Future of Real Estate in UAE

According to real estate specialists, the real estate market of the United Arab Emirates keeps on providing several enticing options. These options are articularly for foreign investors who initially visited the nation for the massive Expo 2020 Dubai event.

real estate in UAE

Regardless of the prices declining in the real estate sector since June for the first time this year, they were still over 10 percent higher than in June 2021.

This decline must be viewed as a positive indicator that the market is strong and capable of maintaining a steady pace.

The UAE’s gross domestic product (GDP) now accounts for 5.5 percent of real estate-related activity, which is anticipated to stay this way as long as economic diversification is still a top priority for the country. The nation’s aims would be advanced by applying sustainable development techniques and solar roof technology.

Post-COVID Scene

Following the Covid-19 outbreak, the UAE’s real estate market has recovered for various reasons. One is adaptability; the UAE has found success in its quest for a sustainable future by being flexible.

The nation’s rapid development over the last five decades has positively contributed to innovative leadership and a readiness to change.

The Dubai 2040 Urban Master Plan, for instance, aims to maximize the nation’s resources in the real estate industry. Growing green space by over 100 percent is among the master plan’s objectives.

In addition, achieving this objective will significantly advance the UAE’s Net Zero 2050 ambition.

Impact of Dubai Expo 2020

The real estate market in Dubai has seen a significant uptick due to Expo 2020, and this trend will likely stay strong.

Mega developments in Dubai are predicted to bolster the city’s commercial centers with vitality and vigor. Because of the favorable tax laws, several business behemoths are establishing their headquarters in UAE, especially Dubai and Sharjah, which would subsequently enhance the real estate market.

Many aspiring businesspeople established their headquarters in the Emirates after being asked by the developers of the real estate project for Expo 2020 to design and create their various organizations in Dubai. Thus, there are no indications that Expo 2020 has lowered real estate value in Dubai.

A Great Investment

Dubai is considered to be a utopia to investors, offering a plethora of choices and chances. It has everything needed to entice numerous investors from all across the globe.

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With the most recent current plans, it is anticipated that the Emirates might conquer the world. The city is powered by its architecture and technology. As the only place allowing foreign people to purchase real estate with transparent negotiations, Dubai is a worthwhile investment before 2022.

The Dubai government has presented a comprehensive master plan for developing the emirate by 2040. After completing the enormous project, it is expected that the city will rank among the greatest locations to live in the world in two decades.

Preference of First-Time Buyers

 First-time tourists who wanted to purchase houses made investments in homes by internationally renowned developers, including SSC. That does not mean, nevertheless, that they solely choose these developers. The investments were made in every single area and across the board. Still, premium residences had the greatest growth and demand.

Overall, a rise of 40 percent to 60 percent in prices was observed in Dubai. It increased by approximately 2 or 2.5 times in the premium market.

The UAE has long been considered where your invested money was safe and could expect a healthy rental return.

It is one of the few locations in the world where you may receive a rental return of 4.5 and 9 percent. Whereas elsewhere in the globe, you may usually receive 3.5 to 4 percent at maximum. It is also clear that there won’t be any currency fluctuations, and the investment is secure because it is fixed to the dollar.

The Path towards Sustainable Future

A global real estate services company report reveals that 63 percent of top investors firmly concur that adopting green practices may increase occupancy rates, rent pricing, and tenant retention.


Moreover, Dubai 2040 is expected to boost total property development value if it is a spectacular success.

Property developers would benefit from adopting a sustainable approach. For example, including sizable green spaces in the development’s design might be advantageous. It would lessen the area covered by hard surfaces, decreasing heat absorption. This is quite advantageous and can help save long-term energy costs and related expenditures in a nation such as the UAE, where the temperature usually climbs quickly in summer.

Solar panels can reduce the energy production of real estate developments by up to 28 percent. This tendency in the country has been addressed. The Emirates provides the lowest rates and Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) in the world for promoting the usage of solar panels.

Ongoing Changes and Developments

The UAE has developed regulatory frameworks around contemporary requirements quite effectively, just like it is handling the increasing issue of climate change while still promoting real estate expansion.

One such example is the newly passed property legislation in Dubai. The Dubai Land Department has required the employment of qualified and independent Real Estate Regulatory Agency appraisers to draw in more international investment and provide more openness.

Over USD 27 billion has been attracted to the city’s real estate sector in 2021 in new foreign investment.

The new brokerage regulation announced in August is another example of the Emirates’ progressive outlook. Additionally, it would guarantee that brokers record all cash transactions involving Dh 55,000 or more.

A Trend Setter in Real Estate

The real estate sector experienced a significant setback due to societal contamination and pressure. However, the future of the country’s real estate is secure, irrespective of this inconvenience.

Buyers and Investors are persuaded to invest in Emirati properties due to the attractive packages for buildings, including both offices and houses.

All of the main real estate developments are made to be both modern and architecturally sound.

The Emirates provides a wide range of investment choices because of its abundance of natural beauty, technologically advanced amenities, clean atmosphere, and many other benefits.

It is also interesting to note that investors were active throughout the COVID epidemic and were still looking for commercial property. These homes give a rental return of 8 to 10 percent or perhaps more, based on several factors.

Final Words

According to Asteco, Dubai real estate would have a higher selling price in the future. This suggests that investing in 2022 might be a good idea if you want to get a good return if you decide to sell the same home.

Along with this, the country is prepared with magnificent infrastructure projects that would astound everyone with true advancement in the real estate sector.

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