Everything You Want To Know About Glass Whiteboards

Glass whiteboards are a new product in the market. These days white glass door is used so much in décor because of the white color it looks beautiful anywhere. There are different types of whiteboards available in the markets Melamine, Acrylic porcelain, and glass. Even different scales of whiteboard you can find easily. Whiteboards are made with toughened safety glass which does not break easily and is easy to maintain. The best thing about white boards is not stained and easily rub so it always looks clean which makes the wall beautiful. Glass is one of the convertible interior design in the market that’s why a new trend has arrived called as the magnetic glass whiteboard. Let’s read about it below.

glass whiteboard

Let’s see different varieties of whiteboards are given below:

Melamine- These are made up of resin-infused paper. The substratum is a medium-density fiberboard.  The Quality of this board is different in the market but this whiteboard is cheap to purchase. This is not durable and makes easily scratched on it.

Acrylic- This material is used generally for commercial purposes, its backside has a steel sheet which makes it magnetic. This is usually used for occasional and it’s not scratching easily.

Porcelain- The most superior whiteboards, porcelain whiteboards baked enamel surfaces and have steel sheets on the back side to be magnetic .ceramic is one of the most durable materials. This is scratching and ghosting you when you get a cheap one. These whiteboards are mainly used in industrial and school classrooms for long periods.

Issues which doesn’t affect on whiteboard glass:

Ghosting- When whiteboard marker stains are left on the board it will not clean properly because of the surface of cheap melamine material besides of this porcelain whiteboards are conventional commercial and can also be a ghost but they clean diligently.

Scratching- Dents are common in any wall area of whiteboards. Porcelain whiteboards are durable for non-scratch and any hard mark on that board. Glass whiteboards are the most scratch and dent-resistant boards available in the market. Safety glass is made up of ceramic which is wont break a cracks glass whiteboard this is the reason whiteboards have a lifetime guarantee.

Wear-Whiteboards are used for educational, industrial, and office settings and also use for occasional and heavy-duty purposes. Writing and erasing on this surface is easy to write compared to early boards. Safety glass will use the heaviest usage at present time for explaining things.

What good is a magnetic glass board?

So the answer is here, magnetic glass board is useful for modern and décor purposes. It’s made up of painted glass with a magnetic sheet with an attached steel back side of it, you can use magneto to attach notes and important things on the glass board. It’s easy to write and erases from the whiteboard.


The workplace is the best place where they share their thought and make office morale. Cultured play a big role in life that how we interact with others and how we can increase our strength with beautiful whiteboards. Whiteboards are beautifully creative polished ultra-modern appearance. Which is why this is superior aesthetics.

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