Best Tourist Attraction Spots in Texas

Texas is nothing short of being remarkable as the saying goes that everything else you will see in the United States is two times short of what you will see in Texas. It is the second largest state in the great country after all, which is so much for you to explore and experience which is why a trip to Texas should be on the top of your lists! Regarded as the lone star state, Texas has a lot to offer for its visitors who are always in the mood to enjoy some amazing opportunities and spots that are incredibly fun and enjoyable. The state in general is charismatic seeing that it is geographically diverse as well has people of different backgrounds and culture living making it just a welcome place to live in so you can always look for houses in the bigger city through the Texas Real Estate. Let us go and discover the numerous activities one can discover in Texas including the many mountains, beaches, deserts and so much more!
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The San Antonio RiverWalk:

Standing first and firm in our list of tourist attractions in Texas is the San Antonio RiverWalk which occurs to be one of the most elegant places you can visit in the state of Texas. The magical aura combined with the outstanding environment of the place would have you flowing in joy and love. In all truth the San Antonio RiverWalk is actually magical because the place is totally full of color which makes it so dear and amusing to hang out in. Located at the heart of the city, the restaurant itself is beside the river walk making it an extremely fancy and even a romantic place to hang out. Alongside the most obvious view and the extremely extravagant finger licking food, it is said that the best source of enjoyment and entertainment at the San Antonio RiverWalk is most definitely going for a cruise on a river boat to enjoy the aesthetic and the beauty of the river!

The Space
Center in Houston:

space center

We all love an exotic spacey place where we get to see rockets and explore things we have not witnessed before have we? Well there is no need to worry if you are on your annual Texas tour because the Space Center in Houston is one of the most visited places in the state with loads of fun as well as an animated learning experience. The Space Centre is one of the most attractive and popular places in the state of Texas and more so in Houston. It is a place where you can learn more and more especially about NASA’s plans for the future as well as the upcoming recent missions that are to be carried out in the light and aims to explore more of nature and life that could lie above us. The chances are short but depending on your luck you might be even able to meet a real astronaut! Do remember that its space center is also joint with the Johnson space center so you can visit both the places in one go if you desire so. Keep in mind that visits to the space center are not very frequent especially if you are not a resident so best make the most out of your time at this remarkable place by spending nearly half the day. There is a shuttle carrier that you can walk inside and explore, based on the model of the space shuttle. Other than that there are replicas of skylab which you can also discover and explore

The Cadillac Ranch, Amarillo:

Cadillac ranch

The Cadillac Ranch is one of the most unique attraction spots that one can possibly find in the State of Texas because of its fun nature and exquisite location. Being one of the most iconic spots in the state, it is nothing short of an absolute amusement that too of a rare kind. The location is old but still popular as if it was adopted yesterday. There are cars that have been graffiti painted in the most amazing craft possible with these vehicles buried vertically under the ground. The spot is perfect for those weekly Instagram pictures of yours but of course the best part is leaving your mark which is why many people travel to the west side of the state to explore this remarkable spot. You can spray paint on any car as much as you live so do not forget to bring those colorful sprayers!

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