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A gas fireplace provides more convenient than the wood-burning option. You can simply warm up your house with the flip of a switch. Then, of course, the existence of a gas fireplace will also bring the decor of your living room to a whole new level.

Gas Fireplace Cleaning Guide
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Just like the other features of your home, a gas fireplace must require some regular maintenance, so it will always give its best performance in years to come. Over time, the smudges and dirt will get accumulated which doesn’t only look ugly, but also create pesky smells and affect the function of your fireplace all at once.

But no worries, you can clean your stunning gas fireplace easily without hiring any pros. All you need is some easily-available cleaning solution and home tools.

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Just keep scrolling to check out our complete gas fireplace cleaning guide below for your ultimate reference.

Gas Fireplace Cleaning Guide

Gas Fireplace Cleaning Guide 1
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Prepare these supplies:

  • Fireplace gas cleaner
  • Soap
  • Water
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Soft-bristled brush
  • Screwdriver
  • Vacuum cleaner with a hose attachment
  • Newspaper
  • Cheesecloth
  • A can of compressed air

Follow these steps:

Turn off everything

Before you start, you have to really ensure that everything has been cooled down. Check whether you have switched the gas valve which is commonly located next to your gas fireplace. Then, also check whether the pilot light is out or not.

Disassemble your fireplace

Once you are sure that it’s safe to go further, start disassembling your fireplace by using a screwdriver.  In general, you will need to disassemble the glass covering, metal screen, or mesh screen. Remove all of the necessary parts so you can clean everything conveniently.

Keep in mind that you also have to remove the logs which can be quite complicated since you need to get them back in their initial spots. You can use your smartphone to capture the original placement of your logs so you can remember how they are previously arranged.

Since the logs may be so dirty with soot, lay a newspaper on your carpet or floor to place them on.

Clean the parts

Grab your fireplace glass cleaner to clean up the glass. You can find this type of cleaner at your local hardware store. You just need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to properly apply the cleaning agent. Usually, you have to apply to the cleaner to a microfiber cleaning cloth (never put it directly on the glass), leave it for several minutes, and you can continue cleaning the other parts of the fireplace.

To clean the mesh curtain or metal screen, you can use a vacuum with a hose attachment that can work effectively to remove dirt and dust.

Clean your fireplace

While the commercial cleaning agent works its magic, you can start cleaning your fireplace. Remove the dust and cobwebs that may stick on the lava rocks of your fireplace by using a vacuum with a hose attachment. If the rocks are too small, you can use a cheesecloth attached to the end of the nozzle. Then, continue vacuuming the interior of the fireplace box.

To clean the gas line and pilot light, you can use a used microfiber cloth that is dampened with warm soapy water or a soft-bristled brush. Once you’re finished cleaning, make sure that you completely remove the soapy residue. Alternatively, you can also see a can of compressed air to get the job done.

Clean up the logs

Next, remove the loose debris and dust from your fireplace logs using a vacuum with a hose attachment. Never use any water-based cleaning solution since the logs use electricity. If you find some difficult debris, clean them with a soft brush or dry cloth.

Go back to your glass

Now, the cleaning agent that you have applied to your fireplace glass has done its job and it’s time for you to wipe it off. Remove the cleaning agent from the glass by using a dry microfiber cloth. Work this step from the outside part of the glass since it may be dirtier than the inner part.

Reassemble the parts

When you are sure that the other parts are dry after you have cleaned them, you can reassemble them. Refer to the photo that you have taken earlier to reassemble the logs properly and you must be careful since they can be quite fragile.

Clean the mantle and hearth

Now, you should have the interior of your fireplace looking nice and clean, and it’s time to take care of the mantle and hearth. You can simply use a soft cleaning cloth or feather duster to get the job done.

Tips to keep your gas fireplace clean

If you are willing enough, cleaning your fireplace with the step above once a month is definitely a good idea. It’s recommended regular maintenance that can prolong the performance of the fireplace.

Weekly vacuuming is also highly recommended, especially if you use the fireplace routinely. When you have turned off the fireplace all summer long and planning to turn it on when the winter comes, don’t forget to clean it up before use as the dust and dirt may have been collected around.

In addition to the regular maintenance that you can do all by yourself, calling a professional to check your fireplace once a year will ensure that everything works well. They will be able to inspect any damage that may require more sophisticated methods to get fixed.

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So that is our gas fireplace cleaning guide that you can add to your list of home regular maintenance this year. The guide above is not really difficult and doesn’t cost you a lot at all. You can bring back the beauty of your gas fireplace to warm up your home sweet home when the freezing season is coming.

Have fun cleaning your beloved gas fireplace now!

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