Furniture for Bedroom: Most Recommended on Amazon

Shabby Chic is one of decoration styles that exudes the elegance of aged furniture into a sweet and vintage impression. When applied to the bedroom, Shabby Chic style will give an elegant and chic atmosphere with a classic touch. In order to exude a shabby chic style, the best thing you can do is adding shabby chic furniture to give an instant effect.

Here, we give you some recommendations about affordable and adorable shabby chic furniture that you’ll love on Amazon. But, we will give you some explanation and tips first about what is a shabby chic style and how you can exude that sweet impression to your bedroom. Enjoy!

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Shabby Chic Furniture, What is it?

Shabby Chic Style is one of trending decor styles that creates a vintage look by using aged furniture and any other items to bring a sweet and elegant impression. This aged furniture usually has worn around the edges or gently broken in, even if it is newly made.

The style is adopting the classical and vintage look with a combination of sweet and elegant color to exude serenity and lived-in. The shabby chic style uses the touch of frills and ruffles for a comfortable and soft space.

Meanwhile, the shabby chic furniture usually uses a distressed finish with gently broken texture in a soft color to mimic aged furniture. It will bring intimacy to cozy up to a large room, luxurious spaces, and utilize the crannies and nooks in your home.

The shabby chic style is the type of décor you might love to transform a house into a well-loved home. It is celebrating the beauty of aging objects represented by the shabby chic furniture and sweet color combination in decors and wall. It is all about the collection of your beloved things in your adorable space.

How to bring Shabby Chic Look to Your Bedroom?

Before you choose and put the shabby chic furniture in your bedroom, there are many things you should do first to create an authentic shabby chic bedroom. Shabby chic style is all about comforts and personalities, your bedroom should include those characteristics and more.

You can add a welcoming and sweet accessories such as tranquil throws, charming curtains, and sweet shabby chic photo frames. In addition, add some downright, soft and billowy fluffy items to bring sweet and comfortable touch to your bedroom.

  • Applying Shabby Chic Colors

    You can bring shabby chic style in your bedroom by applying several colors to your wall or decoration. White, pastels, and creams are great for your wall and decorations. Meanwhile taupe and mint green will bring a sweet and serene touch.

    Or, if you just want to play safe, you can start with your favorite neutral and make a combination with rose quartz tones and muted greens for an authentic shabby chic look. In addition, flair with pops of turquoise and teal or red and bold pinks will give a shocking touch in a serene atmosphere of your shabby chic home.

    The, the key colors to create a soft sleeping space in shabby chic style are petal pinks and powder blue. In order to elicit a relaxing emotional space, you can choose a shade that will also enrich the room’s look. Sometimes, you can choose white for a safer option, but you can consider other colors in soft tones.

  • Ruffles as a Sweet Touch

    Adding ruffles to your bedroom as Pentucket duvet covers, comforters, and curtains will add a perfect touch to your shabby chic style bedroom. Ruffles are a classy and timeless ornament that bring sweet and luxurious touch without looking fussy or over-the-top,

  • Pretty Patterns for Wall Finishing or Else

    Smart color choice in wall finishing is great, but you can add pretty patterns in your shabby chic bedroom. The options are endless for your shabby chic bedroom looks. You can add quatrefoil floral, toile, and stripes to give your personality characteristics in your bedroom.

  • Your Cherished Memories is a Sweet Addition for Your Shabby Chic Bedroom

    As the shabby chic style represents the old school things in a sweet stance, pieces of your cherished memories will be a great addition to your bedroom. Put your meaningful memories in beautiful and sweet frames and put it on shelves and dresser tops to display. Sometimes, it will give you a positive energy to set the tone for your day.

  • Choose the Right Shabby Chic Furniture for Your Bedroom

    There are many shabby chic furniture products in the market but to find the right one to suit your personality and needs can be a little tricky. Cracked paint details, beautiful carving in molding crown details and an unfinished look is the most characteristic you might find in shabby chic furniture.

    But, you might need a more personal approach to your personal space.

Shabby Chic Furniture: Bed Frame

Here, we give you some recommendations about the shabby chic furniture you can find on Amazon that might suit your own personality and taste. Enjoy!

Wholesale Interiors Wendy Shabby Iron Metal Platform Bed, Full, Dark Bronze ($209.94)

With the arch shaped headboard and footboard, this shabby chic furniture bed frame gives a truly classic touch to grace your finest bedroom. It has vintage antique dark bronze finish transmitting the classy touch for a stunning effect for your bedroom. Meanwhile, the simplistic design gives a tranquil, sedate image reminiscent of the Victorian era in a modern and up to date touch.

The construction itself consists of tubular bed posts with finely delicate tubing embellishments and molded casting ornament combination. It suits both traditional and contemporary style. When it is applied on a shabby chic style bedroom, it blends in an ease.

Additionally, this shabby chic furniture is boasting a premium quality sprung slatted base for a comfortable addition. The material itself is very durable and sturdy to give a comfortable support and safety for a better sleep.

Overall, the Wendy Bed frame offers a lavish bedroom accessory at an affordable price. If you interested to add this shabby chic furniture, you can buy it easily with a simple click on the button below.

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Wrought Iron Bed Frame Dark Bronze Metal Queen Size Free Shipping USA Vintage Look Shabby Chic French Country (Queen) ($305.39)

This shabby chic furniture will be great for your bedroom focal point. With seven spindles in the headboard and foot board and elegantly crafted casting at each joint, this bed frame is an elegant addition to your bedroom.

It has a unique modern style that is simple yet sophisticated to blend with any bedroom decors. Meanwhile, if you apply it in your shabby chic style bedroom, it blends perfectly and becomes a delightful focal point.

The wrought iron materials with antique dark bronze offer a sturdy and durable bed frame in an elegant impression. The design itself requires you to use a box spring for the mattress support. Click the button below for more information and purchasing.

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Rustic Stone Brown Poster Mission Queen Bed Shabby Chic New Style Black Finish ($999,99)

The shabby chic style uses the combination of any traditional style to create a vintage and sweet look. In this case, rustic style bed frame can be applied for a vintage focal point with a little bit of natural warmth. 

Paneling details in mission style will be an interesting focal point in your bedroom. In addition, the cracked paint details and distressed finishing gives the proper realization of how shabby chic furniture should be.

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Meanwhile, the real hardwood solids material gives a sturdy and durable construction to this bedroom furniture. Want to know further? Just simply click the button below to start your shopping.

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Solid Wood Cottage Bed Frame Custom Beach, Shabby Chic, Handmade ($850)

If you want to add a simple yet sweet focal point in a beach inspired themed to your bedroom, this shabby chic furniture should be your choice. With solid wood construction, this cottage beach shabby chic furniture promises strength and durability. Crafted in hand selected reclaimed wood with a customizable cutout, the headboard will be a rich focal point in textures.

Meanwhile, the foot board and side rails are solid Fir that is very sturdy and rich in textures. In addition, the white or gray in unfinished look with the wax finish for paint seals enriches the exotic textures of Fir wood grain.

The best part of having this shabby chic furniture is you can order it with your own customization as it is a handmade craft. For more information and order, you can just simply click this button below.

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Shabby Chic Furniture: Dresser

Dresser Shabby Chic White Distressed Antique Mirror Cottage Prairie Vintage ($895)

This beautiful piece of art will be a great addition that will change your bedroom impression in an instant. With distressed white finish and cracked details on walnut wood materials, this shabby chic furniture will be a pretty addition to your bedroom.

This shabby chic furniture has sweet and pretty features to define the authenticity shabby chic style. It consists of beautifully turned legs, carved wood on lays, and several scroll details that bring a sweet impression.

It has 4 dovetails drawers with custom rails that allow easier opening and closing. The upper drawers have 2 buttoned bronze drawer pulls on each drawer.

Meanwhile, the other one has two antique drawer pulls each with elegant ornament in a ring shape. The mirror itself has an arch design with beautiful carving on the crown. It will be a classic yet sweet touch in this shabby chic furniture.

As it is a handmade product, you can order it with your own customization to suit your personalities and taste. Click the button below to start your shopping and order this beautiful dresser.

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Antique Dresser Tallboy Shabby Chic Aqua Blue Distressed Cottage Light Blue Prairie ($695)

Light blue is one of the most favorite colors in shabby chic style. When applied to shabby chic furniture, it creates an elegant and vintage impression that blends perfectly with the overall situation.

This light aqua blue shabby chic furniture dresser will give an antique and sweet touch to your bedroom. With curved turned legs and swags of roses carving on the drawers front, it will bring a unique sensation of shabby chic style.

This shabby chic furniture is refurbishing of a 1930’s antique walnut furniture featuring 5 drawers that are quite enough to store your bedding needs. Meanwhile, the drawers have original bronze drawer pulls to maintain its authenticity.

In addition, it has a distressed finishing with a little bit of cracked paint details on the drawers front to exude its vintage look. Do you want to order this lovely collection? Just simply click the button below.

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ACME 01020 Pearl Dresser, Pearl White Finish ($521)

This Shabby chic furniture dresser will bring the romantic touch of shabby chic style in your bedroom. With Ivory pearl finishing on decorative carving drawer fronts, this shabby chic furniture brought the sweet and romantic look in an instant.

Highly ornate on the drawer pulls and the foot bases blend perfectly with the white pearl finishing. Despite its clean finishing that is not too shabby chic, the decorative touch in this furniture will be great to complement your shabby chic bedroom.

It will distress on the elegant side of your shabby chic style. If you are into this shabby chic furniture, you can simply just click the button below.

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Furniture of America Nathalia Fairy Tale Style 8-Drawer Dresser and Mirror Set, Pearl White Finish ($810.69)

Do you want to exude a shabby chic style in its very elegant and fairy tales side? This shabby chic furniture dresser might be the one you want. It features eight wide drawers with unique decorative details.

Meanwhile, the vanity boxes on the top of the dresser will be a great solution to store your jewelry or makeup equipment. In addition, the drawer pulls itself has unique features on each of the drawers. The top drawers have three drawer knobs each with crystal-like details.

Then, the others have a highly ornate antique drawer pulls each in the white pearly finish for an easier access to the contents inside. Additionally, you can find hand brushed golden accent all around the dresser front for an eye-catching embellishment to this gorgeous white pearl shabby chic furniture.

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Furthermore, the elegant vanity mirror sits sturdily on the dresser top with its elegant carving. The arched shape and beautiful carvings on the crown exude its elegant and opulent touch. The design itself becomes attractive with classical touch embellishments in the mirror side.

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Shabby Chic Furniture: Mirror

The Americana Rustic Farmhouse Mirror with Shutters, Vintage Gray ($69)

This shabby chic furniture mirror will indulge your bedroom with a laid-back luxury of rustic and shabby chic style. Besides, it will bring reflective depth to your bedroom in an instant. 

Handcrafted beautifully with inset distressed metal border of flowers and braids, this mirror has a gray wooden framework to exude its aged touch. Meanwhile, the top of the mirror has an arched shape embellished by metal scrollwork medallion.

In addition, its shutter has a slatted design in gray natural finishing that increases its aged look. This mirror can be an inspiring accent piece with aged looking touch and a shabby chic finish. It is perfect to be a focal point for your shabby chic bedroom.

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BrandtWorks Shabby Chic Farmhouse Full Length Floor Vanity Wall Mirror, 32 x 71, Brown/White ($242)

Simple yet elegant, this weathered mirror will enrich the texture of your bedroom look. It doesn’t have too many embellishments, but sure will be a great addition to its rich texture.

With flat profile design and weathered gray, brown, or white finishing slight grain texture, this shabby chic furniture will be a nice addition to your bedroom.

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Stonebriar SB-6081M Cottage Oval Mirror with Worn White Details ($29.74)

This beautiful oval mirror will be a sweet addition to your shabby chic style bedroom. The antique white finish with a little rust and chipped paint details exudes the vintage impression.

This shabby chic furniture is not only functional but also great to bring the impression of vintage in your bedroom. In addition, you can easily clean this shabby chic furniture mirror with just one wipe with a damp cloth.

Click the button below to start your shopping with this beautiful shabby chic bedroom furniture.

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20″ Shabby Chic Wood Arched-Top Wall Mirror ($66.51)

Add this shabby chic furniture to your bedroom to bring the sweet impression of vintage art in the French style. With the curved design and lily-shaped carving on the mirror’s crown, this beautiful mirror truly exudes the elegant touch of shabby chic style.

Meanwhile, the weathered white finish in highly ornate mirror frame will be a matching decoration in any of bedroom decorations and wall color. If you fall in love with this beautiful product, click the button below to start your shopping right now!

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Kole White Oval Vintage Wall Mirror ($11.70)

This charming shabby chic furniture mirror will bring a sweet impression in vintage style to your bedroom. With white finishing on the decorative plastic frame, this mirror will enrich your bedroom look.

Meanwhile, curling vines and flourishing embellishments on the mirror frame brings a luxurious impression to your bedroom. In addition, this mirror is crafted with high quality material plastic that offers a durable product to decorate your shabby chic bedroom.

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Shabby Chic Furniture: Nightstand

Set of 2 Carved Wood Shabby White Nightstands ($107)

What is better than a beautiful shabby chic furniture nightstand in sophisticated carving for your bedroom? Right! The answer is two beautiful shabby chic furniture nightstands to complement your bedroom. With only $107 you can get a pair of this shabby chic furniture on Amazon.

With distressed white on the combination of pine wood solids and MDF board, this furniture will be a great addition for your bedroom. Meanwhile, the shell design trim and curvy legs add a vintage distinction to exude the authentic shabby chic style.

The pine wood material for the nightstand’s legs becomes a sturdy and durable material. This shabby chic furniture nightstand has a generous drawer and a quite large bottom shelf for abundant storage of your stuff. In addition, beautiful carving and an elegant drawer knob become an elegant touch to this sweet shabby chic furniture.

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Antique White Shabby Chic Wood Console Table w/ Rosebuds Product SKU: HD221568 ($79.99)

When you want to a touch of nostalgic memory to your bedroom, this shabby chic furniture nightstand is one of the best choices you can get. This lovely wood side table has a sweet and vintage design that will give a shabby chic touch to your bedroom. With handcrafted whitewash patina, this lovely collection will be a sweet addition to your bedroom.

Furthermore, this unique wood finish is combined with long elegant turned spindle legs to give an additional character to your bedroom. Distressed white that is applied in this beautiful piece mimicking aged furniture that suits the shabby chic style.

In addition, beautiful vintage carving on the drawer’s front with gorgeous metal handle becomes a sweet character that enriches your bedroom look.

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Fleur De Lis Double Drawer Shabby Chic Accent Side End Table Night Stand($74.93)

Despite its simple lines and rigid design, this shabby chic furniture nightstand is still shabby and chic for your bedroom. Crown molding details on the drawer’s front and the legs tame the stiffness of rectangular design. Meanwhile, 2 pullout drawers give quite large storage option for your bedding needs.

Furthermore, the drawer below has unique vintage perforated carving to give shabby chic look, classical look. On the other hand, the upper drawer has simple lines with crown molding details.

Below the drawer, you can find a display shelf to give you another storage option you can use for your bigger stuff, or just a bucket of flower for decoration.

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Graceful Antiqued Cabinet($139)

When you want to bring the elegance of shabby chic style in your bedroom, make sure that you apply the right shabby chic furniture. This graceful antiqued cabinet is one of a kind of that right shabby chic furniture for your needs.

Although it doesn’t have lots of embellishment on the drawer’s front, this beautiful product is still eye-catching. With the creamy hand-distressed finish that gives an aged furniture look, a beautiful heirloom.

This shabby chic furniture nightstand will give an authentic shabby chic look to your bedroom.

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Shabby Chic Furniture: Chest

Home Styles 5518-41 The French Countryside Drawer Chest, Oak/Rubbed White ($306)

This shabby chic furniture chest boasts posh charm once it placed in your bedroom. With the white creamy distressed finish on the chest’s body and unfinished look of oak veneers on its surface, this chest will enrich your bedroom look.

Hardwood solids for the body, engineered wood for the drawers, and oak veneers for the surface give a great combination of sweet and elegant shabby chic furniture.

Meanwhile, you can find some worm holes, fly specking, or small indentations on this beautiful shabby chic furniture that come from sophisticated distressing techniques. All of it is intended to mimicking the authentic vintage look of aged furniture.

This shabby chic furniture chest itself has 4 drawers with two smaller drawers on the upper side and 2 bigger drawers below. Furthermore, the antique drawer pulls finished with dark bronze become a show stealer and nice complement to this beautiful shabby chic furniture.

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Furniture of America Camina Vintage Style Storage Chest, Antique Green/Brown ($435.80)

With its rustic appeal in timeless design, this shabby chic furniture chest surely will bring the touch of vintage ambient in classic style in your bedroom. This shabby chic furniture is a robust wooden with very durable material to bring a high-quality furniture for a long lasting usage.

Actually, it just has 3 drawers with faux triple drawer fronts that make it looks like has 9 drawers. The metal drawer pull with dark bronze finish become a nice accent to give an elegant touch to the distressed antique green finish. It gives a great compliment and multiple storage options for your bedding needs.

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Three Drawer Chest, Aged Black 24-906 ($197)

Park Design Three Drawer Chest Black is one of your bedroom shabby chic furniture chest choices that will give a unique texture and elegant touch. With the very distressed black finish, this shabby chic furniture will be an elegant enrichment for your bedroom design and storage option.

Meanwhile, scalloped bottom edges and fancy cut legs exude the romantic touch of vintage style in your shabby chic style bedroom. In addition, the black distressed finishing in this beautiful furniture will be a show stealer in your bedroom soft tone color.

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Chic & Shabby Wooden 4 Drawer Cabinet Storage Chest White Hanging Hearts Handles ($33.18)

If you want to add a romantic touch in your shabby chic style bedroom, this 4 drawer chest will be a sweet addition. With a stunning distressed finishing on rich decorative wood grain, this shabby chic bedroom furniture surely the sweet show stealer.

This four drawers chest will enrich your bedroom look with sweetness and elegance in vintage style. Quite small but useful to store your jewelry or any of your tiny accessories, this furniture has 4 drawers with heart handles that is eye catching.

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Pulaski P017017 Shabby Chic Accent Chest with Fleur De Leis, White ($361.89)

Mimicking aged furniture with a distressed finish and vintage design, this shabby chic furniture surely will bring the sweetness of shabby chic style to your bedroom. The Pulaski Shabby Chic Furniture chest is surely an eye-catching complement to your bedroom to give additional storage and beautiful texture of aged furniture.

With two doors in antique tin panels inspired design, this chest is an insignia of shabby chic furniture. Furthermore, this shabby chic furniture has three levels shelf with an adjustable shelf behind doors to help to organize storage space.

Sophisticated distressed white finishing on vintage inspired carving becomes a unique decoration in this furniture. Meanwhile, the soft turned feet finish off the case becomes a sturdy support and antique complement to this beautiful shabby chic furniture.

Last but not least, the antique distressed finish metal handles in on each of the chest doors become a sweet final touch to this beautiful furniture.

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Shabby Chic Furniture: Dressing Tables

F2C Wooden Dressing Make-Up Vanity Table with Stool Set, Ivory White W/ 5 Drawers and Mirror ($164.99)

These beautiful shabby chic furniture dressing tables will give you a sweet place to do your daily makeup after a shower. With vintage shabby chic style exuded in the beautiful decorative element on mirror’s crown and other places, this furniture is surely a show stealer. White distressed finish on MDF board and solid wood material will fit with any of bedroom décor.

Meanwhile, 5 drawers pull outs offer enough storage space to store your makeup stuff, accessories, or jewelry. In addition, you can catch all the right angles when you do your make up with side mirror extensions in fold out design.

Furthermore, if you just want to use the table for writing or else, you can dismantle the top half easily. Last but not least, a free padded stool is included to give you a comfortable place to do the activity on this lovely table. You can directly click on the button if you fall in love this lovely shabby chic furniture to redirect you to our store.

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Homcom Antique Style Shabby Chic Dressing Table with Vanity Mirror & Stool – White by Homcom ($256,69)

The Homcom Antique Style Shabby Chic Furniture Dressing Tables is one of your furniture choices to complement your bedroom. With the oval mirror in antique design and broken white finishing, this beautiful product will be a nice complement.

5 drawers in various sizes give you multiple storage options to store your jewelry, makeup equipment, or any other accessories.

In addition, curvy shaped legs exude the classical style of shabby chic furniture in this dressing table. Furthermore, this beautiful product includes a beautiful padded stool for your comforts.

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Tribesigns French Vintage Ivory White Vanity Dressing Table Set Makeup Desk with Stool & Mirror Bedroom($235.99)

The Tribesigns Shabby Chic Furniture Vanity Set is an exceptional dressing table for your shabby chic bedroom style. With hardwood material on the table leg, stool leg and 2 column plus MDF board as an additional material, this dressing table surely offers a durability in beauty.

Meanwhile, the drawer that is decorated with flower shaped carvings gives a beautiful ornament to enrich your bedroom look. The included stool featured with anti-slippery part fixed in leg bottom avoids floor scratching. It protects your parquet or ceramics floor from any scratch that it may cause.

This shabby chic furniture features a 3-way folding mirror to give a better look in any angles, 5 drawers for storage, and padded stool. The mirror frame has an arched design with beautiful carving embellishments on its crown and the bottom of the mirror.

Furthermore, you can make the tabletop as a space to put your cosmetics and beauty supplies with its smooth surface. Additionally, this beautiful shabby chic furniture also includes a matching wooden elegant padded stool. It is surely adding elegance and style to your bedroom

In addition, if you don’t want to use this shabby chic furniture as the vanity mirror, you can detach the half top to use it as an office, study, or writing table.

With all of its elegance and trendy design, you can use this as teenager vanity mirror as well as it works best for your master bedroom.

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Choose one!

So those are some recommended products of shabby chich furniture that you can find on Amazon. Pick the one that really suits your taste and needs. Keep in mind to choose the furniture in the similar or close style to make it look beautiful to put side by side in creating your bedroom decor.


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Shabby chic bedroom layout is always a great idea to adapt to your bedroom layout. You can get such a more distinctive room’s look that is timeless and gender neutral. You can also mix and match the shabby chic furniture with other styles of furniture to create a more refreshing look.

So now your next job is to include a shabby chic style to your next bedroom remodeling plan!

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