Wake Up You Mood With 10 Cute And Fun Kitchen Timers Under $80

Naturally, we usually get bored when we’re waiting for our foods prepared in the kitchen. What do you usually do at the moment like that? Doing something else? Reading a book or magazine? Finding out some interesting news on the newspaper? Or just stay cool in the silent?

Do you often forget how many minutes you have been boiling your eggs? To avoid all the bad things happen in your kitchen and in the cooking process, we have to prepare something for you.  Yes, a kitchen timer. We can set this device for a number of minutes (but it is usually up to one hour) to sounds an alarm like a bell or buzzer. It will remind and wake you up to check up your foods or meals. This device is so important for us, especially for you who love to work in the kitchen.

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credit: Etsy

Nowadays, a lot of products of this kitchen timer are offered in a unique design. With the cute and funny looks, these kitchen timers become everyone’s favorite stuff in the kitchen. There are kitchen timers in cute and funny animal design (like an insect, pets, Atlantic creatures), fruit (like a grape, watermelon, banana) and many else. Having them as one of the accessories to decorate your kitchen is never a bad idea.

For your reference, here we have several fun kitchen timers to enhance your kitchen’s style and offered at very affordable prices for a nice kitchen appearance.

10 Cute And Fun Kitchen Timers Under $80

Cute Bear Kitchen Timer (Price: $4.90)

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credit: Etsy

Are you looking for a cute and fun kitchen timer? This one is adorable and perfect for your choice. Inspired by Rilakuma, a Japanese’s fictional bear character, this sweet brown timer will decorate your kitchen cutely and remind you to never forget about your food at the moment.

Not only fun and cute, this bear kitchen timer also cheap enough to buy. You put it near the oven, stoves or other features in the kitchen. You can set the timer up to 99 minutes and 59 seconds.

The battery:

For the battery, this cute bear kitchen timer uses LR44 type battery. You can change the battery by sliding out of this back cover. If you want to start the timer for the first time, you can remove the transparent “battery blocker” from the side of this bear kitchen timer. It can be a perfect gift for a holiday or on some occasions such as Baby Shower or Christmas.

Hamburger Kitchen Time By Kikkerland (Price: $10)


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credit: Amazon

Look so delicious and melted in your mouth, this fun kitchen timer will match well with any of your kitchen styles. This Kikkerland product is really like a real food but with many numbers on its side. Now, how to use this hamburger kitchen timer? You just have to twist the burger to start and set the time. This timer goes up to sixty (60) minutes and it’s easy to take from room to room with its 2.4 inches tall and 3.3 inches diameter with 3 ounces weight. You can change the battery anytime by opening the back side. 

Vintage Italian Egg-Shaped Timer for a Modernist Kitchen (Price: $16)

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credit: Etsy

This vintage Italian egg-shaped timer is really perfect for a modern kitchen style. With the elegant silvery finish and a bunch of numbers on the side make this stuff looks gorgeous. The size of this timer is the same with the real egg, which is about 3 by 2.25 inches in diameter. It can be so cute when you put it beside the real chicken eggs to support the theme. The materials of this egg – shaped kitchen timer are metal and plastic.

With the style of the 1960s, this product is also a good choice to decorate your classic kitchen too.

Ladybug Kitchen Timer by Kikkerland (Price: $19.99)

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credit: Amazon

Unique, innovative and cute, this is Kikkerland’s ladybug kitchen timer is so adorable. Dominated with the red and black color make this fun product become everyone’s favorite to buy. It can be a small kitchen decoration to support and wake your mood in your cooking time.

This adorable ladybug timer keeps the time up to sixty minutes. It really helps you in keeping a watch on our food to ensure it turns out just right. This is so easy to use, you just have to twist the ladybug to set the time. For excellent household use, it comes with steel mechanism with the best plastic exterior. The package dimensions are 8.3 x 3.4 x 2.7 inches and the item weight is 0.3 ounces.

Ice Cream Shaped Egg Timer By Rice (Price: $19.99)

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credit: Wayfair

Look so delicious and fresh, this is a fun and cute kitchen timer in ice cream design. The dazzling purple ice cream which makes it taste like grape and the brown cone is such an attractive combination. The material of this kitchen timer is strong plastic, that is unbreakable and perfect for any occasion.  The overall measures are 4” height,  2.4” weight, 2.4” diameter and the overall product’s weight is 0.5 lb.

Rice brand is an accessories company and Danish homewares that are known for producing the handmade basket, colorful melamine, storage and hand glazed tableware. So, you can’t just miss this one to consider about.

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 Kaboom Kitchen Timer by Suck UK  (Price: $20.99)

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credit: Wayfair

Do not think that it will blow up if you heard the bell of this unique timer. The shape of this fun timer is kind of ninja’s weapon, complete with a boom fuse on it. This kaboom kitchen timer is kind of painted wood ticking time bomb.

The star on the side and natural wood finish enhance the attractiveness of this kitchen timer. Throw away the stress of cooking, bring this fun kitchen timer home in $20.99. Wrap it as an ‘explosive’ gift to your family and friends in a good occasion, and surprise them.

Vintage Strawberry Jam Pot and Kitchen Timer (Price: $23.17)

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credit: Etsy

This strawberry jam pot and kitchen timer are flawless. The red color of strawberry fruit makes them look so vibrant. This lovely strawberry timer is a great choice for your kitchen decoration. The plastic kitchen timer with the height about 8 cm is completed with the ceramic jam pot about 10 cm all around. Bring the style of the 1980s into your kitchen with this vintage strawberry timer now.

Penguin Timer by Kikkerland (Price: $24.99)

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credit: Wayfair

With the big eyes, a little yellow beak, and black and white tiny body this penguin kitchen timer will make your kids love to play with. That is what makes this timer so cute and fun. About the materials, ABS plastic and steel are the materials that used in this penguin kitchen timer. It can help you to decrease a bored feeling while waiting for your food ready.

With 60 minutes in winding down timer, You just have to turn the penguin head to set and start the time. For overall dimension or measures, this product has 3.35” H x 2.56” W x 2.95” D with 0.16 lb weight.

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Duck Timer Kitchen Timerby Alessi (Price: $65.00)

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credit: Wayfair

As you can see, this is called duck kitchen timer, with a cute design of the duck that combined with solid black color. The look of this duck kitchen timer is pretty cool and fun. This electronic duck timer is made of the thermoplastic resin to ensure its durability.

The designer is Eero Aarnio, he takes this form of a long – necked duck. This one is very popular and worth it to buy. It can be a lovely decoration in your lovely kitchen area. You can set the time by rotating the central dial. The clockwise sets the minutes, and also counter clockwise for the seconds. You can also replace the typical sound of the alarm with a funny duck quack. ‘Quack quack quack!’

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Anna Time Kitchen Timer by Alessando Mendini by Alessi (Price: $80)

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credit: Wayfair

Anna time is a perfect timer for your high class and modern style kitchen. The shining metal color that mixed with solid dark black color is a real touch of art. This is made of special chrome-plated Zamak, good thermoplastic resin, and 18/10 stainless steel. Refuse the stress to come into your head when cooking in the kitchen. You can bring this awesome kitchen timer by spending $80. For its mechanical movement, it has a maximum winding time about 60 minutes.

The designer of this great kitchen timer is Alessandro Mendini, 1999.  This product comes in black, red, and blue colors for your choice. It’s easy to clean, only with a damp sponge, and do not use detergents because it can damage the surface of this item.

Those are some lovely fun kitchen timers for your reference when you shop for one. Choos the timer which matches beautifully with your kitchen style, or just mix and match as you wish. Those timers also can be used in other activities like sport, clay project, etc.

Not only so useful as a bell to remind us for the cook but also these cute and gorgeous kitchen timers can be a good accessory for your kitchen. It will wake up your mood and not make you feel bored while waiting your food ready to serve. Take a nice decor to make your kitchen feels like a brand new room.

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