20+ Easy Sparkling DIY Star Decoration Ideas on a Budget

Whether it’s Christmas or not, adding some star-themed decor items to the overall look of your house is never a bad idea. They will never fail to give a chic decorative touch that everyone will surely adore.

In this article, we share with you some inspiring DIY star decoration ideas that, of course, you can create all by yourself at home without costing you a lot.

DIY Star Decoration Ideas

Sparkling Star Garland

DIY Star Decoration 1
Source: lilyardor.com

Can you guess what those stars are made of? Well, they are made of a combination of baking soda and cornstarch that you can get cheaply in any nearby market! That being said, the steps of the project involve some molding activities that your kids can even help with. Then, you will need some twines and string light to turn those stars into a beautiful garland.

Crochet Star Pillow

DIY Star Decoration 2
Source: 1dogwoof.com

For you who decorate your living room with a Boho decorating style, this idea is a good inspiration to complete the look. It’s a throw pillow that is designed in a star shape with a pink crochet cover. The pillow will give such a gorgeous texture and feminine touch at the same time.

Patriotic Starry Wreath

DIY Star Decoration 3
Source: smallfryandco.blogspot.com

The 4th of July is coming and you have to add this DIY star decoration to your list of inspiration, for sure. Those stars are made of used soda cans that you have to cut until you get nice shapes. Of course, it’s also a great idea to recycle things that you may just throw away.

Hanging Rustic Star

DIY Star Decoration 4
Source: liagriffith.com

Give your patio or porch some sparkling touch with this adorable decor item. The materials that you need to prepare are so cheap and easily available.

Here’s what you need to prepare:

  • Star cookie cutters
  • Clay
  • Birch branch
  • Thread
  • Twine

The steps that you need to do to get the job done are so simple by using simple tools only!

Hanging Pinecone Star

DIY Star Decoration 5
Source: thewickerhouse.com

When Thanksgiving is coming, you will see pinecones everywhere and this idea can be a good reference to turn them into a beautiful piece of wall art. This DIY star decoration is made of some yardsticks and dozens of pinecones that, of course, will not cost you a lot. You can hang this pinecone star on top of your fireplace or TV console.

Rustic Cardboard Star

DIY Star Decoration 6
Source: theshabbytree.com

You may not really think that this DIY star decoration is made of cardboard, right? Well, with some touches of the paintbrush in various shades of brown, you can turn a large piece of cardboard into this beautiful decor item. It’s a nice option to complete a living room or bedroom with a shabby chic decorating style.

Elegant Wood Star

DIY Star Decoration 7
Source: jaimecostiglio.com

These stars are made of wood which looks so elegant with their natural dark finish. The chunky design of the stars will surely give an aesthetic statement to your boring wall in an instant. You can create as many stars as you wish to decorate your beloved bedroom or living room. However, you might need to be familiar with some woodworking jobs.

Earthy Star Wreath

DIY Star Decoration 8
Source: acraftymix.com

If you are looking for a DIY star decoration that can also refresh the air of your living room, it’s a very great option that you will love. The star is made of wire which is wrapped with twines. Then, you just have to complete the decor item with faux greeneries.

Colorful Twigs Stars

DIY Star Decoration 9
Source: happyhooligans.ca

This one is a very fun project that even your kids can help to get done in no time. Yes, all you need to prepare is some twigs (that you can find in your backyard) and some acrylic paints in assorted colors. To keep the stars together, you just have to use a fishing line. It’s a very low-cost DIY star decoration to beautify your porch or patio!

Greenery Star Wreath

DIY Star Decoration 10
Source: thethingsshemakes.blogspot.com

This beautiful star wreath is perfect to complete the decor of your living room when Christmas is about to come. The main materials that build the wreath are faux eucalyptus vines and wires. You can either hang the wreath in front of your entry door or place it on top of the fireplace.

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Warm Star Lantern

DIY Star Decoration 11
Source: apieceofrainbow.com

Do you want to add a decor item that also works as an additional lighting source? You can steal this clever DIY star decoration which only requires cheap materials, such as:

  • Thick cardstock
  • Warm string lights
  • Fishing line

The steps are so simple that you can get them done in no time. It’s a very nice idea to give a more decorative touch and warm up your beloved living room or bedroom.

Hanging Yarn Stars

DIY Star Decoration 12
Source: novitaknits.com

These beautiful stars are simply made of cardboard and colorful yarns that you can hang on the walls. They will give such an admirable texture to the decor of your living room. You can always choose the colors that you love or suit the existing decorating style of the room.

Starry Jar Lanterns

DIY Star Decoration 13
Source: @toocutepaige

Mason jar is one of the fun stuff that you can turn into a lot of DIY decor items. In this idea, some mason jars are wrapped in papers or fabrics with star-shaped holes. then, some tealights fill the jars so you will have adorable lanterns to brighten up your sleep. There’s no need to spend a lot to create this starry jar lantern all by yourself at home.

Rustic Star Lantern

DIY Star Decoration 14
Source: parolanasema.blogspot.com

You may often find this kind of star lantern but this looks more admirable with its 3D design. The 3D construction in star shape is made of wood sticks that you can create easily all by yourself without costing a lot. Then, wrap the wood structure with string lights to brighten it up!

Farmhouse Framed Star

DIY Star Decoration 15
Source: @mindysue85

Are you planning to bring a farmhouse vibe to your living room this Christmas? Well, add this beautiful DIY star decoration to your inspiration list right away! The decor item consists of a red star, black frame, chicken wire, faux cranberries, and burlap ribbon which are cheap and easy to get everywhere!

Rustic Twine Star

DIY Star Decoration 16
Source: theshabbytree.com

Do you have some old wire hangers that you no longer use? Don’t throw them away yet because the main structure of this DIY star decoration is made of those hangers that you just need to wrap with twine. This beautiful twine star will give a rustic tine and texture to the overall look of your living room in an instant.

Popsicle Sticks Star

DIY Star Decoration 17
Source: @chemiseverte

Another DIY star decoration that your kids can even create all by themselves and this one is made of popsicle sticks. All you need to do is to glue the sticks until you get a star shape. Give a string or twine to hang the star on your Christmas tree or simply on the empty walls in your bedroom.

Elegant Starry Lantern

DIY Star Decoration 18
Source: handmadekultur.de

This idea shows how to make a lantern out of a can that you have to add to your inspiration list. The can is painted in black with a star-shaped mosaic that sparks starry lights around. You can recycle those used soup cans that you’re just about to throw away, for sure.

Laced Star Lantern

DIY Star Decoration 19
Source: theshabbytree.com

Of course, the main element that catches your attention from this star lantern is the lace. It gives such a gorgeously unique shade that brings the style of the lantern to a whole new level. The string light is used as the lighting source of the lantern. It’s a very cheap and easy project that you can’t miss!

Barn Wood Stars

DIY Star Decoration 20
Source: madetobeamomma.com

These stars will surely give an ultimate rustic touch to the overall look of your decoration significantly. The main material that you need to prepare is barn wood or you can also use some used wood pallets. Of course, you have to be familiar with some woodworking processes to get the job done.

Gorgeous Macarme Star

DIY Star Decoration 21
Source: .pinterest.com

A beautiful macrame star with bead strings that is great to complete your Boho or Scandinavian decor. You can create as many macra,e stars as you want to add a nice texture to the empty walls of your living room or bedroom. There’s no need to master pro macrame skills to create this beautiful DIY star decoration all by yourself.

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So those are some adorable DIY star decoration ideas that you can use as references to add a more decorative touch to your living room or bedroom in a very sparkling way. You don’t have to prepare an extra budget since the materials you need to gather are so cheap and easily available everywhere.

Just choose the one that suits your taste well and have a good time decorating your beloved rooms!

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