Faulty Electrical Appliances – Everything You Need to Know

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Faulty electrical appliances are a major cause of fires in the home. When the wiring goes bad it is likely that the electrical current will jump between wires. This is known as a short-circuit and the spark can ignite combustible surfaces. It can also create significant heat build-up that can start a fire.

In fact, if you have heard the news regarding exploding mobile phones or issues with tumble dryers then you will appreciate the risk associated with any electrical products. They all boil down to the heat build-up created when the electrical appliances are faulty.

In short, a faulty electrical appliance can start a fire that destroys your house. The good news is that, in most cases, these fires are completely preventable.

You should also note that faulty electrical appliances are not limited to the most obvious items, such as phones and washing machines. You also have almost built-in appliances, such as your water heater. Issues with these can cause fires, floods, and a lot of inconvenience.

Fortunately, there are several ways you can reduce or eliminate the risk of faulty electrical appliances starting fires.

Get It Checked

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Every appliance in your home should be checked at least once a year by a qualified Sydney electrician. They can assess the safety of an appliance, whether it has any faults or is likely to have a fault soon and advise regarding whether to repair or replace the appliance.

Having this type of inspection done every year can seem like you are spending money for nothing. But, if you have ever experienced the anguish of a house fire you will quickly appreciate that a regular inspection is actually a minor cost.

Avoid Overloading

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Faulty appliances are a serious concern but sometimes these appliances simply become faulty because the circuits supplying them are overloaded. This can cause irregularities in the supply and short circuits inside them.

In addition, too many appliances plugged into one socket creates a buildup of heat which increases the likelihood of a fire starting.

Smart Networks

Smart technology is moving forward fast. It is possible to control nearly any appliance in your home remotely. However, this technology can also be used to benefit you. The smart technology incorporates sensors and electronic alarms, effectively creating a warning system.

Your home system can tell you when an appliance isn’t working correctly, allowing you to remotely shut it off or get a repairman sorted.

Be Aware Of What You Are Buying

You should also be careful when investing in new appliances. The market is increasingly being flooded with cheaper imitations of the genuine product. These are tempting due to their price tag. However, they are not made to the same standards. Purchasing and using a cheap imitation appliance increases the likelihood of having issues and starting a fire.

That’s why it pays to buy through the recognized channels and from a reputable dealer. If in doubt, check their reputation online and chat with existing customers.

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