Five Tips to Make Your First House a Home

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Whether you recently purchased your first house or are looking to do so, you’re probably wondering how to make it your “home.” Because, as everyone knows, even the perfect house is only a building until it’s filled with life and love.

The most stress-free way to turn your first house into a home is to follow the five tips below.

1. Get Everyone Excited About Moving In

Your spouse is undoubtedly already on board with moving. Now it’s time to have a family meeting and get the kids excited about the move, too. Tell them about the neighborhood, the schools, and the city itself. Attractions like zoos, skate parks, hiking trails, and sports arenas are surefire ways to grab their interest. Your destination city’s website and Chamber of Commerce are great resources for this type of information.

When the entire family is on board, everyone will think of their new house as “home” even before they move in.

2. Begin “Interior Designing” Right Away

First, take stock of what you already own. Will your current furniture and home décor complement your new home? If not, don’t load it into the moving truck. Instead, choose one of these eco-friendly solutions to get rid of your old couch and other furniture.

Make a comprehensive list of what you will need for your new home. Consider everything, room by room: furniture, throw pillows, art, carpets, throw rugs, window treatments, paint… DivesandDollar can help you brainstorm by providing a treasure trove of interior design and home improvement ideas, product reviews, and more.

3. Start Shopping Before Moving Day

Having essential furniture like beds, a kitchenette set, and a sofa on-site and in place the day you move in will go a long way in making everyone feel at home in your new house. That’s why it’s important to shop as soon as you’ve identified what you need.

Since this is your first house, it’s likely that a new sofa will be on your list. There are a lot of factors to consider: quality, durability, construction, size, configuration, how many people will sit on it, color, pattern, material, style, whether you have pets, and more. Home of Cozy can help you find a sofa that complements your style and meets all of your family’s needs while taking the stress and guesswork out of this major purchasing decision.

4. Find the Right Balance Between Tidiness and Hominess

Undoubtedly, you want your new home to be tidy so your family and friends can focus on your décor, not on clutter. The trick is to find a balance between this picture-perfect ideal and what’s livable. This balance is unique to every homeowner, based on their family’s lifestyle and hobbies.

If like so many Americans, you work from home, you will have a room or dedicated area that serves as your office. You may be tempted to leave papers on your desk at the end of the workday. But taking a few minutes to file papers in a drawer or filing cabinet can make your workspace look inviting instead of messy.

Similarly, if anyone in your household has hobbies, you may believe that you have two choices: to live with clutter or keep supplies hidden in drawers. However, there are creative storage solutions that allow hobbyists to access items they use frequently insight and at their fingertips. For example, artists can store brushes upright in glass jars and music lovers can display their vintage vinyl or CDs in open wicker baskets.

5. Blur the Lines Between Indoors and Outdoors

Homeowners love houseplants, and for good reason. According to Better Homes & Gardens, houseplants “…produce extra oxygen through photosynthesis, help reduce stress, and can even increase your productivity if you include them on your desk or in your home office.”

You can make a living centerpiece by arranging several small leafy plants such as peperomia or polka dot plants in pots of complementary or contrasting colors.

“Succulent bowls” are a trendy, conversation-starting alternative for almost any tabletop. You can create these low-care container gardens from bowls, cigar boxes, oversized mugs, or even tea tins.

Tall, lush, leafy plants like dragon trees, fiddle leaf figs, and parlor palms can turn any corner into a little piece of paradise.

If you don’t have sufficient natural light, you can purchase full-spectrum grow lights to help your plants thrive.

During warmer months, extend your living space into your backyard to make memories with your family and friends sharing meals, and playing lawn games. Attractive, easy-care lawn furniture is available in fabrics and finishes that will complement your interior design style for a seamless sense of continuity between indoors and outdoors.

Patio or lawn furniture includes picnic tables (with and without umbrellas), chaise lounges, daybeds, bar tables, and even sofas.

While everyone enjoys a barbeque, you can bring your fine china outdoors for more formal celebrations, too.


Transforming your first house into a home won’t just happen. It will result from your careful planning and limitless creativity. The five tips above will help you create the perfect environment for your family to live and love.

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