Five Places to Find Home Inspiration

A living space should reflect some aspect of the people who spend their time in residence. Some homes are filled with sports memorabilia, and others, momentos from around the world. Whatever your style, you are not on your own to come up with chic ideas. There are hundreds of places to find inspiration. Be on the lookout for color palates that appeal to you as well as accessories that add to the ambiance you are hoping to achieve. Don’t be surprised if the designer in you reveals itself in the most unexpected moments. Here are five places where you can discover the spark you need.

home design inspiration


The vacation decision is typically driven by a destination. When you choose a location you may have visions of relaxing on the beach or climbing in the mountains. If you opt for a Bahamas cruise it is most likely because you are drawn to the aquamarine water and white beaches that await. You may be able to visualize the colorful flowers and exotic sea creatures you will encounter on a shore excursion. Well, therein lies the fuel for home design, improvement or decor selection. While you are abroad, jot down notes and snap pictures so that when you return from the holiday you have a blueprint of images that you can then translate into your very own tropical sanctuary.


Whether you sit to view a few minutes of a sitcom, recline to watch a full-length movie or purposefully engage in a project-oriented show, you should have a pen and paper at your side. Pay attention to the backdrop of each scene as much as you do to the characters and plot. Imagine yourself flourishing in a set of rooms that were made for TV. If your keep coming back to the rustic living room of your favorite show then perhaps you want to shop for earth tones or objects that resemble elements of the outdoors. Remember, expert set designers are paid a great deal of money to assemble a platform that makes a statement. Let those hired guns be your guide.


friend house

Next time you visit a friend’s house, be aware of the atmosphere surrounding you. If you feel safe and comfortable lounging on their sofa or congregating around a table, ask yourself why. The subliminal impact of interior design arrangements is astounding. Regardless of if you are cognizant of the textures and surfaces around you, chances are the effects of these features are significant. Offices, businesses and classrooms are decked out with building blocks such as plants and flora known to elevate mood while decreasing feelings of stress. In addition, notice the degree of clutter and consider if some of the storage solutions you observe may work well for you.        


Next time you are in the library or pop into the neighborhood bodega, pick up a few magazines that highlight the swag you crave. Organize a swatch board where you pin pictures of various pieces. A perk of hanging onto samples of your preferences is that you can mix and match to critique what goes well together. Even if you pass more of your time browsing electronically, you can snip or download digital examples of your love-hate list. If you hire a professional to assist, you will have a portfolio ready to share. However, if you take on the entire platform on your own, you will benefit from having tangible fragments or scraps to set around.

Real Estate

Sometimes the most effective method to get a sense of layout, lighting and comfort is to immerse yourself entirely. Research open houses that are listed in your community. Make it a point to stop at a few that stand out. Having the opportunity to walk through a house is a gift. You will be able to gain more insights into how different components flow and complement one another. Ask questions about if the property was staged so that you might contact the person responsible for the exhibit. 

Although it may seem like a daunting task, hitting redo for your home or apartment is manageable. If you prioritize and collect sketches for motivation, you may be shocked to realize you have an affecting flare. 

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