Five Key Aspects to Find The Right Bedroom Furniture for Your Needs

What factors do you think are important when buying a bedroom furniture? Is it the style? Its material? The color? Its price? Or you just have a love at first sight once you saw it on the display?

In order to make a beautiful bedroom, there are many aspects that you should put on your consideration when you buy a bedroom furniture. Why? Because a bedroom shouldn’t only be a comfortable place to rest, but also a cozy and trendy room to look.

Furthermore, every single piece of the element in your bedroom should be chosen and arranged well in order to exude your desired impression. The bedroom furniture, especially the bed set, which is the major focal point in your bedroom, the center of attention. So, it has to be comfortable and also eye-catching and compatible with the bedroom decoration.

Therefore, before you decide to buy a bedroom furniture, read this article to know better about what bedroom furniture that fits most with your bedroom.

Bedroom Furniture

First of all, bedroom furniture holds an important role in the bedroom because of its utility and design. You can store your make up and jewelry in the dresser that usually attached with the vanity mirror. The chest can be used for a temporary closet to store your wardrobe.

Meanwhile, you can put the night lamp, photograph, or your favorite novel temporarily on the nightstand. A bedroom bench can be the place where you put on the breakfast set if you decide to have breakfast in the bedroom. Last but not least, the bed as the focal point in the bedroom shouldn’t be just comfortable but also beautiful to lift up the bedroom appearances.

Furthermore, there are many types of bedroom furniture in the market that can make you confuse to choose the one that really fit with your needs. Therefore, before you decide to buy a bedroom furniture, especially a bed set, there are at least 5 key aspects that you need to consider, such as:

  • Types

    There are many types of the bedroom furniture you can choose, and the different types of the bed set will exude different impression and utility. 

    A poster bed exudes a glamour, luxurious look, while a panel bed will be a nice addition to the contemporary bedroom. Meanwhile, for the small bedroom, you can use a folding bed or a Murphy to give more space when the bed is not in use or you can choose a storage bed to give extra spacious room for your bedding needs.

    Therefore, before you decide to buy a bedroom furniture, firstly you have to decide what you need and expect from a bedroom furniture. Then, you can decide by matching it with a particular bed type that fit with your needs and expectation.

  • Size

    The size of a bedroom furniture usually relates with for whose bedroom does that furniture for and how big that the bedroom is. In this case, if it is for your kid’s bedroom, a king size bed can be excessive. Meanwhile, a single size bed is inappropriate for the couple’s master bedroom. You have to measure how big your bedroom is, to avoid incompatibility and inappropriateness.

  • Material

    The material will determine the durability of the bedroom furniture that you’re going to purchase. Besides, it creates some unique texture that enriches your bedroom look. 

    Metal is good for durability and strength but can rust easily as its paint is peeled off. Some particular hardwood has a unique texture with its grain, eventually when it is painted with the unfinished look. Especially for hardwood material, you will often find the combination of two or more hardwood that makes unique furniture.

  • Styles

    As stated before, bedroom furniture is chosen not only because of its utility, but also its look, its style. Thus, choosing the appropriate bedroom furniture style is a must if you want to have a decent bedroom look in your own desired impression. 

    The style in your bedroom will show your personality that somehow will impress anyone you desire.  In addition, it will enrich your bedroom look to create your cozy and chic personal space.

  • Price

    Last but not least, the price is a very important factor that will make you decide to buy bedroom furniture. If you have a limited budget, the price is very critical, you have to be smart to spend your money. 

    There are many bedroom furniture products in the market at a various range of prices. At least, you have to make it worth it for a single penny you spend. In this case, knowing another 4 factors is quite important in making a worth buying. Because those four factors itself that determine how much a product is priced.

Furthermore, here we will give you a very comprehensive explanation about key factors you have to consider before buying a bedroom furniture, especially the bed.

Bedroom Furniture


There are many types of bed you can choose for your bedroom. To choose it wisely, you have to know first about what type that fits your needs and expectation. Here we go!


The folding bed is unique which has a hinged frame that can make you fold it up into a smaller space. Moreover, it is ideal for small space that has multi functions as a guest room in the noon and bedroom in the night. This kind of bed is very great for your studio apartment.

In addition, sometimes you can fold it into closets, wheeled frame, and even into different enclosures for decoration. Therefore, it is a very cool solution if you have very small space.

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If you don’t want to use bulky box springs, you can choose this kind of bedroom furniture. With a lattice structure or rows of flexible wooden slats, it can support even the heaviest mattresses. Moreover, it also gives a proper ventilation for the mattress to avoid mildew and mold buildup in the humid bedroom.

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It has flat, decorated, and tall panels made from wood for the headboard and footboard. Moreover, sometimes it has divided sections with molding to create a nice display, just like wall paneling. In addition, it’s very similar with platform beds, but it has side rails for a box spring and mattress.

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This type of bed set has four vertical columns which loomed in each corner. There are possibly many types of the post such as pointed, square, rounded, etc.

In addition, sometimes it has beautiful carvings to give additional decorations to the bed set. In conclusion, poster bed simply is an insignia of luxury and glamour.

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 Low Poster

Very common in a lot of households, the low poster bed has a very low poster on each corner. It is just a few inches in height with various tops on them. In conclusion, it creates a luxurious look with a more spacious impression than another poster bedroom furniture.

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Half Poster

This kind of poster bed has higher posts in the headboard than the footboard. Moreover, this design aims for flexibility and easier placement in the narrower bedroom.


This kind of beds is very identical with the poster bed except all the posts are connected to make a canopy. Sometimes it has a full canopy made from wood with decorative carving as seen on the traditional canopy bed.

On the other hand, a contemporary canopy bed had a simple and minimalist design than traditional. Furthermore, you can drape the canopy with thin fabric or just leave it open. Both aim to add the luxury inside your bedroom.

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A sleigh bed has scrolled headboard or footboard that is usually made from heavy hardwood. Although the hardwood material is the best for a sleigh bed, sometimes you can find aluminum, iron, and steel. As a result, it creates an exceptional impression though not as curved as wood.

In addition, back in the early 19th century, this kind of bed set becomes an insignia of an exquisite piece of furniture in French and American Empire Period.

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Named after its inventor, William l. Murphy, you can fold this bed into the walls to create space when not in use, same as the folding bed. You can store it vertically in a closet or against a wall if you need some extra space in your bedroom.

This bed is great for a studio apartment or any smaller or multi-functional place if you have one. In addition, sometimes you can get this kind of bed with nightstands, shelves, or storage units for the more efficient purpose.

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If you have a kids or teens’ shared room, trundle bed can be your choice. The trundle bed is 2 beds in 1 package that can save the space in your kids’ bedroom. Leave the bottom bed tucked away in the morning to give more space for your kids to play.

Meanwhile, when the night has come you can pull the bottom bed out to give additional space for your kid to sleep. Not as bulky as a bunk bed and very suitable for a small bedroom.

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Day bed is multi-functional which is well designed to ensure your purpose to rest in every stance. You can recline, sit, lounge, and even sleep on it comfortably.

This kind of bed is very popular in the guest room for its multi-functional purpose. It comes in various materials that is shaped as a cross between a bed, chaise lounge, and a couch.

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This kind of bed is very ideal for limited space. You often find the divan bed with drawers built into them for extra storage option. It is an ideal solution if you can’t include additional storage furniture in your bedroom

In addition, it has a soft headboard that can make a more comfortable sitting if you want to watch TV or read a novel before you get to sleep.

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This kind of the bed is another smart solution for small space problems. Inspired by futon bed that is very popular in Japan, this kind of bed will be great for your small apartment.

As a mix between a bed and a couch into one package, you can interchange it to suit your comfort needs. Come in variety frame material such as wood and metal, it gives a durability and sturdy support despite its flexibility.

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Double Decker or Bunk Bed

This type of bed is very ideal for your kids’ shared room with multiple children. Actually, this bed is a twin bed that is stacked upon another twin bed with a ladder to access the upper bunk.

It comes with various durable frame materials such as metal, hardwood, or wrought iron to give strong and sturdy support for the whole bed construction. It may come in 2 or 3 stack of bed to give an extra capacity in the limited room.

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Loft Bunk

Different with standard bunk bed, the loft bunk has an open space in the bottom that allows you to add a small couch or a desk. This type of bed is perfect for your kids’ bedroom if you have just limited space. It has more flexibility as you can change the bottom space as you desired to meet with what you need.

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 L-Shaped Bunk

Similar with the traditional bunk bed, but it has a different shape as the bottom bed sticks out to make an “L” shape. Thus, it creates an empty space in beneath the top bed that you can utilize for futon, desk, or regular bed to create three beds in one package.

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Twin Over Full Bunk

Very similar with a regular Double Decker bed but it can accommodate a single sleeper on the top and multiple sleepers on the bottom bunk. The top bed is twin bed while the bottom bunk is a full size that makes a larger bottom bunk than the top bunk. So, you can accommodate three sleeper in one bed package.

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Half Tester

This kind of bed is very close to the poster bed family, with a half canopy over headboard and low footboard. Very popular in ancient time that makes this bed is belonging to classical style. It creates an opulent, majestic look of the ancient for your bedroom. Sometimes, you can find it with lighting, lavish drapes and beautiful carving to increase its luxury.


Beside of its type and style, you have to remind about its size to meet your needs. There are many standard of bed size available in different parts of the world. But, here we give you some bed size standards in the USA, UK, Europe and Asia that can be a general reference for you to consider.

 SizeUS/Canada (inches)UK (centimeters)Europe (inches)Asia -Thailand (inches)
Twin/Single size39 x 7590 W x 190 L –
3′ x 6′ 3″
36 x 7542 x 78 x 22
King single size42 x 80106 W x 203 L –
3′ 6″ x 6’8″
Double size54 x 75135 W x 190 L –
4′ 6″ x 6′ 3″
54 x 7548 x 78 x 22
Queen size60 x 80   
Olympic Queen size66 x 80   
California Queen size60 x 84   
King size76 x 80150 W x 200 L – 5′ x 6′ 6″60 x 7872 × 78 × 22
California King size72 x 84   
Super King size 180 W x 200 L – 6′ x 6′ 6″72 x 78 
Twin XL size39 x 80   
Twin XXL size39 x 85   
Twin XL size39 x 80   
Three Quarter size39 x 85120 W x 190 L – 4′ x 6′ 3″  
Small Single size39 x 8075 W x 190 L – 2′ 6″ x 6′ 3″  

From that list we can differ at least seven categories of bed size to fit with any of your special needs such as:

  • Single

    A single bed is quite small for adult but fit for your children and teens. There are many bed set that sell this bed size which is specifically addressed to the children and teens needs.

  • Single XL

    If you have a quite large area for your kid’s bedroom or your teenager is quite tall enough for a regular single bed size, this bed size is ideal. It gives more space for your teen to sleep. Sometimes, it is also known as Long Single and Single Extra Long.

  • King Single

    Kids nowadays have a rapid growth than our times because of better nutrition and DNA. Thus, the King Single size is very ideal for your growing children, teens, or even a single adult sleeper.

  • Double

    A Double Bed size can handle two teen or kids sleepers in one bed cozily. Meanwhile, if you apply it for one sleeper bedroom, it will give a very spacious room.

  • Queen

    This bed size is very ideal for adult couples and it is the best seller among another bed size because of its spacious size.

  • King

    If you want a more spacious bed for your master bedroom, the King bed size is an ideal choice. It has an extra 16 inches wide with the queen size that makes a wider and more roomy space to sleep with your beloved spouse.

  • California King

    California King has way different size than King or Queen Bed size. Not as wider with King size but slightly longer, this bed size will give you a spacious room for your body and legs. It is not quite common in Europe, but quite popular in USA.


The material in bedroom furniture determines its strength and durability. In this case, you should choose sturdy and durable bedroom furniture to make it long-last over years of usage. Sometimes it creates a unique texture that enriches the furniture look.

There are lots of bedroom furniture with different materials in the market. In order to choose one that meet with your needs and requirements, here we give you some information.


The metal frame is inexpensive and quite common. Not as flexible and highly-decorated as wooden bed, the metal frames are easier to move around, much lighter, and more sturdy.

Sometimes, you can find it with an adjustable feature that will make it easier to switch the bed size. It doesn’t have unique texture but you can get beautiful embellishments with curved metal and unique welding.

The metal bed set mostly has to use box spring except for the bunk bed. In this case, it has latticed bars to give a support for the mattress.

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The classic material for furniture construction, this material is very flexible and unique. You can shape it in any style you want and still it will give unique texture especially in weathered or unfinished look.

While some wood timber has unique and durable construction, some has flat grain, perishable, and susceptible with mold and mildew. In this case, you should pay attention to the kind of wood for the furniture construction. For your consideration, Oak, Acacia, Maple, and Teakwood are very durable and resistant wood for your bedroom furniture.

Meanwhile, Cherry and Mapa Burl is very decorative, great for veneering. In this case, great bedroom furniture comes with combination of a durable and sturdy hardwood solids with decorative and unique wood veneers.

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Woven, as a fancy term of “wicker”, can be sturdy and unique materials for your bedroom furniture. It is very old fashioned with a more country-like look. Lightweight and sturdy, this bedroom furniture will be great for your bedroom.

Furthermore, generally made from plastic or plant based materials, it comes with various color and finishing. Unfortunately, this kind of material will be damaged easily once one or several parts of the webbing broken.

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This kind of material has an old fashioned look and very elegant. With its golden shine, it will add a classic and luxurious touch to your bedroom. It can come in the various styles, with or without headboard and footboard.

Moreover, sometimes you can find it with vertical lattice bar look or a curved headboard for a more elegant touch. This kind of material is quite sturdy and more lightweight than the wooden one.

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An upholstered bed is absolutely stunning because it offers a comfortable place to sitting up in bed and lavish focal point for your bedroom. Soft and smooth, this kind of bed can come with the buttoned, tufted, or plain headboard that is simply elegant and luxurious.

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Wrought Iron

Do you want to add more vintage bed with a very durable and sturdy construction? The wrought iron bed is a great addition to your vintage bedroom.

It is quite simple sometimes come with just a touch of flare. Sometimes, you can find a scroll work headboard to create a metal sleigh bed.

Furthermore, very durable and sturdy, this kind of bed is very heavy. Don’t let the paint on your bed peeled off as it can get rust easily due to its iron material.

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The style in your bedroom furniture will give a nicer impression to the bedroom overall look. A particular style will give a desired impression that will lift up your bedroom atmosphere. There are lots of bedroom furniture in various styles that will be great complement in your bedroom.

With abundant number of style, it maybe makes you confused sometimes. To know more about what kind of style that fit with your desired bedroom decoration, here we give you some explanations.


Modern style bedroom furniture has a simple and minimalist cut. Sometimes it has a very little to no decoration at all with the thin and flat shape. It may come in black, white, gray, or any neutral color in the matte finish. You may find it has silver or gold accent to accentuate its impression.

Furthermore, the uniqueness of this bedroom furniture style usually comes with its geometrical playing in the construction. In addition, metal, MDF board, engineered wood are the favorite materials for this kind of bedroom furniture style.

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This style is very old fashioned with the carved headboard that exudes a fancy and elegant impression. Sometimes, it comes with full decorated bedroom furniture that accentuates its luxury. On the other hand, you can find it with simple and elegant design in the white finish on the camelback shape curved headboard and footboard.

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This style is very unique with horizontal or vertical lines and flat panels. The characteristic of this style is lattice design in the headboard, footboard, or any bedroom furniture part. This is quite an up-to-date style that can blend in with any bedroom decor.

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The traditional style is a timeless design you may add to your bedroom. This style has very wide range of features and details. It because of this kind of style is generalized into every style that comes from all of the older eras.

Thus, it can include poster, half tester, canopy, and many other variations. Add a timeless look to your bedroom with the modern day touches in elegance with the traditional style bedroom furniture.

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The country style bedroom furniture is quite similar to the rustic style. It is usually made from textured wood veneers with an unfinished look to expose its grain. It has a tall, flat headboard in with paneling details. Furthermore, sometimes you can find it is made with wooden logs to give a superb woody feel.

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The word retro is identical with the 70-80s eras. In this case, the retro bedroom furniture is a combination of many things that is very popular in that era. Vintage, old fashioned can be related to this style. Sometimes, you can find a moderately modern accent in this bedroom furniture style. It is very unique and will fit with almost any decoration you add on it.

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Inspired with the freedom of open nature, the rustic style is a perfect choice for those who love the outdoors look. The different thing from the country style is that the rustic style doesn’t really have any modern features in it. It has a vintage look with the uniqueness of wood grain texture in weathered finishing, creating a warm and old fashioned impression to your bedroom.

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The French style bedroom furniture is very elegant. It has a chic, trendy, and elegant impression in the most romantic way. Sometimes it is come with the upholstered buttoned bed to give a comfortable place to do activity before fall asleep. In addition, it will be great for your Paris themed girl bedroom.

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This styles comes from the mid of 1900’s in a traditional style. Made from wood generally, this style will give your bedroom a more vintage look. Sometimes, you can find it in a retro-style upholstered headboard or footboard.

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As one of traditional bedroom style, this style has very decorated embellishments with majestic carving and coloring. Began around 1600 in Rome and Italy very popular in most of Europe, this style is luxurious, glorious, and glamorous.

In addition, it may come with sleigh, poster, canopy, or any bed types with highly ornate, very intense, and lavishly textured decoration. Thus, a Baroque Bedroom set can be a great addition that will fill your bedroom with opulence, lavishness, and majesty.


The price holds an important role in deciding the right bedroom furniture, especially in a limited budget. There are many furniture providers and merchants that offer their products in interesting sale and packages.

But, to know that the offered product is worth-to-buy or not, the other 4 factors are important to consider. Unfortunately, there is very few up to no measurement or parameter that is trustable and dependable in to give an appraisal to bedroom furniture.

However, based on the article that we already wrote about bedroom furniture set before, then here, we give you some recommendation about bedroom furniture set.

Bedroom Furniture Set Under $200

With less than $200, at least you can get a one piece bedroom furniture. Probably, you will at least get a dresser, a nightstand, or a bed set in a quite good material.

Furthermore, for a bed set, you can get at least a brass, metal bed set, or any inexpensive wood material with a quite lavish embellishment. Meanwhile, for a nightstand or dresser, you can buy a quite durable wooden material such as MDF, engineered wood, or hardwood solids.

Bedroom Furniture Set Under $500

For your kid’s bedroom, the $500 is quite enough to bring a hardwood or metal bunk bed or 4 pieces twin bedroom sets in MDF board material. Meanwhile, a quite lavish dresser + mirror or a bed set with an upholstered or additional storage is quite enough to redeem with less than $500.

In this case, at least you will get a metal, brass, or engineered wood bedroom furniture. Furthermore, if you are lucky enough, you can get a hardwood solids bedroom furniture with this price range.

Bedroom Furniture Set Under $1000

In this price range, the options is quite flexible and complete. You can get an affordable queen bedroom set with at least two bedroom furniture complement such as a nightstand, a dresser, or a chest.

If you want this package, at least you will get an MDF board or inexpensive wood material such as poplar or engineered wood. Meanwhile, if you want a decent bed set in more luxurious style in this range, there are quite a lot options you can choose in the market.

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Bedroom Furniture Set Under $1200

In this price range, you can get a more modern and lavish queen or king bedroom set with the stylish and contemporary design. Then, you can at least get 4-5 piece bedroom sets including a bed set, a nightstand, a mirror, a dresser, and may be an additional chest.

In this case,  some branded bedroom set offers a quite lavish bedroom sets in this price range. In addition, one of that branded furniture is Sofia Vergara Bedroom Collection that offers a 5 piece queen bedroom collection at an affordable price and stylish design.

Bedroom Furniture Set Under $1500

In this price range, you will get almost complete bedroom furniture set with a decent quality material. It includes a bed set, dresser, mirror, chest, and nightstand.

Probably, you can at least get a very durable wooden furniture with quite strong solids and decorative veneers. As the storage bed set is more expensive than regular platform or panel bed set. Therefore, in this price range you can get a decent storage bed set with its complements.

Bedroom Furniture Set Under $2500

A $2500 is quite a big amount of money for a bedroom set. Perhaps, you can get a lavish and luxurious bedroom set with complete set and very durable material in this price range.

Furthermore, at least ou can get a Leatherette upholstered bed or a canopy or poster bed with high-quality hardwood in solids and veneers. Probably, you can find some luxurious and majestic baroque bedroom set in this price range.

Bedroom Furniture Set $2500 Up

Lastly, the best thing about having an unlimited amount of money that you can buy anything do you want with the best quality. Especially in bedroom set, you can get the best, the most luxurious, and the most modern bedroom set you want.

Furthermore, you can buy an exotic bedroom set in opulent, luxurious, and majestic carvings if you like the classical style. Meanwhile, if you like the more contemporary style, you can buy smart bed set that has a lot of sophisticated features inside. Eventually, money can’t buy everything, but everything is almost nothing without money.

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