Exterior House Cleaning Guide

Keeping the exterior of your home clean is just as important as keeping the inside clean, and a well-maintained home exterior will ultimately increase the overall value of the home. Therefore, this guide will be especially important if you are looking to put your home on the market sometime soon. Over time, the weather is the main factor that negatively contributes to the home exterior, as the build-up of grime and debris can depreciate the look and value of your home. however, putting in extra time and money to rectify these issues will make a huge difference. Some tasks may need to be completed by a professional whereas, others can actually turn into a fun DIY task for yourself, friends and family. Stay tuned as we discuss!

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 Oversee roof and gutter

Cleaning your roof may be a difficult project due to height restrictions however, you can always call in a professional to inspect the roof to suggest any improvements. Therefore, it is vital to occasionally take a walk outside to scrutinise aspects of your roof, to ensure that the condition is sustainable, as if any faults are left unnoticed, it could negatively affect not only your home structure but your health in the future too. The roof may need additional maintenance such as shingle replacement, edge repairment, or even gutter reinstallment. Over time, gutters are likely to collect a build-up of, most commonly, debris, leaves, branches, and any other objects or waste that has found its way up there! This can consequently result in the gutter performing inefficiently which can, in turn, harm the roof, so it is vital to ensure that build-up is reduced. To avoid damaging your gutter, replacements and cleaning should be left to the professionals. So, contact the experts at  https://gutterspecialists.co.uk  today!

Pressure wash

Pressure washing can do wonders when it comes to exterior house cleaning, however, the device cannot be used on all materials. It works most efficiently on driveways, wood decking, fences, and concrete or tile patios, and these devices are not as complex as they may seem. Pressure washers simply use hot or cold water to effectively blast the selected area pushing the dirt off of the surface. Therefore, the grub and grime that covers the exterior of your home can successfully be removed with no harsh chemicals that could, in turn, damage the surface or material.

Wash windows

The easiest way to note if your windows need cleaning is to view them whilst the sun is on show. The natural light that reflects into your home will highlight any grime, mould, dust, or watermarks that are displayed on your exterior windows, proving that it is time for a deep clean. As exterior windows tend to accumulate more dirt and residue than your inside windows, this cleaning process can be a stubborn one, especially for a streak-free shine. The most uncomplicated exterior house cleaning routine is to initially hose down your windows, and then use a soft cloth with a bucket of water and a few drops of washing-up liquid to remove the remnants. You may also want to use white vinegar spray and a dry cloth to get rid of any harsh streaking, but most importantly ensure that before heading inside, you dry your windows as this will cause ultimate streaking and blotchiness, meaning that your time and effort have been put to waste!

Clean outdoor furniture

We believe that outdoor furniture is a must-have. Whether you have a small seating area on your front porch or even a large, extra spacious outdoor living area in your back garden, it is always vital to keep this clean. Garden furniture is not cheap, and quite often homeowners splurge a large amount on purchasing immaculate garden furniture for it to be left outside and weather-beaten over the years, leaving it with little to no value. The best way to avoid this is to invest in storage facilities or durable, plastic furniture covers. Throughout the winter months, when your garden furniture is least likely to be used, place it in storage, as these are the months with the harshest weather conditions that are likely to deteriorate your furnishings. Throughout the months you do use your furniture, use mild detergents, fabric protector, hot water, and your garden hose to adequately clean any dirt or stains. This will ensure that your garden furniture does not only last longer, however, looks better when friends and family come around to visit.

Maintain the garden 

Finally, what we believe to be the most important exterior house cleaning tip, is to ensure that your garden is looked after and maintained. This is a simple job. It consists of overseeing your front and back garden weekly, or every few days, to perform a general clean-up. The reason being is that waste and litter can easily find their way into your garden space, and a collective build-up of waste is never a good look! Alongside this, you could pull out any weeding, water plants, and neaten up stone gardens for an extra pristine look!

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