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With summer on the way, it’s getting more and more important to make sure that your AC unit in your home is working properly. The summer heat can kill, and even if it doesn’t it can be deeply unpleasant. In the heat of Texan summer, if your AC breaks down, you will be in for a grim summer. If you’re not using your AC unit over the winter, you might find that it is now the perfect time to check your HVAC unit and see if it needs any repairs or servicing. When not used, HVAC air-con units break down easily! If you check it now, then you’ll be able to fix your HVAC before the summer heat really kicks in. If you want, you can try a DIY air conditioning repair project, or you can simply look for HVAC repair services in Irving, TX to help you make sure your summer is as cool and comfortable as possible!

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What’s Wrong With My AC Unit?

The first step of working out what’s wrong with your HVAC AC is determining what model your AC unit is. You’ll need to know what model it is so you can find the manual and accurately diagnose problems.

The most common problem is simply that your thermostat may have run out of batteries. You can simply pull your thermostat away from where it attaches to the wall, exposing the battery compartment. Once you’ve found the batteries, simply replace them. Most thermostats take regular AA or AAA batteries, although some may need more unusual batteries.

Alternatively, the problem may well be with your air ducts. If air cannot get through the ducts, then your HVAC will be unable to work properly. It is important to keep your ducts clean as if your AC runs for too long with a blockage it can cause much more serious problems.

Other problems may also occur, but that will depend on what model of AC unit you have: every model has its own quirks and possible issues. These two are the most common problems, however.

DIY AC Repair

Repairing your AC unit on your own can be difficult, but it’s not impossible. If you’ve got access to the manual for your AC unit, you might be able to fix it up again, but if not then we would recommend engaging the services of a professional from HVAC repair services in Irving, TX instead!

AC Repair Services

Repairing HVAC AC units can be difficult, and rather than trying an ambitious DIY repair project, we would recommend hiring the services of HVAC repair services in Irving, TX to take care of it for you. This is likely to cost a bit more, but it is less complex, and comes with much more peace of mind: professional AC technicians will be able to solve your problems without causing other issues!

Checking over your system before the start of summer will give you enough time to ensure your HVAC AC system is in good working order before the weather gets dangerously hot. If there are problems, don’t panic! It’s easy to find good AC repair services in Irving, TX to help you with your problems.

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