20+ Simple DIY Towel Storage Ideas for Your Small Bathroom

You can’t have a cozy bathroom without having proper storage to keep your towels. For sure, you can always buy some towel holders in various designs and styles, but making one sounds like a very fun idea.

Below, we share with you some clever DIY towel storage ideas that will totally inspire you!

DIY Towel Storage Ideas

Door Knob Holder

DIY Towel Storage 1
Source: notjustahousewife.net

Do you have some old door knobs that you are about to throw away? Don’t do so yet since you can actually turn them into some gorgeous towel holders just like this idea shows. Some vintage door knobs with round holders are attached to an empty wall which is enough to neatly keep your towels.

Beaded Ring Holder

DIY Towel Storage 2
Source: spoonforkbacon.com

To create this uniquely DIY towel holder, you will need some cheap materials that you can get easily. The steps that are involved in this project are so simple that you can finish them in no time.

Prepare these supplies:

  • Metal rings
  • Wood beads
  • Leather straps

Besides improving the storage station in your bathroom, this towel holder will also give a nice decorative touch to the overall look of the room, for sure.

Ladder Towel Holder

DIY Towel Storage 3
Source: 12oaksblog.com

Nowadays, ladder is one of the most popular storage options that are used in a lot of modern houses. It’s a good storage station that you can use to store towels without taking up much space in the room. That being said, the ladder is always a good storage station for a bathroom with limited space.

Double Duty Shelf

DIY Towel Storage 4
Source: themerrythought.com

A floating shelf is always a good space-saving storage station that will never fail to make your bathroom look more adorable and feel more comfortable. Here, the shelf comes with vertical bands which can work to keep your rolled towels. You can simply add the bands all by yourself by using sturdy leather straps.

Floating Metal basket

DIY Towel Storage 5
Source: .thepinktumbleweed.com

rectangular metal basket is attached to the wall of this bathroom which works to neatly keep some towels. It’s definitely a good idea to repurpose a metal basket to become a space-saving storage station. The design of the storage fits well for you who have a bathroom with a farmhouse decorating style.

Vintage Window Storage

DIY Towel Storage 6
Source: lilluna.com

In this idea, a vintage window panel made of wood becomes a beautiful station to hang some towels. You just have to add some hooks on the window panel to keep the towels neat. To make the towel holder look more attractive, a greeneries wreath is attached to the center of the window panel.

Simple Built-in Shelf

DIY Towel Storage 7
Source: bymarinazaza.fr

There’s no need to think a lot when you are designing a built-in shelf to keep your towels. This idea shows a nice example to build a shelf behind the walls to improve the storage station of your bathroom without taking up a lot of space. Some wood boards work well to complete the storage which also looks so admirable.

Hanging Wash Basket

DIY Towel Storage 8
Source: hammersandhighheels.blogspot.hu

A stunning wash basket in Western style becomes a catchy statement of the decor that also keeps some folded towels. The basket is hung on a gorgeous hook with burlap ribbon. Of course, it’s a very clever way to improve the storage of a bathroom with limited space that is really worth trying.

Modern Rustic Storage

DIY Towel Storage 9
Source: neverskipbrunch.com

For those who have a minimalist bathroom, this stylish DIY towel storage is a perfect fit for you. The towel holder only consists of a wood board and metal lines which look simply gorgeous. The design is so sleek which is great to improve the storage of your bathroom even when you don’t have a big one.

Floating Storage Baskets

DIY Towel Storage 10
Source: myweeabode.com

When you no longer have the space on the flooring or countertop to place some baskets, why don’t you hang them on the wall just like this idea shows? The baskets are attached to the walls which are enough to handle towels in various sizes. Besides the main space of the basket, you can also display some decor items on top of them.

Rustic Big Clothespins

DIY Towel Storage 11
Source: @kaitharris00

These huge clothespins will instantly become central attention in your bathroom. They provide easy storage for your towels that you can grab and store whenever you need. At the same time, the pins bring the style of your bathroom decor to a whole new level.

Elegant Minimalist Holder

DIY Towel Storage 12
Source: turningithome.com

An elegant towel holder which simply consists of two main materials which include pieces of brass rod and a wood dowel. The design fits really well to complete a bathroom with a minimalist decorating style. There’s no need to spend a lot to get this DIY project done that you can finish in no time.

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Simple Earthy Hooks

DIY Towel Storage 13
Source: themerrythought.com

The hooks of this bathroom are made of small wood blocks with angled ends which is so tempting to steal. They are great to hang wet towels that you can store and grab quickly. Those hooks will give nice earthy textures and tones to the overall look of your bathroom decor.

Thick Rope Holder

DIY Towel Storage 14
Source: hometowin.ca

Rope is always a good element that is perfect to complete the look of a bathroom with a nautical decorating style. In this idea, a thick rope is cleverly turned into a gorgeous towel storage. You just have to simply hang the rope with sturdy hooks and you can have a unique towel holder that everyone surely will admire.

Floating Crate Storage

DIY Towel Storage 15
Source: Silvia Dičáková

To create this superbly creative DIY towel storage, you just have to grab as simple as a wood crate, rope, and hook. Those materials are enough to provide additional storage in your bathroom that you can use to store some folded towels. It’s a very cheap idea to create space-saving storage for a small bathroom.

Rope Ladder Storage

DIY Towel Storage 16
Source: priscilla dantasmacrame

Another inspiring DIT towel storage to beautify your nautical bedroom, and the project only requires some ropes and wood dowels as the materials. Those ropes and towels are then turned into a ladder-like storage station to keep your towels and other linens. The rustic look of the towel holder will bring an ocean vibe to the nuance of the bathroom in an instant.

Rustic Modern Shelf

DIY Towel Storage 17
Source: ivonne878403wahner

A gorgeous vertical shape to keep some towels in various sizes conveniently. Its vertical shape makes it well for your bathroom even when you don’t really have the spacious one. If you are handy enough, you can create a similar shelf out of wood pallet that will also give a nice rustic to the overall look of the bathroom.

Combo Bathroom Storage

DIY Towel Storage 18
Source: thediyplan.com

This bathroom storage serves double purposes which allows you to store your towel and a small bathroom essential like a small jar, bar soap, or shampoo bottle. The wood ring keeps the towel with the help of a small leather strap that is attached to a tiny tray. You can attach the storage close to your vanity area for a convenient storage station.

Minimalist Earthy Hooks

DIY Towel Storage 19
Source: .amazon.com

Though you can find these uniquely elegant hooks in the market, you can create ones all by yourself if you are handy enough. The main materials that you need to prepare are some rocks and wood pieces. The rocks are attached to the wood by using some metal bars.

Beaded Garland Holder

DIY Towel Storage 20
Source: sugarandcloth.com

For you who decorate your bathrooms with a Boho decorating style, this DIY towel storage is a perfect choice. A long garland with wood beads in various styles becomes a towel holder which is not only convenient to use but gives a gorgeous decorative touch at the same time. The steps to create the beaded garland are so easy and require simple tools.

Metal Binder Holder

DIY Towel Storage 21
Source: farigoul1sm

In this idea, some metal paper binders work to keep some towels which is so inspiring to copy. They are great to complete bathrooms with an industrial decorating style by giving raw elements to the decor. Of course, this project also doesn’t require an extra budget to get done.

Rustic Nautical Hooks

DIY Towel Storage 22
Source: mycreativedays.com

The base of these hooks combines white wood frames and bluish wood planks. You just have to add some metal hooks to the wood base and the project is done. The design makes it fit well to complete bathrooms with a nautical decorative touch.

Elegant Rustic Holder

This project shows how to create a gorgeous towel holder that will give a rustic touch to the decor of the room. The design combines sleek wood block and diagonal hooks which look so elegant.

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So those are some adorable DIY towel storage ideas that you can add to your list of inspirations to improve your bathroom. You can create them easily at home without any need to prepare an extra budget at all!

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